9 English Chapter 4 Happy Prince

Chapter Notes and Summary
The Statue of Happy Prince
A beautiful statue of Happy Prince was installed on a tall column (Pillar) high above city. statue was covered with thin layers of gold. It had two bright sapphires fixed in eyes. A bright ruby stone was placed in hilt (handle) of his sword.
The Swallow Arrives
One night, a little swallow was going to Egypt arrived in city. He was tired, so he decided to spend night at feet of statue. He was going to sleep but got disturbed by a large drop of water that fell on his head. swallow was amazed as sky was clear. When second drop fell, he decided to fly away. But, when third drop fell, he looked at statue. He found that statue was crying.
The Happy Life of Prince
The swallow asked statue, reason behind his tears. Statue of Happy Prince told swallow that when he was alive, he did not know about miseries and sorrows. He lived a happy life. So, his courtiers called him Happy Prince. However, now after his death, his statue was set up very high and he could see misery, poverty and all sadness that people face.
The Prince wants to help Poor People
The Prince told swallow that he wanted to help poor people but he couldn’t move. So, he requested swallow to stay with him for a night and help him to do so. swallow agreed to help Prince.
Helping Seamstress and Playwright
The Prince told swallow that a poor seamstress lived in city. She needed money to buy oranges for little boy who was ill. So, Prince requested swallow to pick out ruby from his sword and give it to seamstress. swallow agreed and put ruby beside poor seamstress who fell asleep while stitching. He also fanned sick boy’s forehead with its wings and left. swallow wanted to go to Egypt but Prince requested him to stay for another night. Prince requested swallow to help playwright. Prince asked swallow to pluck a sapphire and give it to playwright who became happy after receiving it.
Helping Poor Matchstick Girl
Next day, swallow came to Prince to say him good bye but Prince again requested him to stay. Prince told swallow that a little matchstick girl was standing and crying in square. Happy Prince commanded swallow to take another sapphire from his eye and give it to poor girl. swallow was not ready to do so because that would make Prince completely blind, but Prince forced him. swallow put sapphire into little girl’s hand. Prince became blind now. So, swallow decided to stay with Prince to become his eyes. Prince asked swallow to fly over his city and tell him what he saw there. swallow informed Prince that poor were leading a miserable life. Prince requested swallow to take gold leaf by leaf from his statue and give it to poor. swallow did same as per request and made people happy.
Swallow Died
Now, weather had become extremely cold. swallow could not tolerate cold weather. But swallow didn’t leave Prince. He soon realised that he was going to die. He bade a goodbye to Happy Prince and fell dead in his feet. When swallow died, statue’s leaden heart broke into two pieces. Next day, Mayor of city along with town councillors visited place. They found statue to be ugly and useless. Hence, it was removed and sent to be melted. But broken lead heart couldn’t be melted so it was thrown away. Where dead swallow was put.
God Sends Angels
God sent one of his angels to bring him two most precious things from city. angel brought leaden heart of Happy Prince along with dead swallow. God praised angel. He also stated that swallow would sing forever in his garden of Paradise and Happy Prince would praise him forever in his City of Gold.

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