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You are mistaken, Mr. Bajaj

There has been a lot of brouhaha over Mr. Rahul Bajaj’s comment that businessman in India are too afraid to speak. Now, I won’t go so far as to say that Mr. Bajaj was wrong, though it’s clear that he wasn’t right. If it is indeed true, as he is claiming, that businessmen in India are afraid to speak out, then how, pray, did he himself speak out?

Means business

He is a businessman, he spoke out. Ergo, businessmen in India can speak out. As they say in England, Mr. Bajaj got hoisted by his own Chetak.

In fact, Mr. Bajaj is not some chota-mota sabziwala-type businessman. He is a scooterwala billionaire. As a billionaire, he had a billion more reasons to keep quiet compared to any of his 99.99% fellow Indians. And yet he didn’t keep quiet.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Mr. Bajaj, you are nicely enjoying the pudding of free speech while screaming from rooftop that the pudding is tasting bad because it’s filled with the atmosphere of fear.

In fact, any impartial observer will tell you that there is nothing to fear in this glorious rashtra of ours, not even in Kashmir. Unfortunately, the tragedy is that India is running out of impartial observers. There are so few of them left in this country that we recently had to import 29 of them from Europe — all MPs, mind you — to go and observe Kashmir impartially. When they landed in Srinagar, looking for fear, all they found was normalcy, more normalcy, and even more normalcy.

It’s plain common sense: what does every Indian fear the most? Terrorists. Who can protect you from terrorists? Security forces. What would make you feel safer: more security forces or less? Obviously, more security forces. And where has our government deployed the highest quantity of security forces? Kashmir.

Too secure

Now you know why people in Kashmir have no reason to feel fear: it’s because they enjoy the highest protection. It’s like the entire state has got for free what the Gandhis used to enjoy until recently: Z-plus category security with 15 armed guards per capita. And still some people crib, just like Mr. Bajaj.

Here’s the thing: no one in India is living in fear. The only people feeling fear are the ones who need to feel fear: the anti-nationals.

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