9 English Chapter 3 Bond of Love

Chapter Notes and Summary
Chapter Overview
‘The Bond of Love’ is a story that shows how feelings of love and friendship exists between a man and an animal. Love knows no barrier of any language, gender, nationality and makes even an animal respond gently. In story, narrator gifts a baby sloth bear (Bruno) to his wife. With time, bear gets attached to everyone in house. As bear grows big, he is shifted to zoo. separation from their loved one affects both narrator’s wife and bear. Hence, bear has to be brought back home.
The Narrator gets a Bear Cub
Two years ago, narrator and his companions were going through sugarcane fields near Mysore. Some people were shooting at wild pigs to get them away from their fields. Suddenly, a black sloth bear came out of fields. narrator did not want to shoot bear but one of his companions shot it and it was killed. When narrator and his companions came near dead bear, they saw a sloth bear cub which had been riding on its mother’s back. cub cried seeing its mother’s dead body. As narrator went to catch cub, it ran away in fields. narrator followed it and caught it. He put bear cub into a gunny bag and took it to his home in Bangalore.
Bruno Becomes a Part of Family
The narrator came back to Bangalore and gifted bear cub to his wife. She was very happy to recieve a male cub. She immediately tied a ribbon around his neck and named him Bruno. Bruno easily became a part of family. Initially, he only drank milk from bottle, but soon he ate everything including porridge made from anything, chocolates, eggs, bread, etc. He also drank tea, coffee, beer, buttermilk, etc. Bruno was also attached with two Alsatian dogs of narrator and all children of tenants living in narrator’s bunglow. As a young cub, he spent his time playing, running in kitchen and sleeping on narrator’s bed.
Mishaps with Bruno
One day, narrator had kept poison (Barium Carbonate) in his library to kill rats. Bruno entered in library and ate some poison. As a result, he suffered from a paralytic attack. Bruno was weakening, vomiting and breathing heavily. He was immediately taken to a veterinary doctor. Initially, doctor gave 10 cc of antidote through an injection to Bruno, but his condition did not improve. Then doctor gave another 10 cc injection to Bruno and within half an hour Bruno became alright. Once, Bruno had also drank a gallon engine oil but it did not have any ill-effects on him.
Baba : New Name of Bruno
Gradually, Bruno grew up and came to be known as Baba. He became equal to more than two dogs in height. But he was still playful, sweet and mischievous. At command of narrator’s wife, Baba had also learnt to do some tricks. He could wrestle or box. He could hold a stick like a gun and a piece of wood like a baby.
Baba Sent to Mysore Zoo
Baba had to be kept chained most of time because of small children of tenants in house. So, after advice of narrator’s friends and family, it was decided that Baba would be sent to zoo at Mysore. Baba was sent to Mysore zoo in a cage. Baba was missed by everyone in house. narrator’s wife was very upset in absence of Baba. For first few days, she had refused to eat anything and wrote many letters to curator of zoo to know about Baba’s well-being. At zoo, Baba also felt miserable and refused to eat.
The Narrator’s Wife Visits Baba
The narrator controlled his wife from meeting Baba for three months. Finally, narrator and his wife went to meet him in zoo. Everyone had told them, that Baba would not recognise narrator’s wife. But as soon as Baba saw her, he cried with happiness. narrator’s wife patted Baba through bars and for three hours, she did not leave cage. She gave him tea, cakes, lemonade, etc.
The Narrator’s Wife wants Baba Back
The narrator’s wife requested zoo’s curator to send Baba back to his home. curator told her that Baba was now a Government property and he could only send Baba if his senior, Superintendent in Bangalore agreed. Then, narrator’s wife met Superintendent and requested him to get Baba back. kind Superintendent agreed and asked curator to provide her a cage to carry Baba back to Bangalore.
Baba has a New Island
At home, narrator and his wife got an island constructed for Baba. island was 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. It was surrounded by a dry pit or moat that was 6 feet wide and 7 feet deep. Inside island, a wooden box filled with straw was placed for Baba to sleep at night. His stick (gun) and his wooden block (baby) were also placed there. After construction of island, Baba was freed from cage. narrator’s wife could spend hours with her pet Baba in his new home.

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