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Section 144 Is Colonial Tool For ‘Nationalist’ Oppression

Internet is what Internet does. It can move mountains, monoliths and any leviathan. In the Age of Internet, everything, especially ... Read More

Police Imperil The People They Are Supposed To Protect

I got a lesson about how badly the police are politicised quite early in life, having spent two hours in ... Read More

A New Brotherhood: Two Hues Of India’s Saffron

One of the most powerful statesmen in the country aspired to become a Yogi once, not in the same sense ... Read More

As Govt Pushes Its Ideological Agenda, India Should Brace Itself For R...

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been notified and has become effective. The protests against it around the country have ... Read More

Our Institutions, Especially The Police, Are Too Politicised

Recent events connected with protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) have led to an unmistakable public impression that our ... Read More

Opinion | From ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ To Saffronisation Of Fac...

The armed mob attack inside Jawaharlal Nehru University on January 5, 2020, has been four years in the making. Ever ... Read More

Hunger Games

Chronic poverty is not a new phenomenon in India and many people are on the margin of subsistence even today ... Read More

Of Mumbai’s Public Clocks And Sufi Music

Between Jan 8 and Feb 20, visitors at the Max Mueller Bhavan in South Bombay will learn something new about their city. A ... Read More

Opinion: JNU Represents Everything Repugnant To RSS’s Idea Of Na...

The debate following the unprecedented and planned attack, under police cover, on significant sections of faculty and students of the ... Read More

JNU Violence: Feeling Of Resurgence Amid Atmosphere Of Fear

On Jan 5, 2020, a Sunday, I received a call around 6 pm. A student was stuck in Periyar hostel, ... Read More

JNU Attack Is Brutal Act Against Reason By Majoritarian Government

How did our nation arrive at a point where we can’t tell the difference between university students and masked goons? ... Read More

Following Crackdown On Anti-CAA Protests, World Is Looking At India Wi...

“As India violence gets worse, police are accused of abusing Muslims” (New York Times, January 3). “As repression in India ... Read More

Opinion: Narendra Modi Of 2012 Believed In Power Of Protests, He Is Ov...

A twenty five-year-old jobseeker, already sitting on a pile of rejection slips, was asked what was the most important event ... Read More

BJP Govt Created Chief Of Defence Staff Post Without Addressing Severa...

On December 30, 2019, the BJP-led NDA government announced the appointment of the first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). With ... Read More

New Year Eve Of 1857: When Plunderers Ruled Delhi

Whenever the year draws to a close, one’s mind goes back to New Year’s Eve 1857, when the (British) Government ... Read More

Is Yogi’s Repressive Crackdown On CAA Protesters Aimed To Outshi...

The Uttar Pradesh government’s brutal crackdown on those protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) went far beyond the worst such ... Read More

Defence Of The Republic: The Battle Has Only Just Begun

Home  »  Magazine  »  Poliglot  » Opinion  » Jump Cut »  Defence Of The Republic: The Battle Has Only Just Begun When PM ... Read More

India Of 2019 Would Have Shocked Nehru And Gandhi. Not So Much Jinnah

These days in India have brought us an accurate reproduction of the days leading up to Partition. Indians are being ... Read More

CAA Alone Will Not Affect Culture And Demography In Assam

Just a few days before #CAB2019 was placed in Parliament, I got a number of provocative videos, memes and audio ... Read More

Agenda For The New Decade: Seven Focus Areas

Every January, it is customary to send new year greetings. This year, I will send greetings for a new decade ... Read More

Defence Of The Republic: The Battle Have Only Just Begun

Home  »  Magazine  »  Poliglot  » Opinion  » Jump Cut »  Defence Of The Republic: The Battle Has Only Just Begun When PM ... Read More

Outlook’s Choice As Issue Of The Year: Faith—Or Its Absenc...

The first time I came face to face with faith in humanity was on a railway platform well past midnight ... Read More

CAA, NPR And NRC Will Play Crucial Role In Making Of New India

In designing India, the BJP way seems to be the agenda for the introduction of the CAA, NPR and NRC ... Read More

Why Intelligence Support to Armed Combat Forces is Crucial

Lt.Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane, Vice-Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of the Army Staff designate, gladdened the hearts of ... Read More

Born-Again NPR A Big Brother Vehicle, Not A Friendly Pocket-Book

There is a tapestry of propaganda and half-truths covering the controversial National Population Register (NPR) which seems to have a ... Read More

Taking Art Beyond Entertainment: Photos Of Rohit Jain

The photos on the wall, a mere eleven in number, could perhaps not pass muster as a complete exhibition. At ... Read More

Citizenship Act Protests Capture Poetics Of Democracy

Concepts, especially ruling concepts, mark different stages of a regime. The first stage of the BJP regime was marred by ... Read More

A Cop, A Rose And A Blush Of Shame

The photo of a student protestor, Shreya Priyam Roy, offering a red rose to a heavily armed and armored Delhi ... Read More

Opinion: With Such Suppression Of Freedom To Express, India Might Not ...

