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WHO let the virus out

From the Viewsroom Venky Vembu | Updated on April 10, 2020 Published on April 10, 2020 Its response to the ... Read More

A double whammy for India-Gulf economic ties

The Gulf region is at the epicentre of a perfect storm: apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, it also has an ... Read More

A time for extraordinary action

Even before the full impact of COVID-19 on the health of Indians is clear, the economic impact of the measures ... Read More

In time of need: On hydroxychloroquine export

In time of need: On hydroxychloroquine export Irrespective of whether India bowed to U.S. pressure, it is unlikely to run ... Read More

Victory in defeat: On Bernie Sanders

Despite a favourable opinion of his agenda, Bernie Sanders could not overcome Joe Biden Bernie Sanders’ withdrawal from the race ... Read More

Internationalising the Covid-19 crisis

If the international community wants to avoid a wave of defaults, it must develop a rescue plan immediately As it ... Read More

A royal spinoff: Harry, Meghan to ‘step back’, but will it...

Allowing some royals to step away from "senior" status makes sense if you think of the British monarchy as a ... Read More

Liberalised investment limits have not stemmed FPI exodus from Indian...

Editorial | Updated on April 09, 2020 Published on April 09, 2020 Perhaps this shows that bulk of these investors ... Read More

Covid-19: Err on the side of caution

As the unprecedented 21-day total lockdown in India winds to an end, the government is facing some very difficult choices ... Read More

Silver lining to the lockdown cloud

Our skies are clearer thanks to plummeting CO2 and pollution levels, congested tourist spots are breathing easier, and closer home, ... Read More

Fact vs fiction: Trump’s ‘threat’ to India over HCQ supply

What’s HCQ and why is Trump threatening India?First things first: HCQ is hydroxychloroquine, an off-patent anti-malarial drug that’s been pushed ... Read More

Be transparent on post-April 14 strategy

Editorial | Updated on April 08, 2020 Published on April 08, 2020 Consult, formulate and inform — the health and ... Read More

A key arsenal in rural India’s pandemic fight

If you build a fortress to strengthen your defences against an enemy, what is of importance is the strength of ... Read More

Needed, greater decentralisation of power

Over the course of the last few weeks, as we have found ourselves in the throes of a pandemic, one ... Read More

Prolonged injustice: On Mehbooba Mufti’s detention

Mehbooba Mufti’s continued detention in J&K is hard to defend morally and politically It has been eight months since the ... Read More

For better use: On MPLADS funds

For better use: On MPLADS funds While taking over MPLADS funds to fight the virus, Centre must allocate judiciously The ... Read More

Will trading of rupee NDF on GIFT curb volatility?

When RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das held the mid-term policy press conference in late March, to address the Covid crisis, he ... Read More

Muslim-bashing amidst Covid-19

From the Viewsroom Poornima Joshi | Updated on April 08, 2020 Published on April 08, 2020 Covid has magnified our ... Read More

Statistalk | Electricity consumption dips

Statistalk Vivek Ananth | Updated on April 08, 2020 Published on April 08, 2020 × Published on April 08, 2020 ... Read More

Time to save on tax

The Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance, 2020 was promulgated on March 31, in the midst of ... Read More

ICMR’s testing protocol is practical, but it is running into red tape

Editorial | Updated on April 07, 2020 Published on April 07, 2020 It is perhaps time for the ‘national task ... Read More

‘A script of action, responsibility and compassion’: Chief Minister As...

