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As democracies, we have to work out our differences, says Mike Pompeo

This is a deeply important relationship, and I know that these conversations will finally fulfill the great promise of cooperation ... Read More

Excess or deficit hydration can be fatal for marathon runners, says ex...

In a long-distance race such as a marathon, proper hydration is key to running your best. While adequate hydration helps ... Read More

Dolce & Gabbana’s comeback

Now Dolce & Gabbana's China debacle is starting to look like another fashion fall-and-redemption narrative So much for moral posturing ... Read More

Change or status quo? Reading the many interpretations of election out...

Amid the narrative of change, there seems a deeply conservative preservation of the status quo; major change is reserved for ... Read More

India’s GSP status: US’ attempt to leverage

The US actions go far beyond its stated objective to correct the trade imbalance; a situation dissimilar to China On ... Read More

Transmission problem remains

The RBI has done what it can, but NPA and NBFC issues are a worry The Reserve Bank of India ... Read More

Securing an energy lifeline for the nation

India has come a long way since 1990, having built a Strategic Reserve and acquired oil assets in over 25 ... Read More

China is the real threat

A country's security has many dimensions, of which the military angle is only one; yet it is the most crucial ... Read More

Modi, Sitharaman, Keynes and Fisher

The new finance minister can look at the sky and wait - or do something completely new to put the ... Read More

Stage set for the cricket coach

Although the captains retain lots of agency, the coach and the backroom will contribute far more than ever before to ... Read More

Shekhar Gupta: It’s just not cricket, MS

Dhoni shouldn't take his regiment to the pitch. Sportsmen bring glory for their nations by playing to win, not as ... Read More

Could doomsday be upon us?

Cleaning their beds and employing natural filtration methods is a relatively inexpensive way to recharge underground aquifers today - and ... Read More

From jogger to a birdwatcher

What's turned me into a birdwatcher? Well, dear reader, I wake early to go for a walk my son insists ... Read More

The business of appropriate housing

Minds are bound to work overtime puzzling out why Mr Modi is sending Mr Shah before he reaches the top ... Read More

Facing another slowdown

Finance ministry has at last admitted the economy is slowing - so what will govt do? In spite of optimistic ... Read More

Modi 2.0’s new clothes

The economy has been slowing down for over a year now, but Mr Modi and his government had been in ... Read More

Employment rate differences between PLFS & CPHS

The PLFS-CWS definition of a person being classified as employed allows more people to be called employed than the CMIE-CPHS ... Read More

Revisit administration of agri sector

All political parties should support another Constitution amendment to put agriculture on the Concurrent List for the benefit of the ... Read More

How not to waste the NBFC crisis

The main lesson from this crisis is the role of mutual funds and credit rating agencies, which offered the highest ... Read More

A growth Budget

The Budget speech must include reform measures for PSU banks, a commitment to boost PSU bank lending, and specific measures ... Read More

Encouraging moves by re-elected govt

It is heartening that economic growth is finally receiving the attention of the government and RBI. The new Modi government ... Read More

Building a specialised supervisory cadre at the central bank

The blame for the ongoing banking crises lies not just with bankers but also with the supervisors During the RBI ... Read More

For Reserve Bank of India, small is beautiful

The small finance banks should be rechristened national development banks as their mandate is financial inclusion The Reserve Bank of ... Read More

The revenue challenge

The new government must focus on its revenue streams as it prepares for its first Budget How much of the ... Read More

Confronting macro challenges

With key macro indicators flashing amber or red, business as usual is not an option As the freshly mandated National ... Read More

The insular world of Indian business

Nearly three decades after the shackles on competition were loosened, few Indian companies can be considered truly world class About ... Read More

Infusing new energy into startups

India should encourage startups to use its market as a stepping stone for global expansion. This will inject more excitement ... Read More

Hospital indicted for levying surcharge

The hospital contested the case contending that there was no deficiency in service Usha Kedia, who was suffering from orthopaedic ... Read More

Mutual funds vs the Sebi

Sebi's objections concern the roll-over of maturity (extension of maturity) and a private deal to allow time to the borrower ... Read More

Tech-enabled government

Modi 2.0 should strike a balance between quality access to technology and data security to ensure effective governance Interacting with ... Read More

Technology will drive the new Cold War

It is now the currency of power - one with ominous implications for India The US and China are locked ... Read More

A new India

Contrary to popular discourse, non-market systems are also almost always unfair since they concentrate power and resources in a few ... Read More

Effects of the US-China tariff escalation

Immediate fallout of tariff imposition is the wedge between the prices that producers receive and the prices that consumers pay ... Read More

The lure of floating solar plants

Water is emerging as the new land for solar plants in India, and around the world The concept is simple ... Read More

Getting exchange rates right

Calculating them more accurately could reduce the risk of misguided economic policies The real effective exchange rate (REER) may sound ... Read More

Making China’s tax cuts fiscally sustainable

China should replace administrative restrictions on greenhouse-gas emissions and other pollution with new taxes China is about to slash the ... Read More

Why AI need not displace labour

Its applications can be deployed to restructure tasks and create new activities where labour can be reinstated, thereby generating far-reaching ... Read More

New tune from Pulitzer

Pulitzer remains singularly im­portant - which makes its intricate ru­l­es and shifts of stylistic emphasis big ne­w­s in the music ... Read More

Who’s afraid of low inflation?

