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Part 005 – Grammar Error Previous Year Questions

Q1. A milk (a)/ can provide protein (b)/ for a nutritionally balanced diet. (c)/ No error (d).
Ans: (a) Use of A is incorrect because – Uncountable Nouns like milk, wine, information, air, equipment, sand, wood, etc. can’t be counted. Hence, An Indef.Art. will not be used with them. as in– Please give me a water. (×) Please give me some water. () Please give me an ice cube. () Please give me an ice . (×)

Q2. When the football team walked onto the field (a)/ the crowd burst into applause, (b)/ but some cheers were heard too. (c)/ No error (d).
Ans: (c) abuses will replace cheers because – a contrast is evident in the sentence. applause (Noun): approval expressed, especially by the clapping of hands. The opposite of applause is abuse abuse (Noun): make rude and offensive remarks. Look at the examples given below: The audience broke into a loud applause. Others broke into a loud abuse. Hence, but some abuses were heard too is the right usage.

Q3. A lot of formfilling is just red tape, (a)/ and sometimes the forms are so complicated (b)/ that people can’t make head or tail from them (c)./ No error (d).
Ans: (d) can’t make head nor tail of something can also be used.
(a) can’t make head nor/or tail of something (Idiom): means unable to understand anything. Look at the examples given below: We couldn’t make head or tail of the film. I couldn’t make head or tail of the problem.

Q4. You are required to explain (a)/ your conduct within two days (b)/ of the receipt of this letter, (c)/ No error (d).
Ans: (c) on the receipt of will replace of the receipt of. Look at the examples given below: The department is authorized, on receipt of such report, to direct an inquiry. Come as soon as you can on receipt of this. Hence, on the receipt of this letter is the right usage.

Q5. I now (a)/ am knowing (b)/ all the facts about him. (c)/ No error (d).
(b) know will replace am knowing because – know is not used in Progressive/Continuous Tense. Look at the example given below: I am knowing that this is true. (×) I know that this is true. () Hence, know (Simple Present) is used here.

Q6. A hot and (a)/ a cold spring (b)/ was found near each other (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) were will replace was because – two or more Singular/ Plural Subjects joined by and act as a Plural Compound Subject and take a Plural Verb (Singular + Singular = Plural) Look at the example given below: The ranger sees a bear. Sing. Sub. (Sing. Verb (with s) The camper sees a bear. Sing. Sub. (Sing. Verb (with s) The ranger and the camper see a bear. Plural Sub. Plural Sub. Plu. Verb
(without s) Hence, were found near each other is the right usage.

Q7. All doubts are cleared (a)/ between (b)/ you and I (c)/ No error. (d)
Ans: (c) you and me will replace you and I because between is a Prep. A Prep. must be followed by an Indirect object Pronoun. Me is an Indirect Object Pronoun (Objective Case) while I is a Subject Pronoun. (Subjective or Nominative Case) Therefore, between has to be followed by you and me. Look at the examples given below: She went with I. (×) She went with me. () This is between Tom and I. (×) This is between Tom and me. ()

Q8. Either of the roads (a)/ lead (b)/ to the park (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (d) Neither of/Either of, followed by Plural Nouns, takes Singular/Plural Verb Look at the examples given below:
(i) Neither of them speaks/speak a foreign language.
(ii) Either of these interpretations is/are correct.

Q9. I went to the temple (a)/ with my parents, my aunts (b)/ and my cousins (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (a) I went to temple will replace I went to the temple because – Articles are not used with places like School/ University/Prison/hospital/church unless they refer to a particular one. Look at the examples given below: The church down the street is very old. (a particular church) I go to church every Sunday. (not a particular church)

Q10. I have passed (a)/ the examination (b)/ two years ago (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (a) I passed will replace I have passed because – Simple Past Tense is used with time expressions referring to the past (yesterday, last year, ago, in 2014, etc.) Look at the example given below: His father died two years ago. Verb Adverb
(Simple Past) (of time) Hence, I passed is the right usage

Q11. The earth moves (a)/ round the Sun. (b)/ Isn’t it ? (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (c) doesn’t it will replace isn’t it because – Positive statement (without Aux.) takes Negative Tag (with Aux.) Look at the examples below: You like coffee, do not you ? Sub. Main Verb Aux . not don’t He eats meat, does not he ? Sub. Main Verb Aux . not doesn’t

Q12. Unless you do not give (a)/ the keys of the safe (b)/you will be shot (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (a) Unless: if — not. Look at the example given below: You will be sick if you do not stop eating. You will be sick unless you stop eating. Hence, If you do not give is the right usage

