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Content Is King — How Digital Streaming Is Bridging Internationa...

I am quite astonished to see the phenomenal reach of web series. I receive calls and messages from places as ... Read More

The Amazon and Aarey, Nilgai And Nero

It was nearly four years ago—on December 1, 2015—that the central government put out the notification. “Overpopulation of nilgai and ... Read More

Wielding The Magic Wand

I met late professor T.N. Srinivasan (popularly known as TN) a couple of months before he passed away in November ... Read More

<em>Sabka Vikas</em> Must Include <em>Vikas</em&g...

Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu (1914-1990), the great Telugu literary genius and poet was a polyglot adept in fourteen languages. This versatile man ... Read More

Opinion: Judiciary, Especially Apex, Must Stand Firm Against Tyranny O...

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, took the unprecedented step of recommending the British Monarch that the British ... Read More

Why Our Education System Is A Factory Producing Clerks And Bureaucrats

In Calcutta (now Kolkata) where I grew up, there were those spots you just couldn’t walk past without people sneaking ... Read More

How Modern-Day Nostradamus, Ray Kurzweil, Predicted Biggest Feats In T...

"It is difficult to make predictions", goes the old joke, “especially about the future.” However, there is one way in ... Read More

Russia in Middle East: The Unputdownable Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the middle of this month has ... Read More

Use Of Religion As Commodity, A La Baba Ramdev, Is Gross Misuse

It is impossible to discount contributions of leading saints whose practices are not profit-driven even in relation to their commercial ... Read More

Why Is There Hue And Cry Over Sedition Law? Every Country Has And Need...

The law on sedition has always been contentious. It is ridiculous to slap sedition charges on people writing a letter ... Read More

After Syria, Will Trump’s “Unmatched Wisdom” Now Sho...

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Syria should be of particular interest to India. The withdrawal ... Read More

Despite Hype, Benefits From ‘Howdy, Modi’ Event Are Not En...

The hype that “Howdy Modi!” extravaganza on September 22 would immediately usher in rich policy dividends was based on an ... Read More

In Memory Of A Musical Era Where Melody Was Queen

It’s October and across the city of Mumbai, the past unravels like a series of melodious tapes. The sounds of ... Read More

India Wants Another 200 Fighter Planes, But Do They Really Win Wars Th...

A story in the morning papers caught my eye. It was about the Indian air force wanting another 200 fighter ... Read More

Behind The Smokescreen: Comprehensive Policy Needed On Tobacco

Much has been said and written about the government’s decision to ban e-cigarettes which go under the fancy name of ... Read More

OPINION | Why Private Sector Intervention Is Necessary In Higher Educa...

The evolution of human beings has been an outcome of their quest for knowledge. A tangible expression of this quest ... Read More

OPINION | The Importance Of Liberal Arts In Business Education CanR...

What is the relation between liberal education and getting trained for a professional career? By definition, they are very different ... Read More

Atop Asia’s Twin Towers

The 2nd Informal Summit between Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jinping of China will take place 11 - 13 ... Read More

When Delhi Had Three Red-Light Areas And Tommies Made Merry

Imagine the days when Delhi had not one but three red-light areas – Chawri Bazar, the square opposite the Red ... Read More

Civilisational Responsibility Limits Indian Citizenship To Persecuted ...

“India, that is Bharat…” When framers of our Constitution used those words in that sequence in its very first article, ... Read More

The Parent Major And The Passion Major

When I was teaching at Stanford, I had a colleague who had graduated college with a major in Biology and ... Read More

Confusion Over Terrorism And Terrorist Leads To Low Conviction Rates

Che Guevara was a cross-border terrorist. He was a doctor who is idolised by millions of people around the world ... Read More

Futile Ban: E-Cigarettes Do Not Pose Major Health Risk To Users, Cigar...

In what has so far been a relatively open market, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or e-cigarettes seem to have been ... Read More

Book Which Tells Muslims To Get Over ‘Excesses’

Much of the discourse on domestic and international politics, terrorism, extremism etc. has become stale and eminently predictable. If it ... Read More

OPINION | A Five Per Cent Growth May Not Sound Too Good But It’s...

It is human to focus on the transient. By transient, I mean 5 per cent real growth in Q1 of ... Read More

Why Mahatma Gandhi A Role Model For Leaders Who Can’t Handle Dis...

