Here we are providing NCERT MCQ for UPSC in an organised manner. UPSC ask at least 20-30% MCQs in prelims exam directly from NCERT books. It is highly recommended that a civil services aspirant should go through NCERT Chapter wise MCQ for UPSC at least once before the exam. We have also provided ebook link below.


Below given links include history mcq for upsc, polity mcq upsc, geography mcq for upsc, economy mcq for upsc and science mcq for upsc. All the questions are taken from NCERT textbooks and highly useful for upsc prelims exam.


Geography MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Our Universe
Chapter 2. Interior of Earth
Chapter 3. Longitude and Latitude
Chapter 4. Period, Epoch and Era
Chapter 5. Earthquake and Volcano
Chapter 6. Mountain, Plateau, Deserts and Rocks
Chapter 7. Weathering and Erosion
Chapter 8. World Landforms
Chapter 9. Rivers, Lakes and Falls
Chapter 10. Reliefs of Ocean Basins
Chapter 11. Ocean Current
Chapter 12. Salinity
Chapter 13. Ocean Tides
Chapter 14. Ocean Deposits
Chapter 15. Continent and Continental Shelf
Chapter 16. Sea and Ocean
Chapter 17. Ocean Temperature
Chapter 18. Coral Reefs
Chapter 19. Islands and Lakes
Chapter 20. River and Waterfalls
Chapter 21. Straits, Canals and Passes
Chapter 22. Atmospheric Composition
Chapter 23. Temperature
Chapter 24. Humidity
Chapter 25. Albedo and Air Mass
Chapter 26. Cloud
Chapter 27. El-Nino, La-Nina and Southern Oscillation
Chapter 28. Air Pressure
Chapter 29. Winds
Chapter 30. Cyclone and Anticyclone
Chapter 31. Climate and Weather
Chapter 32. Precipitation
Chapter 33. Natural Vegetation
Chapter 34. World Grassland
Chapter 35. Environmental Geography
Chapter 36. Natural Regions
Chapter 37. Fisheries
Chapter 38. Soil
Chapter 39. Deserts
Chapter 40. World Mineral Resources
Chapter 41. World Energy Resources
Chapter 42. World Agriculture
Chapter 43. World Industries
Chapter 44. Human Geography
Chapter 45. World Population
Chapter 46. World Tribes
Chapter 47. Settlement
Chapter 48. Transportation
Chapter 49. Models & Principles
Chapter 50. Developing Country

Indian Geography MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Physical Features of India
Chapter 2. Indian Climate
Chapter 3. Passes of India
Chapter 4. Rivers and Lakes of India
Chapter 5. Soils of India
Chapter 6. Agriculture of India
Chapter 7. Irrigation of India
Chapter 8. Vegetations of India
Chapter 9. Minerals in India
Chapter 10. Energy Resources in India
Chapter 11. Industry in India
Chapter 12. Transport System in India

Ancient India MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Harappan and Indus Civilisation
Chapter 2. Vedic Culture
Chapter 3. Mahajanapads
Chapter 4. Religious Movements
Chapter 5. Maurya Period
Chapter 6. Post-Maurya Period
Chapter 7. The Sangam Period
Chapter 8. Gupta Period
Chapter 9. Vardhana Dynasty
Chapter 10. Miscellaneous (Ancient India)

Medieval India MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Medieval Period
Chapter 2. Cholas and Others
Chapter 3. Vijayanagar & Other Kingdoms
Chapter 4. The Delhi Sultanate
Chapter 5. Sufi Movement
Chapter 6. Bhakti Movement
Chapter 7. Mughal Period
Chapter 8. Maratha Confederacy
Chapter 9. Miscellaneous (Medieval India)

Modern India MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. The Advent of the Europeans
Chapter 2. Expansion of British Power
Chapter 3. Economic Impact of British Rule
Chapter 4. Socio-Religious Movements
Chapter 5. Caste, Tribal, Peasant and Trade Union Movements
Chapter 6. The Revolt of 1857
Chapter 7. Moderate Phase (1885-1905)
Chapter 8. Extremist Phase (1905-17)
Chapter 9. The Gandhian Era
Chapter 10. Miscellaneous (Modern India)

