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Part 083 – Sentence Improvement Previous Year Questions

Q1. Plants cannot grow without sunshine.
(a) No improvement
(b) Plants can thrive in the sun.
(c) Plants cannot grow on a cloudy day.
(d) Plants do not live in darkness.
Ans: (a) No improvement

Q2. The gold is a precious metal.
(a) No improvement
(b) A gold
(c) An old
(d) Gold
Ans: (d) Gold is an Uncountable Noun (Material Noun). It is not proper to use the before it. Hence, Gold will replace The gold.

Q3. Old habits die hardly.
(a) No improvement
(b) die much hardly
(c) die hard
(d) die too hard
Ans: (a) difficult to do/understand/answer Here, hard will replace hardly Old things die hard means take a long time to change/ end it — used in Present Tense

Q4. He is known by others.
(a) for (b) among
(c) to (d) No improvement
Ans: (c) It is Preposition related error. to (prep.) is the right usage. He is known to the police. He is known to be an outstanding physicist.

Q5. They tried to win control of the company from their step brothers.
(a) inherit (b) swindle
(c) wrest (d) No improvement
Ans: (c) wrest (Verb): to take something such as power or control from something/somebody with great effort. inherit (Verb): to receive money, property, etc, from somebody when they die. swindle (Verb): to cheat somebody in order to get something, especially money, from them Here, wrest will replace win.

Q6. Mr. Bharath was a professor whom all students respected.
(a) looked up to
(b) looked up
(c) No improvement
(d) looked over
Ans: (c) No improvement

Q7. The criminal must be killed.
(a) hanged (b) murdered
(c) hung (d) No improvement
Ans: (a) hang: to kill somebody as a punishment. Here, hanged is the right usage.

Q8. My daughter is going to take her final examination next month.
(a) under take
(b) No improvement
(c) appear
(d) give
Ans: (b) No improvement

Q9. My father advised me to shun bad peers.
(a) escape (b) leave
(c) avoid (d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement (a) Shun (Verb): to avoid somebody/something

Q10. All these events are associated like links in a chain.
(a) attached
(b) bracketed
(c) No improvement
(d) concatenated
Ans: (d) concatenated: linked together attached (Adjective): joined to something. Here, concatenated is the right usage.

Q11. She is improving her pronunciation of English with a view to become a newsreader.
(a) No improvement
(b) be becoming
(c) have become
(d) becoming
Ans: (d) with a view to should be followed by a Gerund, not an Infinitive. Hence, becoming is the right usage

Q12. The kingfisher is a bird founded most in the Eastern Hemisphere, especially in the southeast Asian countries.
(a) a bird find mostly
(b) a bird mostly founded
(c) a bird found mostly
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) found (Verb) is the Past Tense of find (V.) mostly (Adverb): mainly, generally. founded is the incorrect usage. Hence, a bird found mostly is the right usage

Q13. Instead of his hard work, he did not succeed.
(a) Inspite of
(b) In case of
(c) In respect of
(d) No improvement
Ans: (a) inspite of (Id.): Despite instead of (Id.): in the place of somebody/something. in case of (Id.): if something happens in respect of (Id.): concerning Here, inspite of is the right usage.

Q14. Seeing no way to escape, the thief suited to the Inspector.
(a) shooted
(b) surrendered
(c) supplied
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) surrender (Verb): to allow yourself to be caught, taken prisoner etc. Here, surrendered is the right usage.

Q15. If you want to catch the first flight you may leave now.
(a) must
(b) ought to
(c) No improvement
(d) could
Ans: (a) must is used to say that something is necessary or very important. Hence, must is the right usage.

Q16. Manoj is so credible that he immediately believed my story.
(a) No improvement
(b) credulous
(c) innocent
(d) creditable
Ans: (b) credulous (Adjective): too ready to believe things. credible (Adj.): that can be believed/trusted creditable (Adj.): admirable; praiseworthy Here, credulous is the right usage.

Q17. Thomas Caffall the gunman killing two persons near the Texas A & M University, asked forgiveness for shooting the officers.
(a) who killed
(b) who has killed
(c) No improvement
(d) who had killed
Ans: (d) Here, Past Perfect should be used. The event relates to the past. Hence, who had killed is the right usage.

Q18. I want to dispose off all my old furniture immediately
(a) dispose
(b) disposed off
(c) dispose of
(d) No improvement
(c) dispose of something: to get rid of something that you do not want. Here, dispose of is the right usage.

Q19. He parts his hair in the centre.
(a) at the centre
(b) near the centre
(c) in the middle
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Middle: the part of something that is at an equal distance from all its edges or sides. He was standing in the middle of the room. centre (N.): the middle point/part of something the centre of a circle chocolates with soft centres Hence, in the middle is the right usage

Q20. I can’t allow you to make jokes in the class.
(a) cut (b) crack
(c) break (d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement crack a joke (Id.): to tell a joke make/crack a joke (Id.): say something in order to make people laugh We stayed up for hours, laughing and cracking jokes. She would make jokes about her appearance.

Q21. Shut the window; it is fairly cold.
(a) quiet (b) quite
(c) rather (d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement rather (Adv.): used to mean fairly or to some degree. The instructions were rather complicated. Hence, rather is the right usage.

Q22. She is the lady who will inaugurate the exhibition.
(a) declare the exhibition open
(b) start the exhibition
(c) begin the exhibition
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

Q23. He avoids to speak to me.
(a) to talk
(b) speaking
(c) speech
(d) No improvement
Ans: (b) A Gerund should follow the Verb avoid. You should avoid mentioning his divorce. You should avoid mentioning his divorce. V. Ger. here, speaking is the right usage.

Q24. A major water pollutant due to the growth of large cities is the sewages.
(a) a sewage
(b) a sewages
(c) the sewage
(d) No improvement
Ans: (c) Sewage (Uncountable Noun): waste products produced by human bodies. As a particular pollutant is being mentioned, the (Def. Art.) will be used with sewage. Hence, the sewage is the right usage.

Q25. I have just taken my meals.
(a) I have just had my food
(b) I am done with my meals
(c) I finished my meals
(d) No improvement
Ans: (d) No improvement

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