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How a disruption in Hong Kong hurts China

With nearly a quarter of Hong Kong’s population out on the streets in the last protest, the current wave of ... Read More

Game of thrones

It hardly takes rocket science to conclude that the optics of the circus that was staged — with CBI sleuths ... Read More

Natural solutions to help tackle Mumbai’s coastal water pollution

Artificial habitats, especially artificial reefs, have been employed as biodiversity recovery and conservation solutions across many coastal regions. Artificial reefs ... Read More

Taking a ‘Far East’ turn to deepen a friendship

Some 48 years ago, when the U.S. and British Navies tried to threaten Indian security during the India-Pakistan war in ... Read More

Increasing investment to stimulate growth

India’s current economic slowdown is due to a combination of two underlying trends. First, there is the short-run cyclical slowdown ... Read More

Internal affairs: On Assam NRC

With Bangladesh out of the picture, the government should clarify its post-NRC plans External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s statement in ... Read More

New norms: On regulations for foreign investors

SEBI’s liberalised norms for FPIs will make Indian markets attractive to foreign investors Foreign investors who have been fleeing the ... Read More

The world has a Germany problem

The debt obsession that ate the economy You might think that recent events — market turmoil, weakening growth, declining manufacturing ... Read More

Welcome moves: SEBI did well to ease conditions for FPIs, but existing...

The Securities and Exchanges Board of India has made a valiant attempt to address various issues that had been vying ... Read More

What’s behind slow-moving consumer goods

A lot has been written about why automobile sales in the Indian economy have been skidding lately. While it is ... Read More

Remembering the Periodic Table and Dabholkar

Well played, your headline has caught my attention.Well, as you’d know already, 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic ... Read More

Boosting growth in a protectionist world

The advent of the twenty-first century marked the turning point in India’s economic growth. The end of US and western ... Read More

Speeding up: An external benchmark may lead to faster transmission, pr...

If there’s one riddle that the RBI has been trying to solve for decades, it has been the issue of ... Read More

Why passing laws does not count as reform

Back in 1992, I happened to visit Boeing’s plant in the US. It was part of a series of visits ... Read More

State-breaking is not nation making

In India most linguistic and ethnic groups aspire for a State of their own. Militants have taken up arms against ... Read More

Crisis in Rome

Italy’s political centre is crumbling as the far-right steps into an ideological vacuum The resignation speech of Italian Prime Minister ... Read More

Content management

Courts must let government work out a balanced regulatory regime for online content The submissions in the Supreme Court on ... Read More

Save Greenland

Can’t take lightly Trump’s plan to buy the island Never a dull moment with Donald Trump as the US President ... Read More

Statistalk: Tracking digital payments

Home Subscribe now News National Science Sports World Variety Education Real Estate Markets Stocks Forex Commodities Gold & Silver Today's ... Read More

A not-so-healthy practice

A recently published study in the British Medical Journal showed that major paediatric associations across the world accept funding of ... Read More

Digital footprints: The new route to credit scoring?

Can payment banks fulfil the dream of financial inclusion in a developing country like India? The status quo answer to ... Read More

Choppy waters lie ahead

In a series of swift moves, New Delhi has effectively altered the character of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, setting certain ... Read More

Free fall

No end to the Afghan crisis is in sight as the IS emerges as the third player in the conflict ... Read More

Trump calls

While India opposes third party mediation, it can expect U.S. pressure on Pakistan The United States views Jammu and Kashmir ... Read More

There are no simple answers, but we must learn to care

The processes which lead a man to take his own life are at least as complex and difficult as those ... Read More

Channel churn: TRAI’s attempts to micromanage the broadcasting sector ...

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s attempts to fix tariffs for the broadcasting sector have disrupted the TV broadcasting sector, ... Read More

Reforming the credit rating industry in India

The recent rash of defaults by highly rated entities has adversely impacted debt holders and also eroded the reputation of ... Read More

All you wanted to know about Modern Monetary Theory

We all know that fiscal constraint is a major impediment to the government’s efforts to increase spending to support sagging ... Read More

Demand for transportation is falling fast

Demand for transportation is a derived demand. People use transport service not because of its direct benefits, but because they ... Read More

Raising farm incomes

Ramandeep Singh Mann Rural India seems to be the step-child of the development model being followed since long. The narrative ... Read More

The far right’s disruption of globalisation

By launching a trade war against China, the United States government that had pressured many a country to liberalise trade ... Read More

Soldier Number One: on creation of CDS post

The creation of the post of CDS is a comment on the security environment The creation of the post of ... Read More

Something special: On Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit

India and Bhutan have a good thing going; each must take the other’s concerns seriously Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two ... Read More

First among equals: The issue of shares with DVRs to promoters is good...

