9 English Chapter 3 Rain on Roof

Chapter Notes and Summary
Stanzawise Explanation
Stanza 1
When humid shadows hover Over all starry spheres, And melancholy darkness Gently weeps in rainy tears, What a bliss to press pillow Of a cottage-chamber bed, And lie listening to patter Of soft rain overhead!
Explanation In these lines, poet describes a rainy night. poet says that stars in sky are not visible as they are covered by dark rainy clouds. sky looks sad and rain looks as if tears are falling from human eyes. This weather represents poet’s sorrowful mood. In such a mood, only thing that can bring joy in poet’s heart is to lay down on pillow of his bed in his cottage and listen to soft sound of rain falling on roof.
Stanza 2
Every tinkle on shingles Has an echo in heart; And a thousand dreamy fancies Into busy being start, And a thousand recollections Weave their air-threads into woof, As I listen to patter Of rain upon roof.
Explanation In these lines, poet now describes how raindrops make a tinkling sound as they fall on tiled rooftop of his cottage. According to poet, each sound made by rain is echoed by beatings of his heart (heart beat). In other words, sound of rain affects poet deeply. As he is listening to sound, many images (dreamy fancies) come into his mind. He starts recollecting many memories of his childhood. These memories appear to be interwoven together to form a beautiful picture.
Stanza 3
Now in memory comes my mother, As she used in years agone, To regard darling dreamers, Ere she left them till dawn: O! I feel her fond look on me As I list to this refrain Which is played upon shingles By patter of rain.
Explanation In these lines, poet says that out of many memories poet recollects, he identifies one fond memory of his mother. He remembers how many years ago, his mother used to look at him and his siblings lovingly while they slept and used to dream. She would look at her sleeping children every night because she knew she won’t see them till next morning. poet can still feel look of his mother while he lays on his bed and listens to soft musical sound of rain falling on roof.

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