Q13. Of the billions of stars in the galaxy, (a)/ how much are (b)/ suitable for life (c)/?. No error. (d)
Ans: (b) many will replace much because – Stars are Countable Nouns and many is used with Countable Nouns whereas much is used with Uncountable Nouns. Look at the examples given below: There was too much traffic on the road. Many people feel that the law should be changed. Hence, how many are is the right usage

Q14. The value of the dollar (a)/ declines as the rate (b)/ of inflation raises (c)/. No error. (d)
Ans: (c) rises will replace raises because – rise (Verb): to increase in amount or number raise (Verb): to lift or move something to a higher level Look at the examples given below: She raised her eyes from her work. The fuel bills have risen to a great extent. Hence, of inflation rises is the right usage.

Q15. One of my desires (a)/ are to become (b)/ a doctor (c)/. No error. (d)
(b) is will replace are because – when a Plural Noun (desires) is placed with a real Singular Subject (One) with of, the Verb will be Singular. Look at the examples given below: One of my teachers is blind. () One of my cousins are in Bangalore. (×) Hence, is to become is the right usage.

Q16. Banks were developed to keep people’s money safe (a)/ and to make it available (b)/ when they need it. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (b) to will not be used with make. It will be omitted. In a sentence with two Infinitives connected by and, or, except, but, than, etc. the second to is omitted. Look at the examples given below: I expect to swim and surf in Hawaii. () I expect to swim and to surf in Hawaii. (×) Hence, and make it available is the right usage

Q17. Based on the newspaper reports, (a)/ we can conclude that (b)/ many accidents caused by reckless driving. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (c) are will be used after accidents because – The sentence is in Passive Voice. The basic structure of a Passive clause is as follows: Subject + Aux. Verb + Main Verb + by + — Many accidents (be) are caused by — (Past Participle) It is also a general statement, hence, the Aux. Verb will be used in Simple Present Tense. Hence, many accidents are caused by reckless driving is the right usage

Q18. He walked (a)/ till the (b)/ end of the street. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (b) to will replace till because – till (Prep., Conj.): until; up to the time of whereas to (Prep.) indicates in a direction towards. Look at the examples given below: He went to the city. He climbed to the top of the tree. Hence, to the is the right usage

Q19. The strain of all (a)/ the difficulties and vexations and anxieties (b)/ are more than he could bear. (c)/No error (d)
Ans: (c) was will replace are because – the sentence is in Past Tense and the Subject (the strain) is in Singular. So, the Verb will also be in Singular, Past Tense. Look at the examples given below: The thrill of huge swings and the waterslideswas great. Subject Singular Verb Hence, was more than he could bear is the right usage.

Q20. In the background they could hear John laughing and joking loudly. (a)/ John was the life and soul of any party (b)/ and he was cracking a joke every few minutes. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (b) the will replace any because – any generalises the situation but the (Def. Art.) indicates a particular Object. Look at the examples given below: The boy goes to the school in the next lane. He can go to school after he has attained the age of 3 years. In the 1st sentence, we are talking about a particular school whereas in, 2nd about a general school, hence, the is used before school. In the 2nd sentence, we are talking, about any school, hence, the will not be used before school.

Q21. I was thinking (a)/ if I could do (b)/ anything to help. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (d) No error Look at the sentences given below: He always helps with the housework. He will help us with some of the organisations. I need contacts that could help me find a job. The charity aims to help people help themselves. Can I be of any help to you ?

Q22. I meant nothing (a)/ less than (b)/ to compel you to come. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (c) compelling will replace to compel because – after than to – Infinitive is not used, Gerund (– ing form) is used. Look at the example below: Another, probably more compelling factor is that of safety. Hence, compelling you to come is the right usage.

Q23. Females (a)/ are not appointed (b)/ in our college. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (d) No error

Q24. He has read four plays (a)/ written by Shakespeare (b)/ by the end of his vacation. (c)/ No error (d)
Ans: (a) read will replace has read -because the action took place in the past. Hence, He read four plays is the right usage.

Q25. The officer (a)/ is angry on the clerk (b)/ for not attending to the work. (c)/ No error (d)
(b) with will replace on because angry (Adj.): feeling or showing anger (usually followed by at, with, or about (Prep.) Look at the examples given below: The girl felt angry at the injustice of the situation. I was angry with myself for making silly mistakes. We use angry at/about (something) and angry with
(somebody). Hence, is angry with the clerk is the right usage

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