There must have been a set of complex thoughts running through Prime Minister Modi’s mind as he walked into the ... Read More

How Akbar And Jehangir Celebrated Christmas

Will it surprise the present-day gate-crashing generation jam-packing hotels in Delhi and elsewhere on X’mas Eve that the Mughals, too, ... Read More

Opinion: Of BJP’s All Efforts To Backtrack On NRC, PM Modi’...

"Conceit is injurious to political health," should be the statutory warning for politicians, in office of power, or out of ... Read More

Only Muslims Have To Prove Their Credentials For NRC, Others Exempt Un...

We should examine why such strong protests have broken out across India and are being covered across the world. The ... Read More

OPINION | Why North-Eastern Indigenous Tribes Are Up In Arms Against C...

The Citizenship Amendment  Act (CAA) recently passed by both houses of parliament and signed by the President has generated furious ... Read More

OPINION | Why Are The Big Guns Of Bollywood Silent On CAA And NRC?

When Farhan Akhtar, Sushant Singh, Swara Bhaskar, Rahul Bose, Javed Jaffery, Saeed Mirza, Suhasini Mulay and Huma Qureshi joined the ... Read More

Where God Failed In Kerala, Modi And Shah Succeeded

People familiar with Muslim religious and political organisations in Kerala and their endless internecine rivalries used to joke that even ... Read More

OPINION | Antipathy Towards Bengalis Prime Mover Of Assam Politics

Assam was the first state to erupt in protest against the Citizenship (Ame­n­dment) Act. It was also the first, and ... Read More

OPINION | Politics Of Fear Has Been Deeply Entrenched In The Social Fa...

Indian Muslims are living their most horrible yet defining moment in post-Partition history: doomed if they don’t resist the threat ... Read More

‘Where The Hell Is Seelampur?’

There is a commotion in the newsroom. Protests and rioting have spread to more parts of the city. “Guys, they ... Read More

When Did Our Students Become Criminals?

“10 Arrested For Jamia Violence Jailed For 14 Days,” said the headline of an NDTV news report on Tuesday evening, ... Read More

A Response To Police Crackdown On Students Protesting Citizenship Act

Home  »  Website  »  National  » Opinion  »  A Response To Police Crackdown On Students Protesting Citizenship Act Author and Professor ... Read More

The Unbearable Nothingness Of Being Sri Lankan Hindu

Hindus in Sri Lanka are a conspicuous omission in the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) – on the naturalisation of ... Read More

Citizenship Law Is The Result Of BJP’s Majoritarian Instinct But...

An old and proud country votes to choose a policy which is against immigration. The majority of the country in ... Read More

Opinion: Citizenship Act Another Step Towards Hindu Rashtra Turning Mu...

Making a mockery of people’s sentiments and large scale protests -- rocking the Northeast for the last few days -- ... Read More

Are Sting Operations Legal And Moral?

A sting operation is a deceptive one which is designed to catch a person committing the crime. From time to ... Read More

Private Universities Cannot Educate An Entire Nation

I spent most of last Thursday at Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyala, in Gannaur in Haryana’s Sonepat district. I went ... Read More

OPINION | How About Including Citizens In Criminal Justice System? The...

In India, encounter killings have a long and unfortunate history, more so with the police forces in Andhra Pradesh and ... Read More

Noose Around Our Necks

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) passed by Parliament is nothing short of a hangman’s noose around the necks of Indian ... Read More

OPINION | Classification Based On Religion, Caste Or Place Of Birth Is...

My understanding is that home minister Amit Shah is right when he says that Article 14 permits the government to ... Read More

OPINION | CAB’s Can Of Worms Has Left Even Hindus Unsure Of Thei...

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) seeks to confer nationality on six non-Muslims communities who have faced “persecution” in three neighbouring ... Read More

OPINION | Citizenship Amendment Bill Is A Vicious Ploy To Aggravate Co...

The BJP’s bold legislative initiatives have been a fraud on or rather subversion of our Constitution, amounting to a bizarre ... Read More

CAB Not Based On Religious Intolerance, Has Nothing To Do With India&r...

