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Part 090 – Sentence Improvement Previous Year Questions

Q1. Everyone hoped of good weather on the day of the wedding.
(a) for
(b) at
(c) about
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Here, Prepositionfor is the right usage.

Q2. He asked the child to go and play with some others children.
(a) some other’s children
(b) some others
(c) some other
(d) No improvement
(c) Here, some other is the right usage.

Q3. The boys absented themselves for two days.
(a) were absented
(b) absented
(c) had absented
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q4. My mother insists on setting up something everyday for charity.
(a) on
(b) in
(c) aside
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) set aside (Phr. V.): to save or keep money or time for a particular purpose. Hence, aside is the right usage.

Q5. He began on a new business venture.
(a) embarked
(b) begun
(c) opened
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) embark (on): to start to do something new or difficult. Hence, embarked is the right usage.

Q6. I have to say them the truth.
(a) tell
(b) state
(c) speak
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) Here, tell is the right usage.

Q7. The SSB will interview the candidate between 11 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.
(a) 11.00 am to 3 pm
(b) 11.00 from 3 pm
(c) by 3.00 pm
(d) No improvement
(d) No improvement

Q8. The tribe lived with different customs.
(a) on (b) by
(c) through
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) live by: to follow a particular belief or set of principles. Here, by is the right usage.

Q9. Dumbfounded by the accusation, he could offer no serious defence.
(a) correct (b) certain
(c) severe
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q10. Ramu never makes at least a century each time he plays cricket.
(a) seldom
(b) forever
(c) always
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) at least has been used. Hence, always is the right usage.

Q11. He is given to gambling and drinking.
(a) given away
(b) given in
(c) given up
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q12. I would soon walk than stand in the cold waiting for the bus.
(a) hardly
(b) longer
(c) sooner
(d) No improvement
(c) Comparison is evident. Hence, sooner is the right usage.

Q13. As soon as I arrived in home, I knew that something was wrong.
(a) arrived by home
(b) arrived home
(c) arrived my home
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Here, the use of Preposition in is superfluous. Hence, arrived home is the right usage.

Q14. Unfortunately I did not pass in the examination.
(a) I did not pass over
(b) I did not overcome
(c) I did not pass
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q15. His powerful desire brought about his downfall.
(a) His wishful desire
(b) His desire for power
(c) His eager desire
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Here, His desire for power is the right usage.

Q16. Ramesh laid in the shade of a tree before he could walk further.
(a) lied (b) lay
(c) lain
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) Lie Lay (Past) lain (Past Participle) Here, lay is the right usage.

Q17. An education in handling money would imply the abi lity to oversee the consequences of over–spending or over– borrowing.
(a) foresee
(b) overlook
(c) overvalue
(d) No improvement
(a) foresee (V.): predict; to think something is going to happen in the future. Here, foresee is the right usage.

Q18. What you have been doing since the workshop last month?
(a) have you done
(b) you have done
(c) have you been doing
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Structure of Interrogative sentence: What have/has + Subject + been + V–ing. Hence, have you done is the right usage.

Q19. Corruption is the most serious problem in India.
(a) the more serious
(b) very serious
(c) serious
(d) No improvement
(d) No improvement

Q20. Except him, no one could answer the question.
(a) Exception of him
(b) Excepting him
(c) Except for him
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) except for (Prep.): apart from. Here, except for him is the right usage.

Q21. The common fruitfly is technically called as “drosophila”
(a) called
(b) known by
(c) known as
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Here, known as is the right usage. know (V.): to think that somebody/something is a particular type of person.

Q22. Give the tickets to whomever comes first.
(a) whoever
(b) whichever
(c) whatever
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) whoever (Pro.): the person who; any person who. Hence, whoever is the right usage.

Q23. Though very young, she has a sense of flying high.
(a) imagery
(b) imaginary
(c) imagination
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) imagination (N.): the ability to have new and exciting ideas. Here, imagination is the right usage.

Q24. The greatest thing in the style of writing or speaking, is to have a use of metaphor.
(a) knowledge
(b) command
(c) need
(d) No improvement
(a) knowledge (N.): the state of knowing about something through education or experience. Here, knowledge is the right usage.

Q25. Do you have some sugar?
(a) any sugar
(b) little sugar
(c) small sugar
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement Usually any is used in questions and negative sentences. But while offering/ requesting some is used.

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