This October 2 has special significance. It is Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary and there expectedly will be a rightful rush ... Read More

Not Modi. Not Gandhi. Ambedkar May Be The True Father Of India

In our college days marked by boyish humour with braggadocio, we used to have a saying: "Those of you who ... Read More

With Collapse Of US-Taliban Talks, NSA O’Brien Faces Challenging...

“Hostage negotiation” should be a point of common interest between our National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Robert O’Brien, the ... Read More

PM Modi’s Diplomacy Dalliance With US Goes Way Beyond ‘How...

Just as it was for UPA’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 2004 to 2014, the US remains a magnificent obsession ... Read More

Why Only Technical And Experimental Startups? Why Not An Ethical One?

I was talking to a colleague of mine recently, and she was complaining, sadly. Hers was not a grumble, it ... Read More

To Become $5-Trillion Economy, India Needs To Grow at 9%. It’s N...

How can India achieve and consistently keep a high rate of growth? A high-rate would be 8% per year or ... Read More

Conflict Of Interest Impairs Tie-Ups Between Food Industry And Its Reg...

The nexus between the food industry and its regulator continues unabated even a decade after it was first exposed in ... Read More

How IIT, The Development Dream Of The Dispossessed, Turned Into A Nigh...

Alankar Jain, an IIT Bombay graduate, wrote, a few years ago, a viral piece for In his article, Jain ... Read More

OPINION | Abrogation Of Article 370 Will Influence State Elections Thi...

Polling dates for assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand will be announced soon with some conjecture that Jharkhand may ... Read More

OPINION | Lynchings In The Name Of Cows Scaring Away The Global Invest...

Ministers of the BJP government are at pains to underscore that the fundamentals of the Indian economy are “strong”.  Investment, ... Read More

OPINION | Can We Dream Of A 5-Trillion Dollar Economy When Indian Poli...

The maintenance of law and order is of ­utmost importance to realise the Prime Minister’s dream of a 5-trillion-dollar eco­nomy, ... Read More

Nation’s Pulse In State Polls

Polling dates for assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand will be announced soon with some conjecture that Jharkhand may ... Read More

Honey, I Shrunk The Economy

Ministers of the BJP government are at pains to underscore that the fundamentals of the Indian economy are “strong”.  Investment, ... Read More

The Constrained Arm Of The Law

The maintenance of law and order is of ­utmost importance to realise the Prime Minister’s dream of a 5-trillion-dollar eco­nomy, ... Read More

OPINION | Opposition To Hindi Is More Political Than Realistic

India is not new to the politics of language. Language has been used as a great unifying force and also ... Read More

Heavy Fines Against Offenders Is Unlikely To Reduce Traffic Accidents ...

While introducing the bill to amend the motor vehicles law in the Lok Sabha in July this year, the Minister ... Read More

Culinary Legacy: Evolution of Indian and Arabian Cuisines

The water-body, the waves of which lap the shores of the western coastline of India, is aptly named the Arabian ... Read More

What A Waste, Bengal

It is the run-up to Durga Puja and the roads are a mass of bamboo. Hammers can be heard in ... Read More

Opinion: Guardian’s List Of Top 100 Movies Pricks Bollywood&rsqu...

Bollywood has, of late, been patting itself hard for making content-rich cinema in the new millennium, thinking it has finally ... Read More

An EU-Like Arrangement With SAARC Nations Could Reinvigorate IndiaR...

The European Union has the largest free trade zone in the world. The EU’s single market has more than 50 ... Read More

Will Hike In Fines Be Enough To Deter Traffic Violators?

Have you ever bunked college or skipped work, perhaps cheated in an examination, or evaded taxes by submitting fake bills? ... Read More

Economic Slowdown Is An Opportunity For Radical Change

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about the economy slowing down with companies cutting production and piling ... Read More

Animal Spirits Are Comatose

After the Lok Sabha resu­lts were declared in May, equity markets had rallied to all-time high levels with feverish anticipation ... Read More

100 Days Of Decisive Action

While the first 100 days are an important ­milestone for any government, it is never easy to comprehensively evaluate its ... Read More

To Russia, Once More, With Love And Misgivings

The Modi-Putin relationship is, perhaps, the most fascinating of India’s external “affairs”. The reasons for their diplomatic bonding and evolving ... Read More

Lack Of Clarity, Transparency In Kashmir Lockdown Could Lead To ‘...

