Chapter 9. Struggles For Equality

• Poverty and lack of resources are reasons for Inequality in India.
• Discrimination based on a person’s religion, caste, & sex is another significant factor for unequal treatment of people.

Struggles for Equality
• Some people are known and respected because of their fight for equality.
• Tawa Matsya Sangh is a federation of Fisher worker’s cooperatives. This is an organisation that fought for rights of displaced forest dwellers of Satpura forest in Madhya Pradesh.

Constitution as a Living Document
• Indian Constitution recognises equality of all persons.
• Movements and struggles for equality in India continuously refer to Indian Constitution to make their point about equality and justice for all.
• Constitution is used as a ‘living document’ by constantly referring to it, which means something that has real meaning in our lives.
• challenges to idea of equality in a democracy include privatisation of health services in country, increasing control that business houses exert on media, low value given to women and their work, and low earnings made by small farmers.

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