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India must shun nativism to progress; it needs both hard work and Harv...

The scapegoating of a Nobel Prize-winning native demonstrates the pitfalls of nationalism What message should New Delhi take from a ... Read More

The scandal of a Nobel Laureate

We live in an age that is losing the capacity to distinguish art from ideology and artists from politics When ... Read More

Can synchronised stagnation be stopped?

The global economic slowdown is turning into a synchronised stagnation, with some major economies growing only weakly and others barely ... Read More

Trump is slowing US economic growth

The US administration's trade agenda is driven by the discredited mercantilist idea that selling stuff (exports) is good and buying ... Read More

Amendments are necessary to make Aadhaar succeed: Rajeev Chandrasekhar

The Narendra Modi government has recognised that new areas like this - legislation needs to keep evolving and hence these ... Read More

In China, censors are Hollywood’s best friends

China's film industry is one of the country's great growth stories over the last two decades The odds were stacked ... Read More

Bid adieu to summer tan

Taking care of one's skin is a mammoth task but nevertheless, it is crucial for you. Tan is the one ... Read More

There is a covert effort to create disaffection

The prevailing state of social unity, equality and harmony in Bharat is not up to the desired level. We all ... Read More

The case for a World Carbon Bank

It is high time to create a new, focused agency, a World Carbon Bank, that provides a vehicle for advanced ... Read More

Don’t fear the Eurosceptics

After all, Eurosceptic or "Euro-hostile" parties are nothing new As the European Parliament elections draw closer, most opinion polls predict ... Read More

Thumbs down to Facebook’s cryptocurrency

Technology has enabled us to complete transactions efficiently with good protection. The last thing we need is a new vehicle ... Read More

Anti-EVMs does not mean being anti-technology: TMC MP Derek O’Br...

International companies cannot interfere in Indian elections Derek O’Brien  |  New Delhi  Last Updated at July 6, 2019 21:13 IST ... Read More

Narendra Modi has turned conventional wisdom on its head and reshaped ...

No other political chieftains are holding the balance of power; only Modi matters After a long and arduous election, with ... Read More

China could pay a high price for US tariffs

With external tailwinds turning into headwinds, China will need to rely far more on domestic demand to generate prosperity By ... Read More

The case for climate tariffs

A future US government could perhaps use tariffs, or the threat of them, to push other countries to reduce their ... Read More

The puzzling lure of financial globalisation

The intellectual hold of financial globalisation on policymakers is still strong, despite its history of failure After holding off for ... Read More

‘Benefits on supplies from DTA linked to payment in foreign curr...

RoSL scheme has been brought back for a limited period Q. Our customer in the US has asked us to ... Read More

The Trumpification of the Fed reserve

Like it or not, its next move will be political In late 2015 then-candidate Donald Trump accused Janet Yellen, chair ... Read More

Steps being taken to create conducive climate for exports: Shaktikanta...

With regard to foreign portfolio investment (FPI), several measures have been undertaken to create an investor-friendly regime and to put ... Read More

As democracies, we have to work out our differences, says Mike Pompeo

This is a deeply important relationship, and I know that these conversations will finally fulfill the great promise of cooperation ... Read More

Excess or deficit hydration can be fatal for marathon runners, says ex...

In a long-distance race such as a marathon, proper hydration is key to running your best. While adequate hydration helps ... Read More

Dolce & Gabbana’s comeback

Now Dolce & Gabbana's China debacle is starting to look like another fashion fall-and-redemption narrative So much for moral posturing ... Read More

Trump hits the panic button

Why is he calling for emergency monetary stimulus? Politics Donald Trump marked the anniversary of 9/11 by repeating several lies ... Read More

Benefits of a progressive consumption tax

In an environment where wealth inequality is rising inexorably, the case for a new tax system has become increasingly compelling ... Read More

The rise of the extremes

Political parties across the world are diverging It has long been argued that the practice of democratic politics renders extremist ... Read More

Theresa May meets her lonely end

It would be understandable to feel sympathy for anyone so isolated and vilified. I don't In the final season of ... Read More

GoT fans, some books for you

For those already feeling nostalgic, consider reading the books that the HBO show is based on The “Game of Thrones” ... Read More

Modi reigns supreme: Now the Indian economy waits for his attention

If Narendra Modi’s 2014 popular mandate was India’s biggest in three decades, his 2019 re-election is an even bigger feat ... Read More

Making India nutritious: 300 preraks deepening impact of POSHAN Abhiya...

