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Part 095 – Sentence Improvement Previous Year Questions

Q1. Call in this evening, if you can, I have something important to discuss.
(a) called in
(b) call off
(c) call for
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q2. No sooner had he entered the room when the lights went out and everybody began to scream.
(a) than the lights went out
(b) and the lights went out
(c) then the lights went out
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) No sooner … than is correct form of Connective. Hence, than the lights went out is the right usage.

Q3. My father is suffering from diabetes for the past three years.
(a) is suffer
(b) has been suffering
(c) has suffered
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) The sentence shows a period of time. Hence, Present Perfect Continuous i.e. has been suffering is the right usage.

Q4. The train was late for fifty minutes.
(a) from
(b) by
(c) around
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Here, by is the right usage.

Q5. I was shocked to learn that no one was knowing where the files were kept.
(a) was known
(b) knew
(c) had been known
(d) No improvement
(b) Here, Past Simpleknew is the right usage.

Q6. She took the cycle which he bought yesterday.
(a) that he bought yesterday
(b) that he had bought yesterday
(c) that he has bought yesterday
(d) No Improvement
Ans: (b) Of the two past events, the event that happened earlier, …. should be expressed in Past Perfect.

Q7. I must say to a feeling of uneasiness.
(a) confess
(b) connive
(c) utter
(d) No Improvement
Ans: (a) Confess = to admit that you have done something wrong or illegal.

Q8. The police booked a case against the taxi driver for wrong parking.
(a) restricted
(b) wrote
(c) filed
(d) No Improvement
Ans: (c) File (Verb) = to present something so that it can be officially recorded and dealt with. Book = to write down in an official book the name of a player who has broken the rules of the game.

Q9. One of our students originates from Leh.
(a) comes
(b) origins
(c) belongs
(d) No Improvement
Ans: (a) One of the students is a singular subject. Hence, Singular Verb (comes) …. should be used. Originate = begin; start; rise. Come from = to be or have been a resident or native (of).

Q10. Scarcely had he left the place when his friend came.
(a) He had scarcely leave
(b) He had left scarcely
(c) He scarcely had left
(d) No Improvement
(d) No improvement

Q11. Jane had told me that she hasn’t done her homework.
(a) told
(b) tells
(c) was telling
(d) No improvement
(b) Here, subordinate clause (Rreported speech) is in Present Tense. Hence, Reporting Verb …. should be in Present Tense.

Q12. This survey is concerning your health as well as that of your family.
(a) concerns with
(b) is concerned with
(c) concerns to
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Concerned with/about something = interested in something.

Q13. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
(a) be hid
(b) hide
(c) be hiding
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q14. A black and white goat were grazing.
(a) The white and the black goat
(b) A black and a white goat
(c) black and white goat
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Here, verb is plural. Hence, a black and a white goat …. should be used here. A black and white goat – singular.

Q15. I had took the papers to John’s office.
(a) will took the papers
(b) taken the papers
(c) took the papers
(d) No improvement
(c) The sentence shows past time. Hence, Past Simple i.e. took the papers …. should be used.

Q16. The rays of the sun that is setting glimmer like golden threads.
(a) the sunset glimmers
(b) the set sun glimmering
(c) the setting sun glimmer
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, the setting sun (= the sun that is setting) glimmer …. should be used.

Q17. Will you lend me few rupees for the taxi fare?
(a) lend me any rupees
(b) lend me a few rupees
(c) borrow a few rupees
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) A few = a small number of things. Hence, lend me a few rupees ,,,, should be used here.

Q18. The higher you climb a Himalayan peak, more cold you feel.
(a) the colder
(b) the most cold
(c) colder
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) In such structures ‘the’ is used even before comparative degree.

Q19. They were all astonished at the team’s dramatic success in the competition.
(a) were astonished at all
(b) had all astonished by
(c) had been all astonished on
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q20. She is bent to taking revenge against her attacker.
(a) bent upon
(b) bent in
(c) bent for
(d) No improvement
(a) Bent on doing something = determined to do something.

Q21. Government officials keep throwing the buck to others.
(a) giving
(b) passing
(c) donating
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) The buck = used in some expressions to refer to the responsibility or blame for something. Pass the buck = shift the responsibility.

Q22. She angrily broke up the letter.
(a) tore up
(b) break in
(c) teared up
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Tear up = to destroy something violently. Hence, tore up …..should be used here.

Q23. They told me that they had build a new house.
(a) have built
(b) have build
(c) had built
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Structure of past perfect: Subject + had + V3 Hence, had built …..should be used here.

Q24. One should exercise their right to vote
(a) his
(b) our
(c) one’s
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Possessive case of ‘one’ is one’s.

Q25. She sank back with a mourn of pain
(a) morn
(b) mourne
(c) moan
(d) No improvement
(c) Moan (Noun) = a long deep sound, usually expressing unhappiness, suffering etc.

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