Class 6 English Notes

Class 6 English Notes are highly useful for quick revision before exams. Below are given Class 6 English chapter summary in concise format. Notes are prepared as per CBSE board latest syllabus.

Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework
Chapter 1 Poem A House A Home
Chapter 2 How Dog Found Himself a New Master!
Chapter 2 Poem Kite
Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward
Chapter 3 Poem Quarrel
Chapter 4 An Indian American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla
Chapter 4 Poem Beauty
Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School
Chapter 5 Poem Where Do All Teachers Go
Chapter 6 Who I Am
Chapter 6 Poem Wonderful Words
Chapter 7 Fair Play
Chapter 8 A Game of Chance
Chapter 8 Poem Vocation
Chapter 9 Desert Animals
Chapter 9 Poem What if
Chapter 10 Banyan Tree
Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds
Chapter 2 Friendly Mongoose
Chapter 3 Shepherd’s Treasure
Chapter 4 OldClock Shop
Chapter 5 Tansen
Chapter 6 Monkey and Crocodile
Chapter 7 Wonder Called Sleep
Chapter 8 A Pact with Sun
Chapter 9 What Happened to Reptiles
Chapter A Strange Wrestling Match

Notes given above are prepared from NCERT Class 6 English book. Important concepts and facts are included in the chapter summaries. A student can ensure high scores in CBSE board exams by revising these notes before exam.

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