9 English Chapter 3 In Kingdom of Fools

Chapter Notes and Summary
The Strange Kingdom of Fools
Once there was kingdom of fools where both king and minister were idiots. They ordered everyone to sleep in day and work at night. If anybody in kingdom disobeyed this they would be punished with death. One day a guru and his disciple arrived in this kingdom. They were surprised to find that everyone in kingdom including animals were sleeping during day. As soon as it was night, everyone woke up and started doing their work. It was surprising for them to find that everything in kingdom had same cost, a single duddu.
Decision of Guru to Leave City
The guru and disciple enjoyed food so cheap. However, guru soon realised that it was kingdom of fools and he decided to leave place. He told his disciple that behaviour of fools cannot be predicted and it was not safe to stay there. But disciple was not ready, as he loved to eat food and it was cheap in kingdom. So, guru left kingdom alone without his disciple. disciple enjoyed his stay at kingdom and became a fat bull by eating hearty meals everyday.
Incident of Theft in aMerchant’s House
One day a thief broke into a rich merchant’s house by making a hole in wall. When thief was carrying out stolen goods, wall of old house fell on his head and he died on spot. thief’s brother went to king and complained that merchant should be punished for making such a weak wall that killed his brother. king called merchant in his court. But merchant claimed that wall was built in his father’s time and put blame on bricklayer who built wall.
Bricklayer andDancing Girlwere Summoned
The bricklayer was brought into court. He said that when he was building wall, his mind was distracted by jingling sound of dancing girl’s anklets. So, she should be punished instead of him. dancing girl was brought into court. She further shifted blame to Goldsmith who used to call her again and again to her house to collect her jewels.
Goldsmith and Rich Merchant were Summoned
The Goldsmith was brought into court. He defended himself by saying that he could not complete dancing girl’s order in time because he had to finish a rich merchant’s order. This rich merchant turned out to be father of merchant whose house’s wall had fallen. So, merchant was summoned again. merchant now stated that jewellery had been ordered by his father but he was dead now. So king decided that merchant should be punished in place of his dead father. Since he inherited everything from him, his riches as well as his sins.
The Disciple in Trouble
A new stake was ordered for execution but merchant was too thin to fit stake. So, it was decided to find a person who fitted stake. disciple was found fit for stake so he was brought into court for punishment. disciple remembered his Guru’s words that it was a city of fools and they could harm him. He prayed to his guru in his heart. guru saw everything by his magical powers and arrived to save his disciple. He explained a plan quietly to disciple in his ear to escape execution.
Guru Fooled King
The Guru tried to trap King in his words. Guru and his disciple started fighting to decide who should be executed first. King was confused by their behaviour. He asked guru why both of them wanted to die first. guru replied that it was stake of God. Whoever died first would become king in next birth and person who died next would become minister.
Decision of Foolish King
After listening to Guru, King and his minister decided that they will die in place of Guru and his disciple as they did not want to lose their kingdom in their next life. So they disguised as guru and disciple and ordered executioners to execute criminals one by one . Next day, when their bodies were thrown to vultures, people of kingdom panicked seeing bodies of their king and minister, They were in confusion. Then people of kingdom requested guru and his disciple to be their new king and minister. Guru and his disciple agreed to proposal on one condition that old laws must be changed. Now, kingdom became just like any other Kingdom.

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