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World Cup 2019: India?s new orange jersey revealed for match against England on June 30

World Cup 2019: India’s new orange jersey revealed for match against England on June 30

India’s new orange jersey at cricket world cup: Get a glimpse of Team India’s new orange jersey in its world cup match against England on June 30.

Jun 22, 2019 18:42 IST

India’s orange jersey for ‘away’ matches at World Cup 2019 revealed!

India’s new orange jersey, World Cup 2019: Finally the suspense over India’s new orange jersey is over, as images of the new jersey have surfaced on social media. India would be seen sporting the new orange coloured jersey in its cricket world cup match against England on June 30.

India’s new orange jersey, as reported before, is dominate by orange colour rather than the original blue. Earlier, photo-shopped images of the jersey had appeared on many websites. Though the images are close to how the jersey actually looks, the newly circulated pictures are apparently of the actual new jersey of Team India.

Neither BCCI or the ICC have officially revealed India’s new jersey colour. The change in the jersey colour is due to ICC’s new rule, which states that all participating teams will be required to come up with an alternate coloured jersey for matches where there will be a clash of colours due to most teams having similar blue or green coloured jerseys.

The ICC wants a home and away format, where two teams can be easily differentiated by the secondary colour of their kits, in case their primary colour is the same, just like it is done in football matches. Hence, except for the host country that was given a preference in their choice of colour and Australia, West Indies and New Zealand that have unique primary colours, all other nations were required to provide an alternate coloured jersey.

Which countries were required to provide an alternate coloured jersey?

The nations whose primary jersey colours were clashing in World Cup 2019 include England, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan who all have blue as their primary colour. In the other clash, three teams including Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh have green as their primary jersey colour.

being the overall hosts of the tournament were given the choice of continuing with their jersey throughout the world cup tournament, which means that other three nations will have to change their jersey colour while playing against them.

Among the green teams, Pakistan was allowed to continue with its traditional green jersey throughout the tournament, as the team was designated as the home team in its matches against Bangladesh and South Africa.

This means that India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, South Africa and Bangladesh will be seen sporting a different coloured jersey for some of their ‘away’ world cup matches.

Why do Australia, New Zealand and West Indies get to continue with their traditional jerseys?

Three teams- Australia, West Indies, and New Zealand do not have to provide an alternate coloured jersey as all of them have unique jerseys. The teams will not be required to choose a new coloured jersey for their away matches and will be able to continue with their traditional jerseys throughout the world cup.

Team India’s new jersey: Will India be wearing an orange coloured jersey?

According to media reports and pictures that have surfaced on social media, the men in blue will be seen wearing a new orange dominated jersey as their alternate jersey option. The officially yet-to-be-released jersey will most likely see the players wearing a darker shade of blue in the front with orange dominating the sleeves and back.

When will India be seen sporting its new orange jersey?

Team India is likely to be seen wearing the new orange coloured jersey in its cricket world cup match against hosts England on June 30. In the rest of its matches, Virat Kohli-led India is expected to continue to don their traditional blue jersey.

What colours have other nations chosen for their alternate jersey?

Among the five World Cup teams, that had to include an ‘alternate jersey kit’ for their ‘away’ matches, four teams including Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh and Afghanistan had unveiled their new contrasting coloured jersey kits much earlier.

While Afghanistan chose to include red as its secondary colour for its matches against rest of the blue teams, Sri Lanka chose yellow. Among the green teams, South Africa chose yellow as its secondary contrasting colour for its matches against green teams and Bangladesh chose red. India is the only nation that is yet to officially reveal its new World Cup kit.


Original Jersey Colour

New ‘Away’ Jersey



Blue Red




Sri Lanka


Blue Yellow

South Africa



How were the new jersey colours decided?

For each game, the ICC has granted one team the home team status, while for the other team the match will be treated as the away venue. Hence, while the home team will be given the choice of the jersey, the other team will have to opt for the away jersey.

All the teams were notified which coloured kit will be worn in each match ahead of the event. The announcement by the ICC came while only few days were left for the much-awaited cricket world cup, to be hosted by England and Wales from May 30.

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