General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Questions are an important part of any competitive exam. Whether it’s any competitive exam, GK questions will equip you to face the competition with confidence. We have sourced most frequently 20,000 General Knowledge Questions from various previous year papers. We have divided these questions into Indian history, Indian Polity, India and World Geography, Indian Economy, General Science, Environment and Ecology and Indian Culture. Corresponding books are also available on google play store. Further questions are organised as per difficulty levels level 1 and level 2.

General Knowledge Questions

We are providing here a 20,000  Gk Questions with answers in ebook on playstore. It covers all previous year questions from major exams. We have two books 20K GK Questions in English and 20K GK Questions in Hindi.

Objective History Question

History Questions

5200 MCQs from Indian and World History Questions are given below. It includes Ancient Indian mcq, Medieval India mcq, Modern India mcq, World History mcq and Indian culture mcq. Questions are also arranged topicwise.

Chapter 1. Ancient India Level 1
Chapter 2. Ancient India Level 2
Chapter 3. Medieval India Level 1
Chapter 4. Medieval India Level 2
Chapter 5. Modern India Level 1
Chapter 6. Modern India Level 2
Chapter 7. World History Level 2
Chapter 8. Indian Art and Culture Level 1
Chapter 9. Art And Culture Level 2

Objective Indian Polity MCQ Question
Indian Polity MCQ Question

Indian Polity and Constitution (General Knowledge Questions)

Objective Indian polity includes 2500 mcqs. It included Indian polity mcq, Indian constitution mcq and other questions from indian administrative framework.

Chapter 10. Indian Polity Level 1
Chapter 11. Indian Polity Part 1 Level 2

Geography Questions

Objective India and world Geography include 3700 MCQ on Geography. It includes questions from Indian Geography mcq, World geography mcq, Physical geography mcq and map based questions.

Chapter 13. Physical Geography Level 1
Chapter 14. Indian Geography Level 1
Chapter 12. Indian Polity Part 2 Level 2
Chapter 15. Indian Geography Level 2
Chapter 16. World Geography Level 1
Chapter 17. World Geography Level 2

Indian Economy Questions

Objective Indian economy includes 2400 mcq. These questions are from Indian economy mcq and general economy concepts.

Chapter 18. Economy Level 1
Chapter 19. Economy Level 2

General Science (General Knowledge Questions)

Objective General Science mcq consist of 6800 questions. These are divided into three sections i.e. Physics mcq, Chemistry mcq, Biology mcqs. Questions are also organised by sub topics.

Chapter 20. Biology Level 1
Chapter 21. Biology Level 2
Chapter 22. Chemistry Level 1
Chapter 23. Chemistry Level 2
Chapter 24. Physics Level 1
Chapter 25. Physics Level 2
Chapter 26. Computer And Information Technology Level 2
Chapter 27. Science & Technology Level 2
Chapter 28. Miscellaneous Level 1

Student also search for gk question. You can read general knowledge questions instantly from above books. We provided gk questions with answers.  Gk questions in english are useful for exams. We recommend gk questions with answers in english.

Regularly completing GK questions will help you review all the concepts and do well on exams. It enables pupils to comprehend how to use theoretical ideas in exams. Additionally, it aids in improving your comprehension of the subject.

You can keep these questions in your memory by going over previous ones and practising brand-new ones. Examine questions pertaining to a topic after you have thoroughly studied it. This will aid in the consolidation of your knowledge and improve your comprehension of the concept’s applicability in various contexts.

General Knowledge
General Knowledge

In order to effectively read and retain information to crack General Knowledge in exams, there are a few key strategies that can be employed. First, make use of active reading techniques such as highlighting and taking notes in the margins as you read. This will help you to identify key concepts and come back to them easily when reviewing. Finally, supplement your reading with other resources such as practice GK Questions (MCQs) and flashcards to further test your knowledge and keep the material fresh in your mind. Use Mnemonics tricks to remember facts. Also use google or youtube to grasp core concepts in general knowledge in depth. Additionally, it is important to create a revision schedule after a time gap in increasing order like after 10 dyas then after 21 days then after 60 days so on. And Finally practice more and more general knowledge questions.

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