9 English Chapter 4 Beggar

Chapter Notes and Summary
Chapter Overview
This highlights how kindness and compassion can bring about a change in anyone. In story, Lushkoff a beggar is given work by Sergei, an advocate. Lushkoff agrees to do work but work given to him is done by an old woman Olga (Sergei’s cook). Her kindness and compassion help bring a change in Lushkoff’s way of life. Because of Olga’s selfless help, Lushkoff starts living a respectable life and becomes a responsible man.
Sergei Stopped by a Beggar
One day Sergei, an advocate was stopped by a beggar. beggar requested Sergei to have pity on him. beggar said that he had ate nothing since last three days. He told Sergei that he had been a school teacher for eight years but had lost his job about a year ago. Sergei looked at beggar. He was wearing a ragged, fawn coloured overcoat. He had dull, drunken eyes and a red spot on either cheek. beggar told Sergei that he had found a job in province of Kaluga and needed money to go there.
Sergei Recognises Beggar
While talking to beggar, Sergei recognised him by his shoes. One shoe of beggar was high and other was low. Sergei told beggar that he had met him earlier on Sadovya street and at that time he told him that he was a student. Sergei threatened beggar that he would call police.
The Beggar Tells Truth
After Sergei’s threat, beggar told that he had lied to him for money. He told Sergei that he was in a Russian singing group, but he was thrown out because of his drinking habits. Now, he couldn’t find work anywhere and did not have any other option rather than to beg. So, he lied to get money.
Sergei Offers Work to Beggar
After listening to beggar’s truth, Sergei offered him work of chopping wood. beggar did not want to work, but he agreed because of shame. So, Sergei took beggar to his home. He called his cook, Olga and informed her to take beggar into wood-shed. Olga gave beggar an axe to chop wood. beggar tried to chop wood but he couldn’t do so. Sergei realised that he had kept a drunken man who was too weak to work in cold.
Different Types of Work for Beggar
The wood was chopped after an hour. beggar was given money and informed that he could come to Sergei’s house on first of every month to get work. beggar was given various kinds of work. He would remove snow, cut wood, clean rugs and mattresses, etc. When Sergei was shifting into a new house, beggar was called to help in packing and carrying furniture. beggar looked weak and unhealthy. He hardly helped Sergei in carrying furniture and in shifting. Sergei thought that he should not give him hard work and decided to send him to his friend for an easy work of copying. After shifting, Sergei called beggar and got to know that his name was Lushkoff. Sergei gave Lushkoff a letter and told him to go to his friend who would give him a new job.
Sergei Meets Lushkoff after Two Years
After two years on one evening, Sergei met Lushkoff at theatre. He found Lushkoff near ticket window. He was wearing a coat collar of curly fur and a sealskin cap. Lushkoff informed Sergei that he had become a notary and was now earning 35 roubles a month. Lushkoff thanked Sergei for his help and guidance. He also thanked Sergei’s cook Olga who, according to him, actually changed him.
Lushkoff’s Confession
Lushkoff confessed to Sergei that Olga’s kindness had changed him. It was Olga who would scold him and cry for him. Lushkoff told Sergei that he did not cut any wood for him. It was Olga who cut wood. Olga’s caring actions changed his heart and helped him become a responsible person.

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