As I write this piece, the novel coronavirus has infected nearly 5,200 people in our country and 165 people have ... Read More

Taking a long view of the pandemic fight

A month ago, few in our country would have thought that in a month’s time we would be confined to ... Read More

Sanctions and pandemic: On America’s Iran policy

America’s refusal to ease sanctions on Iran even when the West Asian country is struggling hard to contain the novel ... Read More

Preparing for exit: On lifting the lockdown

As the world watches, India must plan its strategy for a calibrated exit, possibly in a week, from the most ... Read More

As with so many recent questions, no one knows the answer

The American novelist and short story writer John Cheever said it best, although others too have said something similar: “I ... Read More

We’ve done well in battling spread of Covid

Apart from reflecting on the idiotic and dangerous meet of the Tabligi Jamat meet in Nizamuddin, which has not only ... Read More

Covid crisis: Falling rupee spells trouble for corporates

One of the many symptoms of the economic shock resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic is a sharp depreciation of the ... Read More

All you wanted to know about counter-cyclical capital buffer

The headlines for the last couple of weeks have mostly been around the exponentially increasing number of Covid-19 cases and ... Read More

Democracy should not permit a trade-off

Independent India inherited a legal system which was designed to control the colonised. Caught in the relentless grip of COVID-19, ... Read More

Do no harm: on safety of health care workers

The safety of health-care workers on COVID-19 duty is paramount ‘Primum non nocere’ is the primary, guiding principle of bioethics ... Read More

Mind the gap: on India’s focus what needs to be done

India must focus on what needs to be done, not on whom to blame for the virus spread For millennia, ... Read More

Relief from moratorium and rate cuts are proving elusive for retail bo...

Editorial | Updated on April 06, 2020 Published on April 06, 2020 It would be good if the RBI intervened ... Read More

Containing the economic impact of Covid

Many high frequency indicators in February, as well as a rise in IIP and export growth, point to a turnaround ... Read More

The criticality of community engagement

A highly significant observation arising out of a pioneering health-care initiative led by a doctor couple in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra in ... Read More

A niggardliness that is economically unwarranted

The three-week long lockdown imposed on the country, it can be argued, was an over-reaction. More widespread testing of possible ... Read More

Enemy at the gates: On Kerala-Karnataka border row

Enemy at the gates: On Kerala-Karnataka border row Kerala-Karnataka border issue poses questions on restrictions, relations during a pandemic Kerala’s ... Read More

Shooting the messenger

While the economic cost of the pandemic has been discussed widely, not as much attention has been paid to the ... Read More

India is being too defensive at the WTO on its food subsidies

Editorial | Updated on April 05, 2020 Published on April 05, 2020 India has not come anywhere near breaching the ... Read More

When system doesn’t respond, youth get restless

One thing is certain about the decade to come. And that is, it will witness the active contribution of those ... Read More

The disasters that hit Bengal in the 1940s offer a warning for the pre...

It is rather interesting at this moment in time to look at a period in our history from about 70 ... Read More

Update on India’s war against COVID-19

Since early March, our war against COVID-19 has been making steady progress in India. This has involved detection, protection, prevention, ... Read More

Economic ‘Doom Loops’ get harder to avoid

The ability to maintain this inherently unstable equilibrium remains the key to the prospects of advanced economies The world’s advanced ... Read More

Beating around bush

Letter From A Concerned Reader Columns Can you believe it or not? Did you know that we are having 23 ... Read More

The spectre of a post-COVID-19 world

As COVID-19 spreads exponentially across the world, and the figures of those testing positive as also the numbers of deaths ... Read More

A million and counting: On global coronavirus spread

On April 2, the number of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infections in 181 countries/regions crossed one million, and deaths passed 50,000 ... Read More

Light and sound: On Narendra Modi’s 9-minute light ceremony

Light and sound: On Narendra Modi’s 9-minute light ceremony Symbolism has its place, but it must be part of a ... Read More

When the virus plays on the mind

Editorial | Updated on April 03, 2020 Published on April 03, 2020 Mental well-being must get its due, as health ... Read More

Untouchables of another kind

From the Viewsroom Jinoy Jose P | Updated on April 03, 2020 Published on April 03, 2020 Exodus of migrant ... Read More