As the Kashmir lock down enters 39th day, a thought arises if this would eventually fizzle out under international pressure ... Read More

JNU Will Survive Morons, For Resistance To Tyranny, Ignorance Is At Co...

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration is unique. Perhaps even matchless in the history of education. We have heard numerous stories ... Read More

PM Modi’s Vladivostok Visit Strengthens India-Russia Ties Throug...

Early this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Vladivostok in Russia as the Chief Guest for the Fifth Eastern Economic ... Read More

Confessions Of A Failed Comic

I like humour; it makes me laugh. Humour can be funny. I mean look at me; when I was dating, ... Read More

ISRO Chief Dr K Sivan Has Every Right To Cry Over Chandrayaan-2’...

In the last two weeks, we have seen Good Morning America’s host Lara Spencer ridicule Prince George for his special ... Read More

Is It Possible To Redefine ‘Eminence’ Title And Confer It ...

How do the institutes of higher education achieve eminence? Is it possible for an institute to be born eminent? A ... Read More

Opinion: Exploration Of Universe Only Way For Humans To Survive. ISRO,...

If we view life on the evolutionary scale, what are the important milestones? They would be the first appearance of ... Read More

Mousiqi Manzil: Where Music Resides

Imagine a place where the Muse of music, Erato, has her abode. That’s Mousiqi Manzil which reminds one of the ... Read More

Opinion: Risks And Failures Part Of Space Business And ISRO Well-Equip...

The euphoria around India’s first soft landing mission to the moon has ended in disappointment and gloom. The head of ... Read More

OPINION | Why India Must Support Free And Fair Elections In Afghanista...

On September 2, US special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad revealed details of an ‘in-principle’ agreement between the US and ... Read More

Would BJP Icon Shyama Prasad Mookerjee Have Approved Of Kashmir Lockdo...

In an address to the nation on August 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said abrogation of Article 370 had fulfilled ... Read More

OPINION: Automation With Globalisation Will Only Exacerbate An Already...

Almost fifteen years ago, I was heading the world’s largest franchised pharmacy retail chain (a group company of a fortune ... Read More

Cauvery Calling: A Daring Venture That Must Be Allowed To Succeed

In recent years, the growing misuse of the digital media to spread fake news, irresponsible comment, paranoia and hate has ... Read More

Devika Rani and Bali: Words Weave Magic In Two Plays

When Kishwar Desai started working on her book on Devika Rani, she had no idea of writing a version for ... Read More

Stop Companies From Setting Fire To The Amazon

“The fires have raised the consciousness of people around the world to the importance of saving the Amazon and protecting ... Read More

After NRC In Assam, BJP Will Have To Tread Cautiously In Bengal

What made Dilip Ghosh, West Bengal BJP president and Member of Parliament (MP) from Medinipur constituency, upbeat and say that ... Read More

OPINION | ‘Kalā’: From Geet Vidya To Vaitaliki, The Tradit...

I waited in the India International Centre for the others to arrive. The day had taken a tragic turn – ... Read More

Amid Despair And Anger, NRC Proponents Are Most Disgruntled Now

What next? It’s a question that should have been asked by those left out of the final National Register of ... Read More

OPINION | Final NRC List: Courts Will Have Final Word On Citizenship S...

The final list of the Supreme Court-monitored updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam published on August 31 has included names ... Read More

OPINION | Final List of NRC Published, What Next?

August 31, 2019 marks the conclusion of another crucial chapter of National Register of Citizens. The supplementary list -- published ... Read More

OPINION | Only A Protective Legal Regime Like In Some N-E States Can H...

The national debate and discussion on the National Register of Citizens (NRC) have been focused on the fate of those ... Read More

OPINION | With Lakhs Left Stateless, NRC Will Continue To Haunt Us

A large majority of Assamese, irrespective of caste, class religion or language, is hoping that the final NRC published on ... Read More

OPINION | Shashi Tharoor’s Travails Among Kerala’s Lillipu...

The problem with Shashi Tharoor is that he knows too much. Even worse, he knows much too well to articulate ... Read More

OPINION | Arun Jaitley & P Chidambaram: Tale Of Two Ex-Finance Min...

The prevalent perception in political circles is that the arrest of former finance minister P. Chidambaram on August 21 is, perhaps, intertwined ... Read More

OPINION | To Show Muslims Their Place, A Hindu Rashtra Is Imposing Its...

After the law criminalising triple talaq was passed, home minister Amit Shah wrote that PM Narendra Modi would “go down ... Read More

OPINION | Is A Uniform Civil Code Really Necessary? It’ll Lead T...