In a bid to add more muscle to Indian start-up founders in their dealings with private equity investors, the Centre ... Read More

The scourge of malicious content

Blame it on social media and its misuse: we are living in a disinformation age, where weapons of mass manipulation ... Read More

‘The Idea of India’ is failing

The “Idea of India” has always been grander in promise than in fulfilment. At Independence, the dream was that the ... Read More

Taking on TB

Keeping the prices of the new drug low is essential for increased treatment uptake The anti-tuberculosis drug pretomanid recently approved ... Read More

Unclear doctrine

‘No First Use’ is integral to India’s nuclear doctrine and leaves no space for ambiguity Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has ... Read More

Journalism counters manufactured ignorance

The disinformation industry is growing at an alarming speed and undermining democracy in an incremental manner. As part of this ... Read More

NBFC liquidity crisis: Recent efforts to infuse NBFCs with bank funds ...

Following up on the Budget and announcements of the Monetary Policy Committee that seek to push bank lending to NBFCs, ... Read More

Wrong way to ‘double farm incomes’

Rural India, ie Bharat and agriculture, seem to be the step-children of the development model being followed since long. The ... Read More

A new approach to industrial policy

India wants to grow its economy to $5 trillion. People want jobs and their incomes to grow. The country needs ... Read More

Very many happy returns of the Independence Day from Mr. Mathrubootham

Respected Madam/Sir,Very many happy returns of the Independence Day to you. Kindly convey my regards to all the employees in ... Read More

Article 370: The secret of happiness

“Hello!! So good to see you!!” boomed JK, giving me a tight hug.“Good to see you too! How have you ... Read More

Poor labour policies: Reserving jobs for locals impacts labour flow an...

With more than one State in India now trying to ape the Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local Candidates in the ... Read More

A considered step that opens up new vistas

The recent decision by the government to abrogate Article 370 has resulted in a countrywide debate on the subject. The ... Read More

Making CSR work

Non-compliance by corporates should be decriminalised and made a civil offence It was first encouraged as a voluntary contribution by ... Read More

Justice for the mob

Acquittal in the emblematic case of Pehlu Khan’s murder imperils the country’s image It is a sign of the times ... Read More

FCI’s filled granaries pose a storage problem

The godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and affiliated State agencies are now packed to capacity. Years of ... Read More

Biodiversity Act: A jungle of confusion

Balakrishna Pisupati Shyama Kuriakose India is one of the few countries around the world that enacted a legislation to protect, ... Read More

Sri Vegan’s honour

When Sundaram Mama storms into our house, it can mean two things. If the hour is early, Ambujam Mami is ... Read More

The poor Indian protagonist

I feel bad for Indian actors because once the lights are off and the wigs returned, they still have to ... Read More

‘We are now the commodity’: on the latest documentary, The Great Hack

Sometime last month, I reconnected with an old friend over phone. Conversation veered to a common friend I had not ... Read More

The quest for clean water

From the ramparts of the Red Fort on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that his government, working together with ... Read More

Unfinished business: The PM’s confidence in the economy needs to be ba...

Virtually shrugging aside palpable signs of economic gloom, it was a remarkably sanguine Prime Minister who addressed the nation for ... Read More

Rajapaksa redux and a democracy in peril

Sri Lanka is again at the crossroads with presidential elections due before December 9, 2019. The political drive since the ... Read More

Trade rhetoric

Trump is not furthering the cause of free global trade with his unfair attack on the WTO U.S. President Donald ... Read More

Words and deeds

India needs Modi to infuse meaning to his I-Day vision with action on the ground Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ... Read More

Trump’s deficit economy

Redistribution from the bottom to the top reduces aggregate demand, because those at the top spend a smaller fraction of ... Read More

When AP put the cart before the horse

Populism typically rears its head after a financial crisis. Many blame the rise in right-wing populism across the world today ... Read More

The Cheatsheet: How Internet shutdowns hurt the economy

Is this about Kashmir?Yes, and more. As we write this, the internet shutdown in Kashmir — reportedly the 51st in ... Read More

Doing business with China is far from easy

We often hear this argument. China’s annual imports exceed $2 trillion. Half of this is in products India exports globally ... Read More

Assam’s humanitarian conundrum

With the final date for publication of the National Register of Citizens drawing near, the dividing lines are becoming sharper ... Read More

Unethical actions

The mass defection of MLAs makes a mockery of democracy in Sikkim The switching of sides by 10 MLAs from ... Read More

Symptom as cause

The auto sales slump reflects a pervasive lack of demand India’s automobile industry is experiencing a snowballing crisis of demand ... Read More

Pro consumer: The SC’s IBC ruling gives homebuyers greater say, but ma...

Homebuyers in over one lakh stalled real estate projects across India, at long last, seem to have won some support ... Read More

Strategy behind China’s foreign military bases

China recently released its latest White Paper on National Defence which evokes much concern in India’s security bureaucracy. The Indian ... Read More

GIFT finance city at an inflection point

Towards the end of 2018, when the results of the Lok Sabha elections were still in the realms of speculation, ... Read More

Statistalk: How have IPOs fared?