Central banks in advanced economies fear that this lack of inflation could quickly turn into falling prices, and that any ... Read More

Leave the renminbi out of US-China trade talks

The accusation that China is manipulating the exchange rate is completely out of touch with recent history Will a possibly ... Read More

We will continue to advance along path of socialism, says Xi Jinping

Going forward, China will take a series of major reform and opening-up measures and make stronger institutional and structural moves ... Read More

Why it’s smart to bet on climate science

Data show that even if investors don't flag environmental cataclysm as a major concern or even express skepticism about it, ... Read More

Is Sebi’s Rs 1,100 cr penalty on NSE too harsh? By global stand...

The bigger impact of Sebi's order may be on NSE's culture. The company achieved dominance in a short time, leaving ... Read More

My best growth forecast ever

The tax reform of 2017, which took effect in 2018, was viewed prospectively, and now retrospectively, as a contributor to ... Read More

Keep updating skills to create a niche for yourself, says Venkaiah Nai...

Though we have expanded the number of higher education institutions, the quality of higher professional education, remains a major concern ... Read More

The euphoria around PMJAY vs neglect of public health schemes

PMJAY is largely based on the erstwhile Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, a model which was fraught with problems and has ... Read More

America’s great college boom is winding down

Enrolment at four-year for-profit colleges is in free fall, dropping 13.7 per cent from fall 2014 to fall 2015 Noah ... Read More

The future of TV

There are more ways than ever to watch TV, yet for many people that won't translate into greater choice or ... Read More

The eternally optimistic IMF

The IMF is unwilling to counter the recent upbeat sentiment. But with conditions set to worsen, complacency is likely to ... Read More

Theresa May meets her lonely end

It would be understandable to feel sympathy for anyone so isolated and vilified. I don't In the final season of ... Read More

GoT fans, some books for you

For those already feeling nostalgic, consider reading the books that the HBO show is based on The “Game of Thrones” ... Read More

Modi reigns supreme: Now the Indian economy waits for his attention

If Narendra Modi’s 2014 popular mandate was India’s biggest in three decades, his 2019 re-election is an even bigger feat ... Read More

Narendra Modi has turned conventional wisdom on its head and reshaped ...

No other political chieftains are holding the balance of power; only Modi matters After a long and arduous election, with ... Read More

A message to IFS trainees: Reach out and serve

The people of India have high expectations from you and you must live up to them I warmly welcome you ... Read More

China could pay a high price for US tariffs

With external tailwinds turning into headwinds, China will need to rely far more on domestic demand to generate prosperity By ... Read More

The case for climate tariffs

A future US government could perhaps use tariffs, or the threat of them, to push other countries to reduce their ... Read More

Indo-US trade relations need to be well balanced

India's population has grown by an astonishing 341 million people over the past 20 years to 1.35 billion Two years ... Read More

Don’t fear the Eurosceptics

After all, Eurosceptic or "Euro-hostile" parties are nothing new As the European Parliament elections draw closer, most opinion polls predict ... Read More

Patanjali’s quest for Ruchi Soya: Valuation hurdle may impede gr...

Patanjali's revised bid of Rs 6,000 crore, against Ruchi Soya's total approved debt of Rs 12,146.58 crore, is not enough ... Read More

Brexiters, Singapore-on-Thames is a fantasy

The state's dominance makes negotiating free-trade agreements much easier than it would be in a post-Brexit UK Many pro-Brexit Brits ... Read More

Making India nutritious: 300 preraks deepening impact of POSHAN Abhiya...

POSHAN Abhiyaan is a multi-ministerial, multi-sectoral and comprehensive approach to reducing malnutrition by ensuring convergence of various nutrition-related schemes The ... Read More

Our bilateral efforts will benefit us and countries involved: Vijay Go...

I think our objective is that infrastructure development in our region benefits our economy and the economy of that country ... Read More

Jane Eyre: Reader, she dances with him

With its first-person narrative and intense focus on an interior consciousness, Brontë's novel isn't an obvious candidate for a ballet ... Read More

Outwitting image recognition

Researchers have shown that image-recognition systems can be fooled offline Last year, engineers at ZeroFOX, a security startup, noticed something ... Read More

After neoliberalism

Progressive capitalism represents the best chance we have of escaping our current economic and political malaise What kind of economic ... Read More

The geopolitics of future lies in your hands

The changing global geo-political and geo-economic landscape requires a new agile, carefully strategised diplomatic response I welcome each and every ... Read More

If ‘Chernobyl’ was made by Russians

It's clear to most Russian viewers, though, that the HBO production is not some kind of American propaganda effort “Chernobyl,” ... Read More

Time for manufacturing-related issues to be addressed with alacrity

Web Exclusive The new government has to work towards reviving manufacturing as it is the sector which creates jobs. The ... Read More

A near-term policy agenda for the new govt

Markets are clamouring for stimulus and romanticising about big-bang reforms. But the new administration's first job must be to fix ... Read More

Testing the limits

For many years, Lauda championed safer racecar and track designs, and urged tighter controls over driving conditions and rules governing ... Read More
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