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US has re-established deterrence but it’s not everlasting: Pompe...

So what did we do? We put together a campaign of diplomatic isolation, economic pressure, and military deterrence Mike Pompeo  ... Read More

Can synchronised stagnation be stopped?

The global economic slowdown is turning into a synchronised stagnation, with some major economies growing only weakly and others barely ... Read More

The inequality debate we need

Rich countries need to start thinking about how to deal with global energy inequality before it's too late While denizens ... Read More

Bid adieu to summer tan

Taking care of one's skin is a mammoth task but nevertheless, it is crucial for you. Tan is the one ... Read More

There is a covert effort to create disaffection

The prevailing state of social unity, equality and harmony in Bharat is not up to the desired level. We all ... Read More

High growth can bring inclusiveness in wealth creation: Shaktikanta Da...

Higher growth also improves tax-GDP ratio which enhances the resource availability with Government to undertake social and infrastructure expenditure The ... Read More

A royal spinoff: Harry, Meghan to ‘step back’, but will it...

Allowing some royals to step away from "senior" status makes sense if you think of the British monarchy as a ... Read More

When system doesn’t respond, youth get restless

One thing is certain about the decade to come. And that is, it will witness the active contribution of those ... Read More

Economic ‘Doom Loops’ get harder to avoid

The ability to maintain this inherently unstable equilibrium remains the key to the prospects of advanced economies The world’s advanced ... Read More

Argentina’s bright young hope

In recent years, he has divided his time between New York and Argentina, where he is a professor of macroeconomics ... Read More

We must be effective ambassadors in cultural diplomacy: Venkaiah Naidu

The feature films this year are as much about emotions as they are about intelligence, says Venkaiah Naidu I would ... Read More

The puzzling lure of financial globalisation

The intellectual hold of financial globalisation on policymakers is still strong, despite its history of failure After holding off for ... Read More

Private mining, finally

Decision to auction coal blocks to commercial miners is overdue The government will finally open up the coal sector with ... Read More

Time running out for PSBs

Business is rapidly shifting to private banks The Indian banking sector is showing signs of a turnaround after many years ... Read More

‘Benefits on supplies from DTA linked to payment in foreign curr...

RoSL scheme has been brought back for a limited period Q. Our customer in the US has asked us to ... Read More

Steps being taken to create conducive climate for exports: Shaktikanta...

With regard to foreign portfolio investment (FPI), several measures have been undertaken to create an investor-friendly regime and to put ... Read More

We are wrecking the Indian Constitution from within: P Chidambaram

This Government is ramming through this Bill in order to advance its Hindutva agend, said the former Union minister in ... Read More

Trump hits the panic button

Why is he calling for emergency monetary stimulus? Politics Donald Trump marked the anniversary of 9/11 by repeating several lies ... Read More

‘Richard Jewell’ review: The wrong man

Richard Jewell is a rebuke to institutional arrogance and a defence of individual dignity, sometimes clumsy in its finger-pointing but ... Read More

India abandoning its founding principles with Citizenship Amendment Bi...

The purpose is to create, through law, a permanent threat to hang over every single Muslim head in India, writes ... Read More

Benefits of a progressive consumption tax

In an environment where wealth inequality is rising inexorably, the case for a new tax system has become increasingly compelling ... Read More

We’re committed to further reforms, says FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Waiting for the next Budget is by itself a delay which we did not want considering the environment which was ... Read More

NATO Is Full of Freeloaders. But It’s How We Defend the Free Wor...

It's Trump, not Macron, who once called NATO "obsolete," just as it's Trump who has repeatedly cast doubt on whether ... Read More

The sound of silence

Rahul Bajaj said nothing new but the govt should listen all the same It speaks volumes for the public discourse ... Read More

GDP is an imperfect measure of economic performance, says Jairam Rames...

It is a reflection of the changed circumstances in India over the last 25 years that we are not accepting ... Read More

Luck only gets you so far in India with growth sliding below 5%

Many big economies have been stalling, but it's hard to think of another where growth has come down to earth ... Read More

Why Trump isn’t energy’s friend

Trump's "energy dominance" plans are informed by his trade policy in so far as higher fuel exports cut into those ... Read More

Harmonise liquidity norms between banks and NBFCs, says Shaktikanta Da...