A democracy presupposes equality of citizens before the law. As such, since there is one criminal code, there should ideally ... Read More

OPINION | Presented Along The Hindu Code Bill, Muslims Need A Politica...

It is strongly believed that Muslims are deeply religious and the Islamic religious texts—Quran and Hadith—det­ermine every aspect of their ... Read More

Mourning Daryaganj: Memories Of A Used Books Bazaar

Memory is a crucial part of any imagination and the imagination of a city is bereft without memory. Between time, ... Read More

OPINION | No Politics Over Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Bill, Pl...

The Lok Sabha recently passed a bill to amend the Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Act, 1951, which had been introduced ... Read More

OPINION | Should We Encourage Kuccha Receipts? Institutional Cleansing...

Expressions, even technical ones, are often used loosely. The word “recession” has been used for India. What are the real ... Read More

Good Intent Need Not Be So Taxing

Most businesses are suffering from being over-leveraged, causing them to default on payments. When I say over-leveraged, it means you ... Read More

OPINION | ‘Puppets On A Chain, Kashmir’s ‘Pro-India&...

In the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 2, Melisandre, the red priestess, yells out to the gods: “The ... Read More

Ensure Zero Hunger Deaths By 2040

The numbers hit you like a sledgehammer—38.4 per cent of India’s children below five are stunted, according to the National ... Read More

Diversity Is The Challenge

Within the next decade, India will be the world’s most populous country, overtaking China. It will also, for the next ... Read More

Good Nutrition For New India

We are a nation of indomitable spirit and unmatchable potential to show excellence in every field. However, to keep India ... Read More

OPINION | Charter For A Progressive, Peaceful Kashmir

If there were a national issue which should not have attracted opposition, it is the scrapping of Article 370 and ... Read More

Opinion | PM Modi on Man vs Wild: Political Leaders Today Are Trying T...

Millions sat glued to their television screens last night. But that was pretty much expected. How often do we see ... Read More

Opinion | Govt Must Boost Research In Social Sciences To Preserve Anci...

Innovation and research in higher education is one of the most important aspects of the education policy unveiled by the ... Read More

Water Use Efficiency Through Micro Irrigation In India: The Way Forwar...

According to the FICCI-Grant Thornton Strategy Paper, 2016, agriculture accounts for approximately seventy per cent of global freshwater withdrawals and ... Read More

Opinion | By Destroying J&K, The Gulf Between ‘This PartR...

I am apprehensive about the future. In one stroke, everything is finished. Instead of Jammu and Kashmir, we have two ... Read More

Opinion | Splitting Jammu & Kashmir A Masterstroke, India Has Dera...

August 5, 2019, will go down in history as one of the most momentous days in India’s history. It was ... Read More

The Risks Of Divide-To-Integrate

Repression in Kashmir and Zionist occupation of Pale­s­tinian territories are always considered exemplars of how Muslims are subjected to indignities ... Read More

What Does Ladakh Want?

Ladakh has finally got a political status under the sun, for the region has been long suffering due to the ... Read More

‘One Nation, Many Systems’ – North-East’s Spec...

In April 1970, the autonomous state of Meghalaya was inaugurated in Shillong, the capital it shared with Assam, in crisp ... Read More

Opinion: Abrogation Of Article 370 A Beginning Of J&K’s Seco...

In yet another demonstration of strong political will, on 5th August 2019, the government of India revoked Article 370 and ... Read More

Abrogation Of Article 370 Gives Ladakh Opportunity To Nurture Its Poli...

Ladakh has finally received a political status under the sun. The region had been suffering for long due to the ... Read More

Opinion: Scrapping Article 370 Is Nothing But Road To Self-Destruction...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man in a hurry. He is in a hurry to demolish the Indian State ... Read More

A $5 Trillion Economy By 2005? Why Kashmir Can Be The Apple Of India&#...

The prime minister’s target of a US $5 trillion economy is ambitious, not audacious. The seeds of this thought were ... Read More

OPINION | The Indignity Of Being Second-Class Citizens At Home CanR...

Even for Kashmir, which is all too familiar with the murkiness that accompanies government activities, the last two months have ... Read More

Race: The Only Scarlet Letter

Donald Trump’s recent “Send them back” comments have ignited a debate here, in Great Britain, about what ‘immigrant communities’ should ... Read More
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