Polity MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Constitutional Development of India
Chapter 2. Constituent Assembly
Chapter 3. Salient Features of the Constitution
Chapter 4. Sources of the Constitution
Chapter 5. The Preamble
Chapter 6. Parts, Articles and Schedules of the Constitution
Chapter 7. The Union and the Territory
Chapter 8. Citizenship
Chapter 9. Fundamental Rights
Chapter 10. Directive Principles of State Policy
Chapter 11. Fundamental Duties
Chapter 12. The Union Executive
Chapter 13. The Attorney General, Comptroller and Auditor- General (CAG) etc
Chapter 14. The Union Legislature
Chapter 15. The Union Judiciary
Chapter 16. The State Executive
Chapter 17. The State Legislature
Chapter 18. The State Judiciary
Chapter 19. Municipality
Chapter 20. Panchayati Raj
Chapter 21. Centre-State Relations
Chapter 22. Public Service Commission
Chapter 23. Election Commission
Chapter 24. Official Language
Chapter 25. National Insignia and Symbols
Chapter 26. Emergency Provisions
Chapter 27. Order of Precedence
Chapter 28. Constitutional Amendments

Indian Economy MCQs for UPSC

Chapter 1. Nature of Indian Economy
Chapter 2. National Income in India
Chapter 3. Agriculture
Chapter 4. Industry
Chapter 5. Natural Resources of India
Chapter 6. Planning in India
Chapter 7. Social Sectors
Chapter 8. Public Finance
Chapter 9. Infrastructure
Chapter 10. Money
Chapter 11. Banking
Chapter 12. Foreign Trade
Chapter 13. International Organisations

General Science MCQs for UPSC (Physics)

Chapter 1. Mechanics
Chapter 2. Heat
Chapter 3. Wave Motion and Sound
Chapter 4. Light
Chapter 5. Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 6. Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 7. Modern Physics

General Science MCQs for UPSC (Chemistry)

Chapter 1. Nature and Composition of Substances
Chapter 2. Atomic Structure
Chapter 3. Radioactivity
Chapter 4. Chemical Bonding
Chapter 5. Oxidation and Reduction
Chapter 6. Oxidation and Reduction
Chapter 7. Acids, Bases and Salt
Chapter 8. Properties of Gases
Chapter 9. Catalysis
Chapter 10. Thermodynamics and Energetics
Chapter 11. Periodic Classification of Element
Chapter 12. Solutions
Chapter 13. Electrolyte and Electrochemistry
Chapter 14. Surface Chemistry
Chapter 15. Metals and Their Compounds
Chapter 16. Non-Metals and Their Compounds
Chapter 17. Non-Metals and Their Compounds
Chapter 18. Hydrocarbons and Its Derivatives
Chapter 19. Biomolecules
Chapter 20. Chemistry in Every Day Life

General Science MCQs for UPSC (Biology)

Chapter 1. Botany and Branches
Chapter 2. Classification of Plant Kingdom
Chapter 3. Micro Organism
Chapter 4. Taxonomy of Angiosperm
Chapter 5. Morphology of Plant
Chapter 6. Plant Physiology
Chapter 7. Plant
Chapter 8. Plant Tissue
Chapter 9. Plant Disease
Chapter 10. Branch of Zoology
Chapter 11. Classification of Animal Kingdom
Chapter 12. Human Physiology
Chapter 13. Cytology
Chapter 14. Animal Tissue
Chapter 15. Health, Disease & Nutrition
Chapter 16. Human Disease
Chapter 17. Evolution
Chapter 18. Ecology
Chapter 19. Pollution
Chapter 20. Scientists : Their Contribution in Biology
Chapter 21. Biodiversity and Wildlife
Chapter 22. Biotechnology
Chapter 23. Ecology and Environment

These ncert mcq are designed as per prelims exam needs and as per latest trends in the exam. Apart from that after practicing these questions an aspirant will feel confident and will score high in the exam.

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