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You can’t wipe out history. Or can you?

Recently, taking an Uber in Delhi, I tripped into a conversation with the driver. It started with me asking him ... Read More

Social media’s lack of nuance arises from the medium’s limitations

One of the great truisms of our public life, especially mediated through social media, is that it is full of ... Read More

Will anybody with brain put cricket World Cup in England, asks Mr. Mat...

Respected Madam/Sir,Whether you remember my nearby neighbour and friend Mr. Balaraman? Think think. You will remember. Retired bank employee fellow ... Read More

Reversing the scale of priorities

In the weeks ahead, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on an appeal filed against a judgment of the Madras ... Read More

Full disclosure

SEBI’s new framework for financial disclosure by credit rating agencies may not be enough Amidst the rising number of defaults ... Read More

Beyond the wall

In defeat, the Gandhi family is looking for scapegoats without owning responsibility Failure is always an orphan, but the scramble ... Read More

These boots are meant for what?

Victory is a heady feeling. But it could also be a footy feeling. In Gujarat, for BJP MLA Balram Thawani, ... Read More

Sundowners in Salina

Arriving in Italy, especially the southern part, is like arriving home. The same chaos awaits. Unruly lines, people yelling, general ... Read More

Who needs robots?

Go get a home robot, I’m telling you. Turn on Science Channel, soon, see that documentary of such a sweet ... Read More

Flaws in Subramanian’s theory

Arvind Subramanian’s theory that India’s GDP has been overestimated (yes, out of innocent and non-political motives) is specious not for ... Read More

Democracy can die in daylight too

Modesty is not a virtue of the media in the pixel age, in which preening is a 24x7 pastime. There ... Read More

City on edge

Protests over the extradition Bill in Hong Kong underline the tensions with mainland China The mass protests in Hong Kong ... Read More

Faint glimmer

The tentative revival in industrial activity must be built on through prudent policy support Industrial activity in the new financial ... Read More

W Bengal waits for wheel of history to turn

If the run-up to the Parliamentary elections was particularly violent in West Bengal, then what has followed is worse. Till ... Read More

Google News, whose news?

Fooling around with search words? What’s the harm in trying? After all, everybody loves some vertical mobility on Google search ... Read More

Kejriwal’s idea is not so crazy, after all

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s move to make travel in public transport — buses and the metro — free for ... Read More

Trump keeps India on tenterhooks

The G20 Summit, to be held in Osaka, Japan on June 28-29, brings together leaders from the world’s developed and ... Read More

A summary of fears and possibilities 

In the heady first flush of a newly elected government, commentators often compose, as usually unsolicited counsel, optimistic lists of ... Read More

Starting at three

Extending the right to education to younger children would be a welcome step India’s far-sighted Right to Education Act is ... Read More

Values to live by

PM Modi’s call for inclusiveness in the Maldives and Sri Lanka is relevant in India too During Prime Minister Narendra ... Read More

Statistalk: How women invest

Statistalk Arya V Menon | Updated on June 11, 2019 Published on June 11, 2019 Published on June 11, 2019 ... Read More

Peer-to-peer lending

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market in India is a nascent one — with a rather modest size of about ₹300 ... Read More

Squandering the gender dividend

If labour force survey data are to be believed, rural India is in the midst of a gender revolution in ... Read More

A welcome verdict

The Kathua case represents a triumph of justice over communal propaganda The trial court verdict finding three men guilty of ... Read More

Thin-skinned masters

Arbitrary arrest for a social media post reflects a disregard for law and liberty The Supreme Court order granting immediate ... Read More

Soil discrimination and bails that refuse to fall

World Cups aren’t crazy, but they often bring out the crazy in players and fans. Or why would Mahendra Singh ... Read More

All you wanted to know about interoperability

In November last year, SEBI came up with guidelines to usher in interoperability among clearing corporations. The deadline given to ... Read More

Remembering 1983

To many of my generation, who grew up in the 1980s, a standard question would be, did you watch the ... Read More

Foreign policy challenges five years later 

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his second term, the world looks more disorderly in 2019 than was the case ... Read More

A dozen in one

Nadal burnishes his greatness in an era of greats with a record at the French Open Roy Emerson’s record for ... Read More

Striking a balance

The RBI’s nuanced approach in the revised circular on stressed assets is noteworthy The efforts of the Reserve Bank of ... Read More

A debate that divides

more-in An ideological prism should not be used to malign a journalistic inquiry Polarisation in not restricted to our body ... Read More

St. Petersburg consensus

Russia and China are strengthening ties amid tensions with the U.S. The bonhomie between China’s and Russia’s leaders at the ... Read More

Andhra spectrum

Jagan Reddy is showcasing his widened social base with his choice of Ministers Starting off as an unsure heir to ... Read More
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