9 English Chapter 3 Snake Trying

Chapter Notes and Summary
Central Idea of Poem
In this poem, poet describes how a snake tries to escape from being hit by a stick. Through his description of an afraid snake, poet wants to say that not all snakes are harmful. Snakes are generally considered to be dangerous and poisonous creatures, but they do not attack when they are left undisturbed. Snakes only attack in self-defence. poet also finds beauty in snake. He admires charm and elegance with which snake moves. He then, appeals to readers that we must not kill such a beautiful creature like snake. It also has right to live.
Stanzawise Explanation
Stanza 1
The snake trying to escape pursuing stick, with sudden curvings of thin long body. How beautiful and graceful are his shapes!
Word Meanings
– approaching towards something, Curvings – a movement that is non-linear Shapes – moves
Explanation In these lines, poet describes how a snake is trying to escape from a stick. A person with a stick is trying to kill snake and to escape being hit, it suddenly curves its thin and long body. poet is amazed by various shapes that snake makes while moving. According to poet, snake’s movements are beautiful and graceful.
Stanza 2
He glides through water away from stroke. O let him go over water into reeds to hide without hurt. Small and green he is harmless even to children.
Word Meanings
– to go across something, Stroke – effort on something, Reeds – water plants with thick stems.
Explanation In these lines, poet describes that snake is afraid of getting hurt. So, it moves in water to get into water plants to hide itself. poet urges to let snake go into water plants to hide from being hurt. snake is small and green in colour indicating that it is not poisonous. Hence, snake is harmless to anyone, even to children.
Stanza 3
Along sand he lay until observed and chased away, and now he vanishes in ripples among green slim reeds.
Word Meanings
– to go behind, Ripples – movement of water current, Slim – thin
Explanation In these lines, poet says that snake was lying in sand until he was seen by someone who chased it away. But snake moved fast and hid in ripples among green thin water plants.
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