Chapter 4. Key Elements of a Democratic Government

• People participate with government by voting for them.
• People elect leaders to represent them through voting. These representatives take decisions on behalf of people.
• All governments are elected for fixed periods. Government in India is elected for a period of five years.
• power of government gets limited by regular elections.
• Therefore, when people want to change government, they can change it by voting.
• There are many ways in which people express their views and make governments understand what actions they should take such as dharnas, rallies, strikes, signature campaigns.
• Newspapers, magazines, and TV play a role in discussing government issues and responsibilities.
• Members of minority community, Dalits, Adivasis, women, & others often participate by organising themselves into social movements that seek to challenge government and its functioning.

Equality and Justice
• Equality and Justice are inseparable, and it is one of important features of a democratic government.
• Justice can only be achieved when people are treated equally.
• government makes special provisions for backward groups within society that are unequal so they can be treated equally and can get justice.

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