9 English Chapter 3 A House is Not a Home

Chapter Notes and Summary
Chapter Overview
The story ‘A house is not a home’ depicts importance of love, care and affection in one’s life. author, a high school student feels strange in his new school. Situation became worse when his house catches fire and his cat is lost. Then it was his school mates’ love and care, that supported him. His feelings of loneliness and loss disappeared with them slowly and author came back to normal life again.
Author’s Love for Old School
The author after leaving junior high school had shifted to new high school. He felt lonely among new teachers and students. His new school was twice bigger than his old school. His old friends were sent to another high school. He missed his old teachers and he often went to meet them. They encouraged him to get involved in new school activities. author’s old teachers also told him to come and meet them whenever he wanted.
Author’s House Caught Fire
One Sunday afternoon, author was sitting on his dining-room table and doing his homework while his favourite red cat was lying on top of all his papers. It was cold and fire was burning in fireplace. author’s mother was stoking fire to keep house warm. Suddenly, author noticed that room was filled with smoke as roof had caught fire. As smoke increased, author and his mother ran out into front yard. Soon, fire spread into whole house. When author ran to neighbours to call fire department, he saw that his mother ran back into house. She wanted to save some important documents. Soon, she came out with a small metal box which was full of important documents. author’s mother again ran into house to get some pictures and letters of her late husband. She did not want to let his pictures and letters burnt in fire. author was also about to ran after his mother but he was caught by a fireman.
Arrival of Firemen
After arrival of firemen, one of them went inside burning house and saved author’s mother. He took author’s mother to truck and put an oxygen mask on her mouth. author was also wrapped in a blanket and seated down in car.
Author’s Lost His Cat
After five hours, fire was put out but author’s house had completely burnt down. Suddenly, author remembered his cat. It was not to be found anywhere. author started crying while thinking that his cat was also burnt in fire. author and his mother went to author’s grandparents’ house to spend night.
Going to School
Next day, author went to school. He was wearing an old dress. He had no shoes, no books, no backpack. He had borrowed some tennis shoes from his aunt. In this condition, he did not want to grow up and wanted to die. In school, he felt strange and embarrassed. One day, while author was returning from school, he saw his burnt house. He was shocked to see damage. He also cried for his missing cat.
The Author Moves on
The author and his mother had to start their life again. They borrowed money from author’s grandparents. After a week, remains of house were cleared. author used to think about his cat how she would climb up his robe and came into his pocket to sleep.
Schoolmates Helps Author
Next day, when people in author’s new school got to know about his situation, they all started behaving more friendly. They took author to gym and gifted him different things that he would require in his daily life like notebooks, school supplies, jeans, tops, sweatsuits etc. People who had never spoken to author came to him to introduce themselves and invited him to their house. His schoolmates’ concerns’ made him realise that everything would go back to normal again.
Life Back to Normal Again
A month later when he visited his house, it was being rebuilt. His two new friends also visited with him. fire had changed life of author. He stopped focussing on his feeling of insecurity and started to mix up with people around him.
The Author Got back his Cat
When author was talking to his friends, a lady came up with a cat. author immediately recognised that it was his cat. author took cat in his hands and felt very happy. author realised that his cat had run away during fire. Their phone number was written on collar of cat but lady could not contact them as their phones were destroyed in fire. lady who brought cat searched for author and finally found him. Now author was happy again and he was getting back to his normal life.

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