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Part 024 – Grammar Error Previous Year Questions

Q1. The students were (a)/ awaiting for (b)/ the arrival of the chief guest. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) waiting will replace awaiting awaiting (somebody/something): to wait for (somebody/ something) Look at the examples given below: He is in custody awaiting trial. He is in custody waiting for trial. Hence, waiting for/awaiting is the right usage.

Q2. If you hear (a)/ engaged tone (b)/ replace the receiver and dial again. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) an/the (Articles) will be used before engaged.

Q3. Henry asked his wife (a)/ what had she prepared (b)/ for dinner that night. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) she had will replace had she because – in Indirect Speech, Interrogative Sentence, the Subject comes before the Verb. Look at the examples given below: She asked, “Where does Peter live ?” (D.S) Subject Verb She asked him where Peter lived. (I.S.) Subject Verb

Q4. The news (a)/ I have received (b)/ is not good. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (d) No error.

Q5. Who (a)/ arranged (b)/ the chairs ? (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (d) No error.

Q6. People who live on (a)/ glass houses (b)/ should not throw stone at others. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) live in will replace live on

Q7. The library members were asked (a)/ to return back the books (b)/ to the library. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) return the books will replace return back the books return (Verb): to come/go/give back Hence, to return the books is the right usage.

Q8. Raghu came out of the bathroom (a)/with a towel (b)/in the hand. (c)/No error. (d)
Ans: (c) Use of the (Def. Art.) is incorrect. Articles are not used with Parts of body. Hence, in his hand is the right usage.

Q9. Neither the girl nor her parents (a)/ was present (b)/ to receive the award. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) were will replace was because – neither ___ nor (Correlative Conjunctions) is used, the Verb agrees with the nearest Subject Hence, were present is the right usage.

Q10. College girls seldom wear (a)/ sarees these days, (b)/ do they ? (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) don’t they will replace do they because – a positive statement agrees with a negative tag. when the Verb in the main sentence is in the Simple Present, do/does is used to form the question tag.

Q11. Scarcely had (a)/the function started (b)/than it began to rain. (c) /No error. (d)
Ans: (c) when will replace than because – Scarcely ___ when is the correct pair of Correlatives. Hence, when it began to rain is the right usage

Q12. My friend (a)/has invited me (b)/ for tea this Sunday. (c)/No error. (d)
Ans: (c) to will replace for because – invite (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.) Hence, to tea this Sunday is the right usage

Q13. He discussed (a)/ the murder case (b)/ with his juniors. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (d) No error

Q14. The paintings of natural sceneries (a)/ are selling (b)/ like hot cakes. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) scenery will replace sceneries because – scenery is both Singular and Plural Hence, The paintings of natural scenery is the right usage.

Q15. I (a)/ go to school (b)/ by walk. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) on foot will replace by walk walk (Verb): to move on foot

Q16. It is a (a)/ desert (b)/ place. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) deserted will replace desert because – desert (Noun): a large area of land that has very little water and very few plants growing on it deserted (Adj.): place with no people on it

Q17. You shall get (a)/ all the informations (b)/ if you read this book carefully. (c)/ No error. (d)
(b) information will replace informations because – information is both Singular and Plural. Hence, all the information is the right usage

Q18. My father gave me (a)/ a pair of binocular (b)/ on my birthday. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) a pair of binoculars will replace a pair of binocular a pair of binoculars signifies singular sense

Q19. Kalidas is (a)/ a Shakespeare (b)/ of India. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) the will replace a when a proper Noun is particularised, the (Def. Art.) is used before it. Hence, the Shakespeare is the right usage

Q20. The teacher as well as his students, (a)/ all left (b)/ for the trip. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) Use of all is superfluous.

Q21. More you (a)/ think of it, (b)/ the worse it becomes. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) the will be used before More. The word order is as follows: the + comparative expression + Subject + Verb the more you think the worse it becomes Hence, the more you is the right usage.

Q22. Hasan plays (a)/ both cricket and billiards (b)/ at the national level. (c)/ No error. (d)
(d) No error.

Q23. When I fail (a)/ to solve the problem myself (b)/ I unhesitatingly called for his help. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) failed will replace fail because – the sentence is indicating a Past Event. Hence, when I failed is the right usage.

Q24. I and Tina will (a)/ go to the market (b)/ in the evening. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) Tina and I will replace I and Tina when the Subject contains a Pronoun in Third Person and first person, third person comes first.

Q25. Krishnakali, an early riser and a naturelover (a)/ goes to morning walk at Rabindra (b)/ Sarovar lake before dawn. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) goes for will replace goes to. go for (a) Noun is used where the Noun is an activity. go to (b) Noun is used when we are moving towards something (often) a place. Look at the examples given below: Tom went to work today. It’s a nice sunny day; let’s go for a walk. Hence, goes for morning walk at Rabindra is the right usage

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