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Part 097 – Sentence Improvement Previous Year Questions

Q1. He enjoys to go on tours with his children.
(a) to go for tours
(b) going for tours
(c) going on tours
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, not an infinitive, but a Gerund i.e., going on tours …. should be used.

Q2. Sita was cooking in the kitchen when her husband was ringing the bell.
(a) would have been ringing
(b) had rung
(c) rang
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, Past Simple i.e., rang …. should be used. It is a short time process.

Q3. If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before bed time.
(a) If the room was brighter
(b) If the room are brighter
(c) Had the room been brighter
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, inversion i.e. Had the room been brighter …. should be used.

Q4. Never such incidents have taken place on our campus.
(a) have such incidents
(b) such incidents will have
(c) were such incidents
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) The sentence starts with never. Hence, inversion i.e., have such incidents …. should be used.

Q5. My mother teach me to be a good human being.
(a) taught
(b) thought
(c) talked
(d) No improvement
(a) Here, Past Present/Simple …. should be used. Generality is evident.

Q6. Will you tell me who did accompany you to the airport?
(a) when did accompany you
(b) who must be accompanied you
(c) who accompanied you
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, who accompanied you should be used. Will you …… interrogative.

Q7. Navinder and his wife departed for London by Air India yesterday.
(a) to
(b) towards
(c) toward
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q8. The rain brought more respite from the heat.
(a) much respite
(b) most relief
(c) severe drought
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Comparative degree is not needful here. Respite = a short period of relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Q9. He speaks so fast to be understood.
(a) very fast to be understood
(b) too fast to be understood
(c) too fast that he cannot be understood
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Look at the structure: He is too weak to walk. Hence, too fast to be understood …… should be used. He speaks so fast that it cannot be understood.

Q10. I and my parents live together.
(a) Me and my parents
(b) My parents and I
(c) My parents and me
(d) No improvement
(b) Arrangement of persons = Second person, Third person and then First person (231) Hence, My parents and I …… should be used here.

Q11. Seeing may be believing but understanding are definitely knowing.
(a) understanding could be knowing
(b) understanding to know
(c) understanding is definitely knowing
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Here, understanding is a Singular subject.

Q12. There are some bacteria that are survive inside nuclear power stations.
(a) have
(b) were
(c) can
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Survive is a verb. Possibility is evident.

Q13. No sooner did she finish the lecture, that the students began to leave.
(a) then the students began to leave
(b) than the students began to leave
(c) and the students began to leave
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) No sooner …. than is correct form of connective.

Q14. Hundreds gathered to await the boxer’s arrival at the airport.
(a) to await for
(b) to awaits for
(c) to wait
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) Await = to wait for

Q15. The dissidents hold a great problem in every political party.
(a) cause
(b) instil
(c) incite
(d) No improvement
(a) Cause = to make something happen especially something bad or unpleasant. Hold = to carry something; support; contain.

Q16. This book is adopted to the needs of beginners.
(a) adapted to
(b) adapted for
(c) adopted for
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Adopt = embrace; take on; acquire Adapt (Verb) = modify; adjust; make suitable for a new use or purpose. Hence, adapted to …… should be used here.

Q17. There are a good many tigers in this forest.
(a) some good many tigers
(b) the good many tigers
(c) an good many tigers
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q18. London is one of the oldest towns of England.
(a) in
(b) at
(c) besides
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Here, preposition ‘in’ …… should be used.

Q19. You will be late if you do not leave now.
(a) will not leave now
(b) did not leave now
(c) left now
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q20. People ask me why I decide to start a new magazine.
(a) will decide
(b) am deciding
(c) have decided
(d) No improvement
(c) The past relates to present. Hence, Present Perfect …….. should be used here.

Q21. Anyone wishing to enroll in the programme should send in there applications before the end of this month.
(a) send in her application
(b) send her application in
(c) send in their applications
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) They (Pronoun) their (possessive) Hence, here send in their (his) application(s) …. should be used.

Q22. Do you mind me leaving this payment until next year?
(a) I (b) my
(c) mine
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Here, possessive case (my) …. should come before gerund (leaving).

Q23. As you grow older, you will find that these all difficulties may be overcome by patience.
(a) these all difficulties may overcome with patience
(b) all these difficulties may overcome through patience
(c) all these difficulties may be overcome with patience
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, it is position of words and preposition related error. Hence, all these difficulties may be overcome with patience …. should be used here.

Q24. Sita didn’t so far as blink when she heard she had won the scholarship to Cambridge.
(a) so much as
(b) as far as
(c) as good as
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) So much as I do not feel angry so much as sad.

Q25. When the architect won a prize in a play writing competition his friends admired his universality.
(a) durability
(b) versatility
(c) respectability
(d) No improvement
(b) Versatility (Noun) = ability to adapt or be adapted to many different activities. Look at the sentence: A writer of remarkable versatility.

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