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Welcome moves: SEBI did well to ease conditions for FPIs, but existing...

The Securities and Exchanges Board of India has made a valiant attempt to address various issues that had been vying ... Read More

Speeding up: An external benchmark may lead to faster transmission, pr...

If there’s one riddle that the RBI has been trying to solve for decades, it has been the issue of ... Read More

Channel churn: TRAI’s attempts to micromanage the broadcasting sector ...

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s attempts to fix tariffs for the broadcasting sector have disrupted the TV broadcasting sector, ... Read More

First among equals: The issue of shares with DVRs to promoters is good...

In a bid to add more muscle to Indian start-up founders in their dealings with private equity investors, the Centre ... Read More

NBFC liquidity crisis: Recent efforts to infuse NBFCs with bank funds ...

Following up on the Budget and announcements of the Monetary Policy Committee that seek to push bank lending to NBFCs, ... Read More

Poor labour policies: Reserving jobs for locals impacts labour flow an...

With more than one State in India now trying to ape the Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local Candidates in the ... Read More

Unfinished business: The PM’s confidence in the economy needs to be ba...

Virtually shrugging aside palpable signs of economic gloom, it was a remarkably sanguine Prime Minister who addressed the nation for ... Read More

Pro consumer: The SC’s IBC ruling gives homebuyers greater say, but ma...

Homebuyers in over one lakh stalled real estate projects across India, at long last, seem to have won some support ... Read More

Broadening the band: RJio’s disruption of the broadband market is good...

Reliance Jio’s aggressive plans to roll out optical fibre-based broadband services could be a game-changer for the industry and consumers ... Read More

Wrong targets: Rather than micromanage PSB lending, the Centre should ...

Its not surprising that the Government of India, having sunk over ₹3 lakh crore into the recapitalisation of public sector ... Read More

Flood-hit Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra need to learn their lesson...

In what has now become a familiar pattern, the monsoon began feebly in June but lashed back in July and ... Read More

New guidelines on e-commerce and data protection are largely positive

India’s e-commerce sector, poised to grow four times to $150 billion by 2022, is still a work in progress when ... Read More

RBI’s 35 bps repo rate cut seems appropriate in current circumst...

Given the telltale signs of an economic slowdown, it came as no surprise when the MPC announced a repo rate ... Read More

The BJP has closed the door for political engagement in Kashmir by cur...

The passage of a statutory resolution and a Bill in Parliament — “abrogating” Article 370 which confers special political status ... Read More

Introspect on GST: The CAG report flags the impact of an imperfect GST...

The irony here is hard to ignore: GST was introduced two years back to make it easier for businesses to ... Read More

US Fed fence-sitting on rates offers reprieve on flows into India

After obliging markets with a 25-basis point cut in its policy rates for the first time in eleven years, the ... Read More

The new Consumer Protection Bill is a major step forward in consumer e...

The passing of the Consumer Protection Bill by the Lok Sabha in the ongoing session of Parliament is a welcome ... Read More

Solar storm: AP govt’s bid to renegotiate renewable contracts could ha...

India’s renewable energy sector has made remarkable progress, particularly after Prime Minister Modi launched a big push on renewables during ... Read More

Bitter brew

T+ T- VG Siddhartha’s tragic demise raises concerns about tax terrorism Café Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha’s suicide — perhaps ... Read More

Finally home

After many twists and turns, over 42,000 home-buyers battling the Amrapali group may finally receive some succour. In a landmark ... Read More

Changing track

Since the Budget, there have been a series of developments pointing to a rapid process of transition in Indian Railways, ... Read More

Democracy and ‘efficiency’

Populist impulses in democracies can often lead to actions that compromise democratic processes. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan attributes ... Read More

Zero clarity

By announcing a push to zero-budget natural farming (ZBNF) in the Budget, the Centre seemed to have reiterated its policy ... Read More

CSR at gunpoint

In a clutch of new amendments to the Companies Act, the NDA government has sought to tighten the screws on ... Read More

Brexit Johnson

It’s common to talk about a new government’s first 100 days. But newly-anointed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has exactly ... Read More

Mission mode

For Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), it was a great leap forward when it launched the 3,840-kg Chandrayaan-2 successfully on ... Read More

Welcome move

A positive fallout of the spate of accounting irregularities revealed in recent times is that the regulatory authorities have begun ... Read More