Give the seniors more time

From the Viewsroom Anand Kalyanaraman | Updated on April 02, 2020 Published on April 03, 2020 Deadline to invest in ... Read More

Covid-19 reveals populist leaders’ inadequacy

Shambolic governments depend constantly on devising feats/jumlas for covering up their deadly failures to combat the worsening Covid-19 pandemic. US ... Read More

It’s time to genuinely adopt ‘cooperative federalism’

Editorial | Updated on April 02, 2020 Published on April 02, 2020 India should pool together best practices of States, ... Read More

India’s savers also need a stimulus

Since the global financial crisis, one set of folks who seems to have acquired a lot of skill and clout ... Read More

Making the private sector care for public health

As India enters the second week of a national lockdown imposed in response to COVID-19, it is still unclear how ... Read More

Quarantine and the law

It was about 196 years ago (1824) that the U.S. Supreme Court, in an en banc sitting led by Chief ... Read More

Break from tradition: On Wimbledon cancellation

The cancellation of Wimbledon was inevitable, but fans and players will feel a void A yellow ball glides past the ... Read More

Safe forests, safe people: On diseases of animal origin

The rapid spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus across the world has focused attention on the seemingly invisible processes that help ... Read More

Appalling apathy towards migrant workers

Well over a week ago, on Tuesday March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a lockdown of the whole country ... Read More

An unkind cut for India’s savers

Editorial | Updated on April 01, 2020 Published on April 01, 2020 It’s inexplicable why the Centre withheld small savings ... Read More

What Covid-19 means for workers of the world

Thousands are going to lose their jobs, I hear.Right you’re. In fact, more than 25 million workers are going to ... Read More

Still no bullseye, in volume and value

The emergence of evidence of a rise in Indian defence exports, also accompanied by a decline in imports, is a ... Read More

The return of the expert

The expert is back in public discourse. Dismissed until recently as an enemy, a self-indulgent blabber, an arrogant armchair intellectual, ... Read More

Beyond the blame game: On the Tablighi Jamaat episode

India must use the lockdown for full contact tracing, especially after the Nizamuddin scare Nizamuddin in Delhi has turned into ... Read More

Uncritical endorsement: On exodus of migrant workers and the Supreme C...

Supreme Court must ask more probing questions on the way the government is handling the pandemic. There are two aspects ... Read More

Migrant disaster in Covid-19 lockdown: Silencing NGOs has proved costl...

With the State's civil society link broken beyond repair, the country is ill euipped to handle the consequences of possibly ... Read More

Pandemic pushing oil sector to the brink

It’s been a price meltdown that looks set only to worsen for the oil industry as Covid-19 pandemic slams demand ... Read More

Rediscovering the kirana store

From the Viewsroom PT Jyothi Datta | Updated on March 31, 2020 Published on April 01, 2020 The lockdown has ... Read More

Another avenue for mobilising resources to fight coronavirus

Editorial | Updated on March 31, 2020 Published on March 31, 2020 Telangana, Maharashtra have shown the way by holding ... Read More

Beyond social distancing to fight COVID-19

I agree with Eric Klinenberg’s recent submission to The New York Times that social distancing, advocated by health authorities worldwide, ... Read More

An eye each on containment and welfare

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world — 204 countries/regions/territories so far. In India, the first case was reported ... Read More

Weaker, later: On Olympics postponement

The postponement is better than cancellation, but Olympics is not on anyone’s mind now Sport at its best is a ... Read More

Step up: On citizens’ responsibility during a pandemic

Citizens must not hide their travel or contact history as authorities deal with the pandemic With any big crisis comes ... Read More

How Australia was the start of something special for India — and one I...