POSHAN Abhiyaan is a multi-ministerial, multi-sectoral and comprehensive approach to reducing malnutrition by ensuring convergence of various nutrition-related schemes The ... Read More

Our bilateral efforts will benefit us and countries involved: Vijay Go...

I think our objective is that infrastructure development in our region benefits our economy and the economy of that country ... Read More

Jane Eyre: Reader, she dances with him

With its first-person narrative and intense focus on an interior consciousness, Brontë's novel isn't an obvious candidate for a ballet ... Read More

Outwitting image recognition

Researchers have shown that image-recognition systems can be fooled offline Last year, engineers at ZeroFOX, a security startup, noticed something ... Read More

After neoliberalism

Progressive capitalism represents the best chance we have of escaping our current economic and political malaise What kind of economic ... Read More

The geopolitics of future lies in your hands

The changing global geo-political and geo-economic landscape requires a new agile, carefully strategised diplomatic response I welcome each and every ... Read More

If ‘Chernobyl’ was made by Russians

It's clear to most Russian viewers, though, that the HBO production is not some kind of American propaganda effort “Chernobyl,” ... Read More

Time for manufacturing-related issues to be addressed with alacrity

Web Exclusive The new government has to work towards reviving manufacturing as it is the sector which creates jobs. The ... Read More

A near-term policy agenda for the new govt

Markets are clamouring for stimulus and romanticising about big-bang reforms. But the new administration's first job must be to fix ... Read More

Testing the limits

For many years, Lauda championed safer racecar and track designs, and urged tighter controls over driving conditions and rules governing ... Read More

Why Trump isn’t energy’s friend

Trump's "energy dominance" plans are informed by his trade policy in so far as higher fuel exports cut into those ... Read More

Harmonise liquidity norms between banks and NBFCs, says Shaktikanta Da...

In recent years, India's external sector has benefited from a sustainable level of current account deficit, largely financed by robust ... Read More

The world has a Germany problem

The debt obsession that ate the economy You might think that recent events — market turmoil, weakening growth, declining manufacturing ... Read More

Trump’s deficit economy

Redistribution from the bottom to the top reduces aggregate demand, because those at the top spend a smaller fraction of ... Read More

Don’t dismember J&K, don’t do that cardinal sin

You will reduce states to colonies, and you think you are doing something which is constitutional Our foremost duty is ... Read More

What about Rochester?

The rise of megacities as centres of strong job creation is one of the defining characteristics of the twenty-first-century global ... Read More

Let the Oppn have its say and the govt have its way

As the chairman of Rajya Sabha, it pains me if members chose to disregard rules of the Parliament Elections cannot ... Read More

Certain amendments to RTI Act ordered to make CIC toothless: Jairam Ra...

Why are these amendments being brought about now? It is very interesting Why are these amendments being brought about now? ... Read More

Want long and strong hair? Here is how fermented rice water can help y...

Fermented rice water is a rich source of Vitamin E that is known to turn fizzy, damaged hair into soft, ... Read More

When it comes to debt, size doesn’t matter anymore

To address an evaporation of investor demand and potential forced selling, policymakers would have to increase their intervention in markets ... Read More

The right figures

The Budget should have used up-to-date data on revenue A crucial part of the evaluation of any Union Budget is ... Read More

Handle with care

Sovereign borrowing in foreign currency has inherent risk One of the big departures from the past in the first Budget ... Read More

Departure from the past

The BJP has made many procedural changes to the Budget exercise Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s decision to carry her Budget ... Read More

Repair and reform

On the whole, the finance minister has done remarkably well to trim the fiscal deficit to 3.3 per cent of ... Read More

Power for growth

The weak state of discoms is a big risk The government wants to provide uninterrupted power to all households, which ... Read More

The poverty challenge

High, sustainable, and inclusive growth is the only answer The release of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP’s) annual report ... Read More

