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Part 010 – Grammar Error Previous Year Questions

Q1. The way to increase the production of the food (a)/ is to bring more land (b)/ under cultivation. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) Use of the before food is superfluous because – When we refer to general ideas, plurals or uncountable nouns, we do not use the (Def. Art.) Hence, The way to increase the production of food is the right usage

Q2. The girls watched intently (a)/ as the model applied her makeup (b)/ with a practised hand. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) skilled will replace practiced because – skilled (Adj.): trained or experienced in work that requires skill. Hence, with a skilled hand is the right usage

Q3. If he is a millionaire (a)/ he would help (b)/ the millennium project. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) were will replace is because – The Verb be in the if – clauses with unreal condition referring to the present/future is used in the form were for all persons. Were is the form of be in the Past Subjunctive. Look at the examples given below: If I were rich, I would take a trip around the world.
(But I am not rich) If she were at home, she would pick up the phone. Hence, If he were a millionaire is the right usage

Q4. The Prime Minister along with his Cabinet colleagues (a)/ have been welcomed by the Chief Minister (b)/at a formal ceremony. (c)/No error. (d)
Ans: (b) has will replace have because – The Prime Minister along with his Cabinet colleagues is a Singular Subject and hence Singular Verb will be used. The words which follow terms like along with, as well as, together with are not the part of the Subject and hence, the Verb agrees with the main subject. Hence, has been welcomed by the Chief Minister is the right usage

Q5. The political candidate talked (a)/ as if she has already been elected (b)/ to the presidency. (c)/ No error. (d)
(b) had will replace has because – Use of as if indicates an imaginary situation or a situation that may not be true. The Verb after as if is always in the Past Subjunctive. Hence, as if she had already been elected is the right usage

Q6. You have been doing (a)/ your homework (b)/ regularly ? (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (a)Have you been will replace you have been because – The sentence is an Interrogative one. The word order in an interrogative sentence is as follows: Interrogative + Aux. V. + Sub. + other Verb/Verbs Have you been doing Hence, Have you been doing is the right usage

Q7. The same procedure (a)/ also should used (b)/ for the final assessment. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (b) should be used will replace should used because – the sentence is in Passive Voice. Hence, should be used will replace also should used

Q8. I must find out (a)/ some means to balance (b)/ my budget. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) some other means to meet will replace some means to balance. Means (Noun) refers to money, property/wealth

Q9. Thank you, (a)/I am fine (b)/ completely. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (c) in toto will replace completely. in toto (Adj.): completely Here, the structure of the sentence should have been Thank you, I am completely fine.

Q10. He asked me (a)/ when could I finish (b)/ the work. (c)/ No error (d)
(b) when I could will replace when could I because – in an Interrrogative (Indirect Speech), the sentence changes to an Assertive one. Hence, when I could finish is the right usage

Q11. Neither of them (a)/ is (b)/ good (c)/. No error (d)
Ans: (d) No error.

Q12. Due to me being a new comer (a)/ I was unable (b)/ to get a good house (c)/. No error (d)
Ans: (a) Due to my being a new comer will replace Due to me being a new comer because – a Possessive Pronoun is used with a Gerund, the Verb form that functions as a Noun. When a Pronoun (I, we, you, he, she, it, etc.) comes before a Gerund, it is in the form of Possessive Adj.
(my, our, your, his, her, its, etc.)

Q13. The circulation of The Statesman (a)/ is greater than (b)/ that of any newspaper. (c)/. No error (d)
Ans: (c) any other newspaper will replace any newspaper Here, that of any other newspaper is the right usage

Q14. In the garden (a)/ were the more beautiful flowers (b)/ and silver bells (c)/. No error (d)
Ans: (b) there were more beautiful flowers will replace were the more beautiful flowers. Use of the (Def. Art.) is incorrect.

Q15. The poet (a)/ describes about (b)/ the spring season (c)/. No error (d)
(b) describes will replace describes about because – describe (Verb): to say about something/someone. Use of about is superfluous.

Q16. (a) They agreed (b) to repair the damage (c) freely of charge (d) No error
Ans: (c) free of charge will replace freely of charge. free of charge (Adj.): without payment Look at the examples given below: Children under five travel free (of charge).

Q17. (a) When Darun heard the news that his father had been hospitalised (b) he cancelled his trip (c) and returned back to his village (d) No error
Ans: (c) back will not be used with returned because – return (Verb): to come/go back from one place to another Hence, and returned to his village is the right usage

Q18. (a) The Governing Board (b) comprises of (c) several distinguished personalities (d) No error
Ans: (b) of will not be used with comprises because – comprises (Verb): to consist of It can also be used as be comprised of (Idiom) Look at the examples given below: The staff comprises eight physicians, twenty nurses and various administrative people. The sales network is comprised of independent outlets and chain stores. Hence, comprises will replace comprises of

Q19. (a) My uncle does not spend (b) so much money on that house (c) unless he thinks of moving in soon (d) No error
Ans: (a) will not will replace does not because – the sentence is indicating a Condition that is likely to be fulfilled. Hence, will + Verb will be used in the Main Clause. Hence, My uncle will not spend is the right usage

Q20. (a) Neither my sister nor my brothers (b) are interested (c) in moving to another house (d) No error
(d) No error Look at the examples given below: Neither my sister nor my brother is interested. Singular Singular Neither my sister nor my brothers are interested. Plural Plural

Q21. We saw (a)/ sand sculptures (b)/ in the beach. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) on the beach will replace in the beach on (Prep.) is used for a surface in (Prep.) is used for an enclosed space Look at the examples given below: I am currently staying in a hotel. The author’s name is on the cover of the book.

Q22. Everybody in the office (a)/ has left early, (b)/ haven’t they ? (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (d) No error.

Q23. The teacher told that (a)/ the students should have gone to the library (b)/ instead of having wasted their time. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (a) said will replace told because – the structure of the sentence when we use told is as follows: Anne told me that her brother was – told object that what was said told is followed by an Object. Anne said that her brother was buying a car. Hence, The teacher said that is the right usage

Q24. He is (a)/ one of the tallest boy (b)/ in the class. (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (b) boys will replace boy because – one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun Look at the examples given below: One of my fingers is hurting. One of them is a crook. Hence, one of the tallest boys is the right usage

Q25. He was awarded (a)/ with a doctorate degree (b)/ for his new invention. (c)/ No error. (d)
(b) with a doctorate will replace with a doctorate degree because – doctorate (Noun) is a degree of doctor So, degree will not be used with doctorate Look at the examples given below: He was awarded a doctor’s degree in Music. He was awarded a doctorate in Philosophy. with a doctor degree can also be used.

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