9 English Chapter 1 Lost Child

Chapter Notes and Summary
Child Goes to Spring Fair with His Parents
It was festival of spring. Everyone was going to spring fair. child was going to fair with his parents and was very happy and excited. He was attracted by many things around him especially toys. child was also attracted by purple dragon flies, a black bee and butterfly fluttering over mustard flowers. He wanted to catch one of them but his parents called him so that he did not left behind..
Entry into Fair
The parents and child entered fair passing through mustard fields. In fair, child heard sweetmeatseller selling sweets. child was attracted towards burfi as it was his favourite sweet and wanted it. But he knew that if he asked for it, his parents would call him greedy. So without waiting for their answer, he moved on. Then, child was attracted towards garlands of gulmohar and he also wanted a garland. But, this time also, he knew that his parents would call it cheap and would refuse to buy so he moved on. He saw a balloon seller then having rainbow coloured balloons with him. He was attracted towards them but moved on knowing that he wouldn’t be allowed to buy them. Then he heard snake charmer’s music but moved on further because his parents had forbidden him from hearing such coarse music.
The Child is Lost
Then child saw a roundabout. He requested his parents to ride roundabout. However, there was no reply. He, then realised that he was separated from his parents and was lost. As a result, he started crying. He was filled with panic and called out for his parents. He searched for his parents all around but couldn’t find them. He ran quickly to a shrine which was crowded by people.
The Kind Man helps Child
The child struggled to search his parents in crowd but he was pushed back by crowd. A man picked up child in his arms when he heard him crying in crowd. He asked child about his parents and how he reached there. But child only said that he wanted his mother and father. man tried to calm down child and took him to roundabout. He offered him to have a ride but child continued crying for his parents. man offered many things to child to divert his attention. However, child had lost fascination for all things that he badly wanted earlier. He only wanted his parents and cried for them.
Moments : Supplementary

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