Class 10 English Notes

Class 10 English Notes are highly useful for quick revision before exams. Below are given Class 10 English chapter summary in concise format. Notes are prepared as per CBSE board latest syllabus.

Chapter 1 A Letter to God GL Fuentes
Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying
Chapter 4 From of Anne Frank Anne Frank
Chapter 5 Hundred Dresses I El Bsor Ester
Chapter 6 Hundred Dresses II El Bsor Ester
Chapter 1 Dust of Snow Robert Frost
Chapter 2 Fire and Ice Robert Frost
Chapter 3 Tiger in Zoo Leslie Norris
Chapter 4 How to Tell Wild Animals Carolyn Wells
Chapter 5 Ball Poem John Berryman
Chapter 6 Amanda Robin Klein
Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery James Herriot
Chapter 2 Thief’s Story Ruskin Bond
Chapter 3 Midnight Visitor Robert Arthur
Chapter 4 A Question of Trust Victor Canning
Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet HG Wells
Chapter 7 Glimpses of India
Chapter 8 Mijbil Otter Gavin Maxwell
Chapter 9 Madam Rides Bus Vallikkannan
Chapter 10 Sermon at Benares Betty Renshaw
Chapter 11 Proposal Anton Chekov
Chapter 7 Animals Walt Whitman
Chapter 8 Trees Adrienne Rich
Chapter 9 Fog Carl Sandburg
Chapter 10 Tale of Custard Dragon Ogden Nash
Chapter 11 For Anne Gregory William Butler Yeats
Chapter 6 Making of a Scientist Robert W Peterson
Chapter 7 Necklace Guy de Maupassant
Chapter 8 Hack Driver Sinclair Lewis
Chapter 9 Bholi KA Abbas
Chapter 10 Book that Saved Earth Claire Boiko

Notes given above are prepared from NCERT Class 10 English book. Important concepts and facts are included in the chapter summaries. A student can ensure high scores in CBSE board exams by revising these notes before exam.

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