Chapter 6. Understanding Media

• Media is plural form of word ‘medium’, and it describes various ways through which we communicate in society.
• Media refers to all means of communication and everything ranging from a phone call to evening news on TV can be known as media.
• TV, radio, & newspapers are a form of media that reaches millions of people or masses across country and world, therefore, they are known as Mass Media.
• Newspapers, television, and radio can reach millions of people because they use certain technologies.
• Newspapers and magazines are known as Print Media, whereas TV and radio are known as Electronic Media.
• Modern technologies help media to reach more people.
• mass media earns money through advertisements.

Media and Democracy
• media plays a very important role in a democratic country by providing news and discussing events taking place in country and world. It helps citizen to understand work of government. This is very important that media provides balanced news. Balanced news depends on independence of media.
• An independent media means that no one should control and influence its coverage of news.
• An independent media is important in a democracy.
• Censorship is referred to when government prevents a news item, scenes from a movie, or lyrics of a song from being shared with larger public.
• media sets agenda on what to focus on.
• Social advertisements refer to advertisements made by government or private agencies that have a larger message for society.

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