The Modi 2.0 goverment’s stunning series of legislative changes did not end with the commemoration of its six months in ... Read More

Religion Cannot Be The Basis Of Citizenship In A Secular Nation

Fascism is a partisan philosophy that fosters a monolithic and exclusionary state constituted under an authoritarian despot. This narrative has ... Read More

Opinion: Assamese Are Angry, But Didn’t They Vote For Citizenshi...

The irony is baffling. Having resoundingly voted for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Assamese are out ... Read More

OPINION | Citizenship Amendment Bill: A Noose Around Necks Of Muslims

The Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) passed by the lower house of Indian parliament is nothing short of a hangman’s noose ... Read More

Ideological Orphans Of Indian Subcontinent -– How Citizenship Am...

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 9, 2019. For the uninitiated, it relaxes the ... Read More

OPINION: Making Higher Education Dependent On ‘Staggering Fee St...

The article is in response to Saikat Majumdar’s essay “Should you Pay for Higher Education, and How Much?” published by Outlook ... Read More

OPINION | Assam Model Of ‘Harassment’ Will Be Replicated A...

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 10 violates Article 14 of the ... Read More

Why Has CAB Left Out 2.55 Million Hindus Facing Persecution In Sri Lan...

The passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in Lok Sabha marks the definitive transition of India from a secular ... Read More

‘Encounter Specialist’: A Rare Breed Of Policemen Whose Cr...

Most policemen do not want to participate in encounters. This has resulted in India producing a category of men called ... Read More

An Encounter Now And Then Is Not A Solution To An Endemic Problem

It is a cruel and poignant irony that the four men, accused of raping and murdering a Hyderabad veterinary doctor, ... Read More

‘If The British Behaved Like Hyderabad Police, They Would Have S...

The way Hyderabad police gunned down four people today makes it seem that we’ve successfully converted our police into a ... Read More

Hamara Bajaj: Going Where Few Dare To Go These Days

Fear is the key that keeps people, especially the rich and the respected, from speaking truth to power.  Yet, cometh ... Read More

Tweets Or Placards Not Enough To Stop Rapes; Patriarchal Mindset Must ...

Fear is a powerful and primal human emotion. As women, we learn to live with it - every day. We ... Read More

Opinion: India Has Normalised Rape. It Doesn’t Shock Anymore, No...

My daughter has stopped asking me the meaning of ‘rape’. She is nine years old and there was a time ... Read More

Winds Of Change: How Afghan Women Are Building A Better Future

Remember the stories emanating from Afghanistan about the Taliban’s edict on women? The country has come a long way since ... Read More

Strict Laws Not Enough, Higher Conviction Rates Will Make India Safer ...

A young woman veterinarian in Telangana was gang-raped and murdered last week. Her burnt body was found under a culvert ... Read More

The BHU Conundrum: Scholar, Practitioner, Philosopher Or Believer?

“A muslim teacher teaching Sanskrit is a happy moment for us as a student or as a Hindu also. I ... Read More

Of Star-Crossed Lovers And Dance Performances That Evoke Lord Krishna

To think about crafting a stage play out of a magnum opus like Mughal-e-Azam would have been considered foolhardy till ... Read More

Understanding Of Gender Is Evolving From Man-Woman Binary To Wider Spe...

‘Why are you pretending to be a girl?’ The thoughtless question was posed to a young woman who was retouching ... Read More

Opinion: Look At Kashmir, NRC & Citizenship Bill. India’s Ma...

What is majoritarianism? It is defined as a political philosophy where the majority community is pre-eminent and enjoys primacy, meaning ... Read More

Is Technology Changing The Way We Consume Music?

Culture changes from one generation to the other. It morphs and adapts with the choices that people make. Some of ... Read More

OPINION | The International Corporate Lobby At Work Behind Our Nationa...

Education is a basic right, but ­almost 60 per cent of higher education in India is privatised, and unaffordable for ... Read More

Lessons For The Elite

Education is a basic right, but ­almost 60 per cent of higher education in India is privatised, and unaffordable for ... Read More

OPINION | Death Of JNU Will Mean Destroying A Good Liberal University

When instrumental interests invade the lifeworld and the meaning of ­education is reduced to mere consumption of market-friendly techno-managerial skills, ... Read More

116 Days And Counting: Why ‘Normalcy’ Claims In Kashmir Ov...

Union Home Minister Amit Shah told the Rajya Sabha on November 20 that normalcy was restored in Jammu and Kashmir ... Read More

Should You Pay For Higher Education, And How Much?