How did it all begin, we ask ourselves in these unsettling times. Not the pandemic — we know the answer ... Read More

Tech billionaires making friends with Big Brother

What was once thunderously de­s­cr­ibed as 'surveillance capitalism' is now a pandemic necessity There are no atheists in foxholes, and ... Read More

Covid-19: India has addressed the China factor well

Few people in India had heard of the Chinese city of Wuhan before the “informal” Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping Summit there ... Read More

All you wanted to know about moratorium period

With the country being in lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Reserve Bank of India had announced a ... Read More

Argentina’s bright young hope

In recent years, he has divided his time between New York and Argentina, where he is a professor of macroeconomics ... Read More

Stopping the spread, caring for lives

When the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Dr. Michael Ryan, said, “India has a tremendous ... Read More

Unusually inept: On US surpassing China in coronavirus cases

The U.S. can still pull itself out of the virus crisis, but not without tougher steps The  U.S. has surpassed ... Read More

Short end of the stick: on assistance to migrant workers

Migrant workers, who simply cannot fend for themselves, need urgent state assistance It has been nearly a week since the ... Read More

Toward a coherent strategy for Covid-19

Having a strategy is essential. But equally important is that the strategy accurately describe the economic problem at hand The ... Read More

Covid-19 crisis calls for an urgent re-working of the Union Budget

Editorial | Updated on March 30, 2020 Published on March 30, 2020 The Centre must recognise that none of the ... Read More

Chickpea is the ideal pulse for free distribution to households

A path-breaking feature of the relief and income-support package for farmers, daily-wage earners and migrant workers announced by the Finance ... Read More

Coronavirus will reshape the future of work

The information circulating about the coronavirus and its effects seems to be balanced equally between what we know and what ... Read More

Looking beyond just diagnosis and quarantine

A pandemic is upon the world and coronavirus is not the last word. Ebola, Zika, Nipah, SARS, MERS, H1N1 and ... Read More

Reverse migration of workers raised new concerns

Editorial | Updated on March 29, 2020 Published on March 29, 2020 Hordes of workers clogging sealed State borders reflects ... Read More

Looking beyond just diagnosis and quarantine

A pandemic is upon the world and coronavirus is not the last word. Ebola, Zika, Nipah, SARS, MERS, H1N1 and ... Read More

The deep void in global leadership

The coronavirus’s flight across the world at lightning speed, has exposed the total void in collective leadership at the global ... Read More

Political pardon: On Sri Lankan soldier’s release

Freeing a soldier convicted for massacre dashes hopes for accountability in Sri Lanka The grant of presidential pardon, on Thursday, ... Read More

Everyone counts: On Census-NPR postponement

The Centre must use the opportunity of the pause in NPR to redraft questions The Centre’s decision to postpone the ... Read More

No laughing matter

When daily reports and graphs in this newspaper are highlighting the hardships faced by different sectors and geographies due to ... Read More

The telecom test

With India under lockdown, online consumption has increased exponentially, thereby increasing the load on telecom infrastructure. Although there’s no official ... Read More

The liquidity gush

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) did well to advance the monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting and announce a range ... Read More

When in doubt lash out: why do we cop it so often?

When I was three or four I was brought up to believe that policemen were terrible monsters who ate children ... Read More

Karnataka a forerunner in COVID-19 prevention and patient care

A file photo of Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa interacting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi through videoconference on COVID-19 pandemic ... Read More

We must be effective ambassadors in cultural diplomacy: Venkaiah Naidu

The feature films this year are as much about emotions as they are about intelligence, says Venkaiah Naidu I would ... Read More

Three ways to combat coronavirus

Strengthening primary and community health care, combined with vastly expanded testing, will be key to overcoming the pandemic that threatens ... Read More

Government needs to recapitalise banks

In my opinion, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has done more than anybody expected. So far as EMIs are ... Read More

Go, Corona, go: The land of the holy cow shall not be cowed down by a ...

First of all, I want to thank all 130 crore of my fellow Indians for expressing their gratitude to me ... Read More

The other ‘epidemic’

From the Viewsroom Venky Vembu | Updated on March 28, 2020 Published on March 28, 2020 Needed: a cure for ... Read More
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