9 English Chapter 2 Adventures of Toto

Chapter Notes and Summary
Grandfather Bought a Monkey
The narrator’s grandfather was very fond of animals. Once he bought a little red baby monkey from a tonga driver for ` 5. Grandfather named him Toto and decided to add Toto to his private zoo. unique feature of Toto was his tail which served as his third hand. However, narrator’s grandmother did not like animals. So, narrator and his grandfather decided to hide Toto in a little closet opening in narrator’s bedroom. When they returned, they saw that Toto had removed decorative paper from walls. He had also pulled out peg attached to wall through which he was tied and he had also torn narrator’s school blazer into shreds (pieces).
Toto Transferred in Servant’s Quarters
Toto was transferred into a big cage after this incident. cage was kept in servant quarters where all other animals lived together. animals included a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a domesticated squirrel and a pet goat. Even here, Toto proved to be a naughty monkey. He would not let any other animal sleep at night. So, grandfather, who had to go to Saharanpur to get his pension next morning decided to take Toto along with him.
Toto’s Journey to Saharanpur
A black canvas kit bag was arranged for Toto. Toto was in bag throughout his journey, but when grandfather was showing his ticket to ticket collector, Toto brought his head out of bag. This sudden appearance of an animal scared ticket collector. He cleverly classified Toto to be a dog and charged ` 3 for carrying Toto.
Toto’s Acceptance by Grandmother
Finally, Toto was accepted by narrator’s grandmother and was transferred into stable with Nana, family’s female donkey. From his first night, Toto started teasing Nana. When grandfather came to see if Toto was comfortable, he found that Toto had bitten Nana’s long ears. As a result, Toto and Nana could never become friends. On winter evenings, grandmother gave Toto a large bowl of warm water for his bath. He would check temperature with his hand and only then step into it. When water becomes cool he would run to five place in kitchen to warm himself. One day Toto found a large kitchen kettle filled with water left on fire to boil for tea. He found water warm enough to bathe and stepped into. When water came to a boil he jumped out of it. When felt cold he again sat down into it. He continued this until grandmother saw him and took him out of kettle.
Toto’s Mischief Continues
Toto’s mischief still continued. He was always damaging things. One day, as narrator’s family entered dining room and they saw Toto eating pullao made for lunch. When his grandmother screamed at Toto, he threw plate at her. Further, when one of narrator’s aunts came forward, Toto threw water on her face. Later, when narrator’s grandfather came, Toto took dish, ran outside and sat on branches of jack fruit tree. He sat there for whole day and eat pullao. As soon as pullao was finished, Toto threw dish down and broke it into pieces. Toto’s mischief caused much loss to family. narrator’s family could not afford loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpapers. So, grandfather sold Toto to same Tonga driver for ` 3.

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