What is the cost of higher education? And who pays? When you ask this in India, this is the question ... Read More

Can BJP Do A Yediyurappa In Maharashtra?

The BJP is surely embarrassed in the wake of its Maharashtra misadventure, but it’s unlikely that it will entirely give ... Read More

Why Is There No Saint From North India?

The declaration of Sister Mariam Theresa as a saint was naturally a cause for celebration. She was the 12th Indian ... Read More

SPG Cover To Vulnerable Gandhis Needs To Be Reinstated

Security in our part of the world is a prestige issue. Our politicians, judges, governors and generals take pride in ... Read More

COLUMN | Being Anti-Establishment Has Always Been JNU’s Flavour,...

First, a disclaimer. Former Jawaharlal Nehru University students like me are often illustrated as examples of how public funds were ... Read More

JNU VC Deserves Compliments — For Passionate Zeal To Destroy Var...

Professor Jagadesh Kumar, the Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, is an extraordinary man. A passionate zeal to destroy a university ... Read More

OPINION | Delhi CM Has Done Little To Create Comprehensive Energy Solu...

Last year in Delhi, as the air quality index hit a high three-figure mark, life assumed its normal winter course; ... Read More

OPINION | Too Much Mediocrity, JNU Deserves World Class Leadership

I have often said with a sense of national, not just individual, pride that I never studied abroad, but I ... Read More

Outlook’s 24th Anniversary Special Issue — Rain Or Shine, ...

Birthdays are special, but this particular birthday I am writing about is extra special. Having started its journey in 1995, ... Read More

OPINION | ‘Judicial Opacity On Women’s Entry In Sabarimala...

It was just days before Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi retired that the Sabarimala review petition was decided by a majority ... Read More

JNU Needs World-Class Leadership, Not Ideologically Over-Enthusiastic ...

I have often said this with a sense of national, not just individual, pride that I never studied abroad but ... Read More

Subsidised JNU Fees Is Passport to Opportunity And Empowerment

We can easily get lost in simple statistics that encourage genteel middle-class outrage on Jawaharlal Nehru University. The hostel charges ... Read More

Sabarimala Redux: Marxists Caught Between Court, Ayyappa and Activists

The ways of the Supreme Court, like that of God, are inscrutable. In one case the apex court declined to ... Read More

A Homage To Earth And Andal’s Poetry

“I had to internalise the poem, and be the voice of the flower,” says Alarmel Valli, about her new Bharat ... Read More

Pollution Levels Worsen As Policy Paralysis Engulfs National Capital R...

It has been almost three weeks that the Delhi-NCR and large tracts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) are experiencing one ... Read More

Why European Parliamentarians’ Propaganda Trip To Kashmir Was A ...

Information management has always been practised by governments throughout history for instilling public confidence, impressing the foreign audience and for ... Read More

From Kartarpur To Dhaka, South Asia Needs To Tear Down Its Walls And F...

At 9 am on November 9, I arrived at the North-Western edge of India - the Immigration terminal at Dera ... Read More

Is Beauty Skin Deep? It’s Time To Change Our Mindsets

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - if that was really true, there would be so many definitions ... Read More

A Cat Riding The Roaring Tiger

Some years ago, when Union minister Nitin Gadkari was president of the Maharashtra unit of the BJP and attending a ... Read More

Kashmir Gaining International Traction, But Is It Being Heard?

To Kashmiris, in the region and the diaspora, the October 22 hearing on ‘Human Rights in South Asia’, organised by the committee ... Read More

Universities Like JNU Have Been Forced To Move Apart From The Nation

If you look up any recent news entry or Op-Ed article on the proposed JNU fee hike and the protests ... Read More

A Post-Kudankulam Roadmap For India’s Cyber Deterrence

The network intrusions into the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and Indian Space Research Organisation highlight a glaring gap in India’s ... Read More

Ayodhya Verdict: Peace Until Political Exigencies Turn Kashi, Mathura ...

Now that the verdict on the Babri Masjid case is out, it is time to look forward to the future ... Read More

Ayodhya Verdict Invokes Doctrine Of Necessity; The Judicial Precedent ...

The Ayodhya judgment has reminded one of our judicial histories. On the Indian subcontinent, the judiciary has invoked something called ... Read More

Will Ayodhya Verdict Really Bring An End To Dispute Or Is Closure Just...

The Supreme Court judgment on Ayodhya elated tens of millions of people. It also left Indians, certainly fewer in number, ... Read More
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