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CTET Solved Previous Year Paper Paper 1 (Class I-V) 2013
Part I: Child Development and Pedagogy

Directions (Q. 1–30): Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
Q1. The following three aspects of intelligence are dealt by Sternberg’s triarchic theory except
(a) componential
(b) social
(c) experiential
(d) contextual
Ans: (b)
Q2. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences emphasizes
(a) general intelligence
(b) common abilities required in school
(c) the unique abilities of each individual
(d) conditioning skills in students
Ans: (c)
Q3. The sounds th, ph, ch are
(a) morphemes
(b) graphernes
(c) lexemes
(d) phonemes
Ans: (d)
Q4. In order to avoid gender stereotyping in the class, a teacher should
(a) try to put both boys and ...
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