PGT Home Science

How to become PGT Home Science Teachers?

PGT Home Science refers to the post of a Post Graduate Teacher in the subject of Home Science. The individuals who hold this position are responsible for teaching students at the post-secondary level and preparing them for higher studies or future careers.

PGT Home Science Book
PGT Home Science Book

To become a PGT Home Science teacher, one typically needs to:

1. Hold a postgraduate degree (Master’s) in Home Science or a related field.
2. Clear the teacher eligibility test (TET) in their respective state.
3. Pass a recruitment exam for PGT Home Science teachers, which is conducted by the state government or central government.

The recruitment exam for PGT Home Science typically assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the subject, teaching ability, and communication skills. The exam may include written tests, practical demonstrations, and personal interviews.

PGT Home Science teachers play an important role in imparting knowledge and shaping the careers of students in this field. They are also responsible for conducting research, participating in educational programs and conferences, and contributing to the development of the subject.

PGT Home Science Syllabus

The syllabus for PGT Home Science exams may vary slightly between different states or recruiting organizations. However, here is a general outline of the topics that may be included in the PGT Home Science syllabus:

1. Textiles: Fabric construction, fiber identification, dyeing and printing, apparel design, and clothing construction
2. Food Science: Principles of food science, food composition and nutrition, food preservation, and processing
3. Family Resources Management: Principles of family resources management, consumer education, and resource utilization
4. Human Development and Family Studies: Human development across the lifespan, family dynamics and relationships, and parenting
5. Environmental Science and Resource Management: Environmental science, resource management, and sustainable living
6. Home Science Extension Education and Communication: Home Science extension education, communication, and leadership
7. Education and Communication Skills: Educational psychology, teaching methodologies, and communication skills

This is a general outline, and the actual syllabus may vary based on the specific exam being taken. It is recommended to check the latest syllabus from the official website of the recruiting organization or state government before preparing for the exam.

PGT Home Science Book in Hindi

Books for MCQs Home Science

Here are some popular books that provide comprehensive information and questions related to the subject of Home Science:

1. “Home Science” by S.N. Seth
2. “Home Science: An Introduction” by R. K. Dhawan
3. “Home Science: The Fundamentals” by P.C. Tulsian
4. “Home Science for Junior College” by D.S. Bhatia
5. “Home Science for Degree Students” by B.S. Negi
6. “Home Science for Women” by G.B. Pant

These books provide an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of Home Science, including textiles, food science, family resources management, human development, and more. They may also contain practice questions and sample tests to help students prepare for exams. It is recommended to check for the latest edition and syllabus before purchasing a book.

Which books to read for PGT Home Science teachers?

The “Home Science” book for PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) exams for teachers would typically cover topics related to the subject of Home Science, including textiles, food science, family resources management, human development, and more. Here are a few popular books that PGT exam aspirants can consider:

1. “Home Science for PGT Teachers” by K.R. Chugh
2. “Home Science for PGT Exams” by Dr. R.B. Pathak
3. “PGT Home Science Guide” by R. Gupta
4. “Home Science for PGT Teacher Recruitment Exams” by Arihant Experts

It is recommended to check the latest edition and syllabus before purchasing a book, as exam patterns and requirements may change.

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