In recent years, India's external sector has benefited from a sustainable level of current account deficit, largely financed by robust ... Read More

Rajya Sabha should be given greater respect: Manmohan Singh

Rajya Sabha represents a crucial component of the constitutional system of checks and balances, says Singh Today, as we celebrate ... Read More

China is out of economic ammo

China's most obvious method of retaliation would be to stop buying American goods The Chinese government has issued vague but ... Read More

The world has a Germany problem

The debt obsession that ate the economy You might think that recent events — market turmoil, weakening growth, declining manufacturing ... Read More

Is Sri Lanka the next Argentina?

Sri Lanka suffers from cleavages along many different lines, notably ideology, ethnicity, language, and religion As Sri Lanka makes another ... Read More

Need for greater realism in policy: S Jaishankar

'The recent debate about the RCEP offers lessons in foreign policy as much as in the trade domain' So what ... Read More

Trump’s deficit economy

Redistribution from the bottom to the top reduces aggregate demand, because those at the top spend a smaller fraction of ... Read More

Don’t dismember J&K, don’t do that cardinal sin

You will reduce states to colonies, and you think you are doing something which is constitutional Our foremost duty is ... Read More

The end of neoliberalism

The simultaneous waning of confidence in neoliberalism and in democracy is no coincidence or mere correlation At the end of ... Read More

The Ayodhya verdict: ‘Balance of probabilities’

The court does not decide title on the basis of faith or belief but on the basis of evidence The ... Read More

How the BJP used the idea of Ram to build a base cutting across caste ...

Web Exclusive Party has used folklore to create a bond between the legend of Ram and a host of backward ... Read More

What about Rochester?

The rise of megacities as centres of strong job creation is one of the defining characteristics of the twenty-first-century global ... Read More

Is South Asia ready for take off?

To ensure the region's growth path remains strong and sustainable, new policies and initiatives need to remain mindful of fiscal, ... Read More

Let the Oppn have its say and the govt have its way

As the chairman of Rajya Sabha, it pains me if members chose to disregard rules of the Parliament Elections cannot ... Read More

You have been a great servant of this Parliament

Why did the Prime Minister previously say the health service was not on the table in any post-Brexit trade deal? ... Read More

The global outlook could be worse than ‘low for long’

The surest way out would be for governments to work together, while moving to bolster growth at home At last ... Read More

Certain amendments to RTI Act ordered to make CIC toothless: Jairam Ra...

Why are these amendments being brought about now? It is very interesting Why are these amendments being brought about now? ... Read More

Want long and strong hair? Here is how fermented rice water can help y...

Fermented rice water is a rich source of Vitamin E that is known to turn fizzy, damaged hair into soft, ... Read More

When it comes to debt, size doesn’t matter anymore

To address an evaporation of investor demand and potential forced selling, policymakers would have to increase their intervention in markets ... Read More

America’s primary foreign goal is a terror-free world: Ravi Batr...

America is, and must remain, a force for good, and our precious freedoms, which we all take for granted - ... Read More

The battle of the fading hegemons

The outcome of the China-US struggle is far from inevitable, because the powers of both the aspirant and the incumbent ... Read More

Private sector will come in when they see a return, says Hardeep Puri

Any business operation run in the private sector produces its own business plans. We are sensitive to failure, he said ... Read More

Autoimmune diseases rising, 75% of those affected are women: Study

Some common symptoms of autoimmune diseases are pain in joints, stiffness, excessive tiredness and headaches Autoimmune diseases are on the ... Read More

India must shun nativism to progress; it needs both hard work and Harv...

The scapegoating of a Nobel Prize-winning native demonstrates the pitfalls of nationalism What message should New Delhi take from a ... Read More

The scandal of a Nobel Laureate

We live in an age that is losing the capacity to distinguish art from ideology and artists from politics When ... Read More
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