50 years later

Chandrayaan-2 is a shining example of Apollo 11's legacy Fifty years ago, on July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 Mission ... Read More

Policing social media

MHRD should focus more on improving the state of higher education The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is reportedly ... Read More

Pricing impasse

It is vital to revise the reserve price for 5G spectrum The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), by rejecting ... Read More

Nothing much for agriculture

Zero-budget farming is yet to establish its economic viability The 2019-20 Budget failed to impress farmers because it lacked any ... Read More

The missing ‘R’

Recap will help, but PSBs need wider reforms Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman surprised the market by allocating Rs 70,000 crore ... Read More

Tight-fisted on water

The meagre increase in budgetary allocation for Jal Shakti is a surprise Only a marginal increase in the budgetary allocation ... Read More

More protectionism

Budget continues the mistake of raising tariffs The Union Budget for 2019-20 continued the recent tradition of having a long ... Read More

A push too hard

Digital payment mandates should be avoided Budget 2019-20 continued the government’s push towards digitising the Indian economy, particularly digital payments ... Read More

Taxing the super-rich

India needs a predictable, stable, and moderate rate of taxation Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman struck the right chord in the ... Read More

Welcome change

Budget session among the most productive in two decades When Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi ... Read More

Mr Jadhav’s reprieve

ICJ ruling demands skilful diplomatic responses from India The verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Kulbhushan Jadhav ... Read More

50 years of nationalisation

Status quo on banks will increase the burden on the exchequer The Indira Gandhi government’s decision to nationalise 14 commercial ... Read More

Trade trouble

Lower exports reflect structural weaknesses In yet another blow to the prospects of the Indian economy in the medium term, ... Read More

Future demographic shocks

The declining sex ratio points to behavioural regression The growing prosperity of India’s population has had a mixed impact on ... Read More

A road map for PSUs

Time to address the bigger underlying issues Debt in public sector undertakings (PSUs) is on the rise. As reported by ... Read More

Dealing with DHFL

Asset destruction should be minimised Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) has released its unaudited and uninspected financial results for the ... Read More

Shooting for the moon

It's time ISRO was given more resources The postponement of the Chandrayaan II launch less than an hour before the ... Read More

Crisis for IBC

Secured creditors' rights must not be diluted Two recent judgments relating to the rights of creditors are shaking the financial ... Read More

Policy uncertainty

Businesses avoid environment of policy instability Macroeconomic stability and policy certainty are important determinants of investment as businesses are not ... Read More

Labour migration works

AP law reserving jobs for locals is a bad precedent On Wednesday, the newly elected Andhra Pradesh Assembly passed legislation ... Read More

The telecom divide

Differences in the sector need to be settled swiftly The Digital Communications Commission’s (DCC’s) approval of a cumulative penalty of ... Read More

Embracing innovation

Blanket ban on cryptocurrency isn't a good idea India is open to the use of blockchain technology but not private ... Read More

Untangling labour laws

Govt has made a good start, but glitches remain The government has hit the ground running on reforming India’s complex ... Read More

Don’t tread on Sebi

The market regulator needs financial autonomy The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has asked the finance ministry to ... Read More

Boris and Brexit

His election amplifies the confusion The only certainty about Boris Johnson’s election as British Prime Minister is that trade and ... Read More

Rental boost

The model law can help fix a struggling housing market Urban India has a dysfunctional housing market. Too few houses ... Read More

Expanding powers

Recent decisions have extended govt's reach Many notable successes of the first term of the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance ... Read More

A swift response

Govt has moved fast to address IBC problems Less than a fortnight after the banking and financial system was thrown ... Read More

No windfall gain

Transfers from RBI are unlikely to change fiscal reality The government is unlikely to get the kind of fiscal support ... Read More

Private sector will come in when they see a return, says Hardeep Puri

Any business operation run in the private sector produces its own business plans. We are sensitive to failure, he said ... Read More

Autoimmune diseases rising, 75% of those affected are women: Study

Some common symptoms of autoimmune diseases are pain in joints, stiffness, excessive tiredness and headaches Autoimmune diseases are on the ... Read More
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