9 English Chapter 1 No Men are Foreign

Chapter Notes and Summary
Central Idea of Poem
The poem ‘No Men are Foreign’ is about concept of universal brotherhood and equality. poet says that whole world is one. All of us have a common feeling of love and a common resource of our life inspite of different nationalities, religion or colour. We must unite to make everyone’s life better. When we hate one another, we betray humanity. By indulging in wars against each other, we spoil purity of this Earth which belongs to all of us. We all are human beings and we should remember that no man is foreign and no countries are strange.
Stanzawise Explanation
Stanza 1
Remember, no men are strange, no countries foreign Beneath all uniforms, a single body breathes Like ours: land our brothers walk upon Is earth like this, in which we all shall lie.
Explanation poet herein promotes global brotherhood and states that no person living on planet is strange and no land is foreign. According to him, we all are brothers and sisters. There may exist a difference between uniforms worn by soldiers of different countries. There may also exist a difference between our cultures, religions etc and may be seperated by man made boundaries but we all are human beings. God has made us in a similar way. Each and every land in world is same. We all live upon same Mother Earth and upon death, shall be buried in same Earth.
Stanza 2
They, too, aware of sun and air and water, Are fed by peaceful harvests, by war’s long winter starv’d. Their hands are ours and in their lines we read, A labour not different from our own.
Explanation Herein poet states that those people who we call strangers use that same resources that we do. They breath same air, enjoy warmth of same sun and drink same water. They get their food in same manner as, we get our food. They have also faced many hardships during wars, suffered cold winter and starved with hunger. Further, just like us strangers also work hard to earn their livelihood. Thus , we all are similar to each other. According to poet, if all of things are common between all of us, then there is nothing strange or foreign.
Stanza 3
Remember they have eyes like ours that wake Or sleep and strength that can be won By love. In every land is common life That all can recognise and understand.
Explanation poet says that even physical characteristics of strangers are similar to ours. They also have eyes that wake up or sleep just like us. They too have same strength which can be won by love and sympathy. Our lives and their lives have no difference. Every country has same type of life that can be easily noticed and appreciated.
Stanza 4
Let us remember, whenever we are told To hate our brother, it is ourselves That we shall dispossess, betray, condemn. Remember, we who take arms against each other
Word Meanings
– deprive, Condemn – attack
Explanation In these lines, poet points out that in our world there are some people who spread hatred and create differences. Such people give way to wars and make us kill other humans. In such a situation, we must remember that if we hate our brothers, we hate ourselves, we are only cheating and attacking ourselves. We must remember that we are equals and similar to each other before taking arms against each other.
Stanza 5
It is human earth that we defile. Our hells of fire and dust outrage innocence Of air that is everywhere our own, Remember, no men are foreign and no countries strange.
Word Meanings
– to pollute, Outrage – to overcome, to surpass
Explanation In wars, we pollute and destroy Earth that should be full of unity and peace. Our hatred and anger destroys innocence as well as positive qualities that we are born with. War leads to a lot of bloodshed and death which makes Mother Earth impure. smoke full of dangerous chemicals fill air that we breathe. With such inhumane acts we are degrading ourselves. So, we must not commit such anti-human acts and remember that no one is strange and no country is foreign.

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