Rebooting labour reforms

The compression of 44 labour laws into four ‘codes’ or broad categories — wages, social security, industrial relations and occupational ... Read More

The terror debate

The debate in Parliament this week over the National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was instructive in understanding our lawmakers’ ... Read More

Pound of flesh

After a skirmish between the Centre and RBI over the latter’s reserves last year, a similar disagreement is now brewing ... Read More

Damage control

The Cabinet approved several amendments to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) on Wednesday. Two of them — inclusion of ... Read More

IndiGo’s blues

After Jet Airways went off radar in April, market leader IndiGo Airlines is now in the midst of a messy ... Read More

Red flags in the DHFL case

It is not just shareholders and lenders to Dewan Housing Finance (DHFL) who need to sit up and take notice ... Read More

Against national interest

The decision by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to stick to its stand on pricing 5G spectrum does not ... Read More

Unipolar democracy?

From the moment the BJP won an overwhelming majority in the Lok Sabha elections, reducing the Congress to 52 seats, ... Read More

Stifling taxes can hurt the economy

It is disconcerting that the Budget should ramp up revenue collection from surcharge and cess, despite their being objectionable on ... Read More

Borrow abroad, but with caution

The Finance Minister’s proposal to raise part of the government’s borrowings in external markets and in external currencies, has pleased ... Read More

Giving wings to aviation sector

The usually-ignored aviation sector found considerable mention in the Budget speech. Air India will be put on the block again, ... Read More

Market mayhem

Markets tanked on Monday in response to the Budget’s tax proposals, being spooked in particular by the sharp rise in ... Read More

A business-like approach

For an economy that is undeniably in slowdown mode, it does come as a surprise that the first Budget of ... Read More

Simple prescriptions

India’s annual Economic Surveys once pedantic tomes that very few folks read, have received a fresh lease of life in ... Read More

Financial Stability Report: Halfway house

The latest edition of RBI’s Financial Stability Report (FSR) was much awaited for answers to some of the burning questions ... Read More

A headache for China

For China’s government, Hong Kong’s street protests against a bill allowing extraditions to mainland China couldn’t have come at a ... Read More

New IT dynamics

The sharp rise in wage costs for Indian IT companies due to an increase in overseas hiring, augurs well for ... Read More

Reining in risks

The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been the more proactive among India’s financial regulators in responding to the ... Read More

Interesting calibration

The RBI’s new rules relating to rupee interest rate derivatives are an attempt to promote more activity in this segment, ... Read More

Washington’s whims put pressure on India

US President Donald Trump specialises in delivering nasty surprises to friend and foe alike and he also doesn’t hesitate to ... Read More

Decide on Huawei

It’s about time that India thoroughly investigates security concerns around Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei. While countries such as Australia, ... Read More

Labyrinthine disclosures

It is a peculiarity of the Indian direct tax administration that over a third of its tax collections originate from ... Read More

GST Council: Control raj mindset

More than 25 years after reforms, the GST Council seems to have forgotten that profit is not a bad word ... Read More

Dangerous moves

US President Donald Trump’s stepped back from the brink of a shooting war with Iran when he said with his ... Read More

Rising population: Disastrous dividend

In a dubious first, India is set to become the most populous nation in 2027, surpassing China, according to an ... Read More

Flip flops in EV policy

A preliminary proposal by the government to phase out fossil-fuel-based three-wheelers by 2023 and two-wheelers (up to 150 cc) by ... Read More

Crash landing

In the end, the hoped-for knight-in-shining armour never arrived and Jet Airways is now in insolvency court. This marks the ... Read More

Time to crack the whip

Rating agencies, or rather their propensity to lock the stable doors after the horses have bolted, have been at the ... Read More

Clear the air on GMO

As in 2001, India has reached another inflexion point in its policy on GM crops. At that time, Hyderabad-based Navbharat ... Read More

Crypto conundrum

The Centre’s reported plans to criminalise cryptocurrencies — 10 years in jail for holding, selling or dealing in cryptocurrencies — ... Read More

Watching the watchmen

The repercussion of the move by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, seeking the barring of Deloitte Haskin and Sells and ... Read More

GDP data is back in the news

Former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has joined the growing chorus of economists who believe that the recent growth numbers ... Read More

Giving solar power a leg-up

India’s renewables transition has so far been a success story, with the share of renewables capacity increasing sharply in recent ... Read More
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