Home Subscribe now News National Science Sports World Variety Education Real Estate Markets Stocks Forex Commodities Gold & Silver Today's ... Read More

Tax overreach is becoming the norm

Discussions on tax terrorism in the country have resurfaced as a result of an unverified letter purportedly penned by the ... Read More

Shale gas exploration: Addressing water issues

In May 2019, the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC) granted its first environment clearance to a private ... Read More

‘The dog it was that died’

When heavy rains pelted down on Mumbai recently, a little brown dog took shelter in a swank building in the ... Read More

The contours of the Kashmir move

The government has defended its twin decisions to revoke operative portions of Article 370 of the Constitution and dividing Jammu ... Read More

War within war: On Saudi’s intervention in Yemen

As the Saudi-led coalition crumbles, Yemen needs a nationwide ceasefire The Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in Yemen is proof of how ... Read More

Deliberate, don’t disrupt: On Budget session

Legislators could do well by adhering to a model code of conduct One of the most unedifying sights in public ... Read More

When millions put their faith in a voice coming out of a box

A few moments before the match began, you heard a series of beeps on the radio. Short, sharp, penetrative. This ... Read More

Broadening the band: RJio’s disruption of the broadband market is good...

Reliance Jio’s aggressive plans to roll out optical fibre-based broadband services could be a game-changer for the industry and consumers ... Read More

Wrong targets: Rather than micromanage PSB lending, the Centre should ...

Its not surprising that the Government of India, having sunk over ₹3 lakh crore into the recapitalisation of public sector ... Read More

New era of pervasive agricultural subsidies?

M Dinesh Kumar A NarayanamoorthyManaging India’s groundwater has become a big challenge for policymakers. Over the years, the challenge has ... Read More

The ‘transmission’ worry

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shatikanta Das has been off and on expressing his concern over the tepid response ... Read More

All you wanted to know about repo-linked deposit and lending rates

As everyone cheered the 35-basis point repo rate cut in last week’s monetary policy meeting, were you wondering why such ... Read More

The growing pains of external debt in Asia

The global crisis and subsequent slowdown in imports of advanced economies put a brake on the export-oriented growth of developing ... Read More

Article 370 had to go, but dark clouds remain

Whichever side of the political or ideological divide you might be — except for the minuscule minority that has shut ... Read More

Hope on the impact of MSP is misplaced

There is growing frustration over the government’s procurement of key grains under its Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) not being able ... Read More

An abrogation of democratic principles

The recent abrogation of Article 370 ending the special status of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) in the Indian Constitution along ... Read More

Crisis as opportunity: on Sonia Gandhi’s return as Congress chie...

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty must withdraw without leaving a vacuum in the Congress Sonia Gandhi’s return as the Congress party president ... Read More

Strongman candidate: On Gotabaya nomination as Sri Lanka presidential ...

Gotabaya nomination may strengthen view that Rajapaksas are pursuing family interests In naming his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa as his party’s ... Read More

Misplaced hopes on the impact of MSPs

V Kumaraswamy There is growing frustration over the government’s procurement of key grains under its Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) not ... Read More

It’s not EVs versus the rest

A clear roadmap is needed to ease the nerves of all stakeholders On August 10, on World Biofuel Day, the ... Read More

Flood-hit Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra need to learn their lesson...

In what has now become a familiar pattern, the monsoon began feebly in June but lashed back in July and ... Read More

The imprint of a state juggernaut

Official spokespersons have hailed the recently concluded Budget session of Parliament as unprecedented both in terms of its hours of ... Read More

Hong Kong on the brink

As protesters make new demands, the prospects of a quick settlement recede Protests broke out in Hong Kong two months ... Read More

Dealing with doping

Cricket bodies must keep the game free of performance enhancing drugs Sport is expected to operate at a higher moral ... Read More

Information blackout leads to silence and exaggeration

In the aftermath of the First World War, sociologist Max Weber told his students that not everyone realises the demanding ... Read More

Don’t dismember J&K, don’t do that cardinal sin

You will reduce states to colonies, and you think you are doing something which is constitutional Our foremost duty is ... Read More

There’s no sleep like upper berth sleep for Mr. Mathrubootham

Respected Madam/Sir,You know what is the time? Do you know? You want to know? I will tell you. It is ... Read More

New guidelines on e-commerce and data protection are largely positive

India’s e-commerce sector, poised to grow four times to $150 billion by 2022, is still a work in progress when ... Read More

Incisive interventions that blunt the RTI’s edge

When we describe India as a democracy what do we really mean? Are we referring merely to a system of ... Read More

A leaf out of the Chinese playbook

It has been possible to argue that comparing Asia’s two largest countries, China and India, is akin to holding up ... Read More

Taking on the mob

Rajasthan’s laws on lynching, ‘honour killing’ are inevitable responses to rising hate crimes It is possible to argue that there ... Read More
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