Class 7 English Notes

Class 7 English Notes are highly useful for quick revision before exams. Below are given Class 7 English chapter summary in concise format. Notes are prepared as per CBSE board latest syllabus.

Chapter 1 Squirrel
Chapter 2 Rebel
Chapter 3 Shed
Chapter 4 Chivvy
Chapter 5 Trees
Chapter 6 Mystery Of Talking Fan
Chapter 7 Dad And Cat And Tree
Chapter 8 Meadow Surprises
Chapter 9 Garden Snake
Chapter 1 Tiny Teacher
Chapter 2 Bringing Up Kari
Chapter 3 Desert
Chapter 4 Cop And Anthem
Chapter 5 Golu Grows A Nose
Chapter 6 I Want Something In A Cage
Chapter 7 Chandni
Chapter 8 Bear Story
Chapter 9 A Tiger In House
Chapter 10 An Alien Hand

Notes given above are prepared from NCERT Class 7 English book. Important concepts and facts are included in the chapter summaries. A student can ensure high scores in CBSE board exams by revising these notes before exam.

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