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OPINION | It’s Easy To Blame Doctors. Who Cares About India̵...

Who would have thought that being a doctor could be dangerous? There are professions -- journalism to performing stunts -- ... Read More

Opinion | Is Mamata Banerjee Losing The Plot? Anti-Mamataism Fast Beco...

Has Mamata Banerjee lost the plot? After the elections, in which she ceded a lot of political ground to a ... Read More

The SP-BSP Mahagathbandhan In Uttar Pradesh: The Elephantine Mistakes ...

Kanshi Ram had a dream. The influential leaders of Dalits wanted to forge Bahujans as a politically powerful group. He ... Read More

Opinion | Prashant Kanojia’s Arrest Won’t Be The Last One,...

The Supreme Court has freed journalist Prashant Kanojia, but make no mistake that this wouldn’t be the last time in ... Read More

Bandhgala And The Bandolier

Elections 2019—strong political will has eventually triumphed. India has demonstrated unequivocal preference for decisive military action and effective diplomacy. In ... Read More

New Education Policy: An Ambitious Attempt To Balance Government And A...

The draft of the New Education Policy submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development is an ambitious and expansive ... Read More

Opinion: Why ’94 Per Cent’ Students May Not Be Fit For Hir...

Outlook-Drshti’s professional college rankings has seen participation from over 400 institutions this year, but there have been no significant changes ... Read More

We Don’t Need No Single System

We live in a strange country. Our ­domestic help wants to send her grandkid (in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh) to a ... Read More

The Surgical Vikas Strike: How BJP Got To The Winning Side Of The Pove...

Aspirational poor-- those who may not be absolutely poor but feel themselves to be laggards -- are the likely cause ... Read More

Lingua Fracas: Why Tamil Nadu Loves To Resist ‘Hindi Imposition&...

On May 25, two days after the counting of votes that was to bring in Modi Sarkar 2.0, DMK President ... Read More

‘BJP’s Surgical Strike On Opposition Was Part Of A Stunnin...

Much ink is now being expended trying to decipher why and how Narendra Modi and the BJP he led in ... Read More

No More Business As Usual In New India

Pragya Thakur, the victorious BJP nominee from Bhopal, was greeted with jubilant cries of ‘long live Godse’ when she visited ... Read More

Why The Elections Disappoint Me

For me, these elections were dismaying even before they began. I am not referring here to the injection of vast ... Read More

History Will Judge Modi Govt On How It Handles Critical Issues

One of India’s most bitter campaigns is over. Everyone would be curious about how the government handles the bruised, ‘post-conflict’ ... Read More

Opinion | Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur’s Candidature An Affront To...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have thrown the Hindus in India into a quandary. The ... Read More

Where Is The Promised National Education Policy?

It was in 2014 that a smiling Smriti Irani, the then Union Human Resource Development (HRD) minister, had promised a ... Read More

A Requiem For Kempty

Eight kilometres west of Mussoorie, halfway down to the Yamuna River, lies Kempty Falls, which has been a tourist attraction ... Read More

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: World’s Envy, India’s Pride

In England, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been an enigma. Some believe he is a sphinx without a riddle—a quiet ... Read More

Master Of Zen, Why MS Dhoni is God of Cricket Too

Of the three Mahendra Singh Dhonis who served Indian cricket—the wicketkeeper, the batsman and the captain—each would find a place ... Read More

How India Votes Will Define Its Future Course

India is voting in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and about 10 crore new voters will decide the fate of ... Read More

Success Of ‘Saubhagya’ Scheme Would Depend On How It Addre...

The Modi government is all set to meet its ambitious target of ‘power to all’ through its flagship programme- the ... Read More

BJP’s Promise To Pass Citizenship Bill Not Good Tidings For Nort...

The entire region of the Northeast came together against the proposed Citizenship Amendment Bill. Government after state government in the ... Read More

Manipur Govt Should Pay Rs 1 Crore In Reparation To Journalist Kishore...

Arrested journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem will finally be released. An order to this effect, which had been kept reserved by the ... Read More

Ashamed: We Failed To Shame Those Who Jailed Manipur Journalist Kishor...

The good news has taken a long time to come – 132 days to be precise - but none presumably ... Read More

Italy Joining China’s Belt And Road Initiative Shows Tide Is Tur...

The Silk Route established over 2000 years ago by the Han dynasty, meandered thorough Eurasia bringing in spices and silk ... Read More

99% And Above: Is Our Education System Lost And Broken?

The recently declared results of CBSE board exams and a high number of suicides by students in Telangana over results ... Read More

China’s Turnaround On Masood Azhar

The UNSC’s decision to mark Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist” is a huge moral win for India ... Read More

The Paradoxical Attitude Of Middle Class Towards Politics And Election...

Between the 1980s and the first decade of this century, the Indian middle class was apathetic towards elections. But in ... Read More

Tollywood’s Political Kahani: Scripted, Produced And Directed by...

“It’s hands over Tollywood”, declares filmmaker Saibal Mitra, alluding to the political meddling in the film and television industry of ... Read More

Primordial Molecule

On April 17, Nature, the venerable science journal, announced that the first molecule of our universe has been detected in ... Read More

‘Numbers Lie In Indian Politics: Contribution Of Women Grossly U...

Where do women stand in politics? This is a question that very often results in misogynist rants denouncing women and ... Read More

Gender Inequality In Indian Politics Is A Shame, Says Shiv Sena Newbie...

Every five years, close to the general elections, the deb­ate over having more women representation in ticket distribution and in ... Read More

A Hard Truth In Indian Politics: Men Feel Threatened By Women Who Are ...

The odds are stacked heavily against women in politics. They are up against strong, entrenched and largely patriarchal lobbies in ... Read More

10 Reasons Why Priyanka Gandhi Should Contest Against PM Narendra Modi...

On April 22, when the nominations began for the last phase of polling on May 19, the question uppermost in ... Read More

Narendra Modi: The Bachchan of Screen and Kohli on Field

Votes were cast. Ballots counted. The verdict is out. It’s time now for the nation to get back to work ... Read More

Opinion | Congress Should Think Beyond Gandhi Family, Reinvent Itself ...

Congress president Rahul Gandhi and, perhaps, his sister and party’s general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, have good reasons to step ... Read More

Will It Be A Saffron Surge In Bengal?

The Lok Sabha Election of 2019 seems like an ideological ‘Waterloo’ for West Bengal with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ... Read More

Gandhi, Godse And The Idea Of Deshbhakti

The recent statement by Pragya Thakur describing  Nathuram Godse as a ‘deshbhakt’ (patriot)  and the subsequent efforts by Prime Minister ... Read More

Cricket World Cup 2019: Of Chinaman And Leg-Breaks, Batsmen, Pacers Ha...

Pick an abiding memory from each of the 11 World Cups so far, and the chances are it won’t feature ... Read More

2011 Cricket World Cup: For 10 Months Indian Team Prepared How To Hand...

The Indian team for the 2019 World Cup is a very balanced one, with very good players in it. They ... Read More

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Why West Bengal Has Emerged As The Most Viol...

West Bengal is in limelight after 70 years. For the first time in the seven-decade old election history of India, ... Read More

Opinion | The Modi Mode Is A Mouthful

There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus and upset the convictions and ... Read More

Cyclone Fani Aftermath: What Needs To Be Done To Rehabilitate People I...

Cyclone Fani has left behind a trail of devastation and acute suffering in Odisha. The challenge now is to restore ... Read More

Should India Limit The Terms Of Elected Leaders For The Sake Of Better...

In Chile, the president is elected for a single 6-year term, with no possibility of re-election. This regulation prohibiting re-election ... Read More
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