9 English Chapter 1 Fun They Had

Chapter Notes and Summary
Diary Entry by Margie and Real Book
Margie, a 11 year little girl wrote a diary entry dated 17th May, 2157, titled “Today Tommy Found a Real Book!.” It was a very old book. Once Margie’s grandfather had told her about time when all stories were printed on paper. Tommy found book in attic of his house. Margie found it funny to read book as words in it were not moving like they moved on her telebook.
Opinion about Book
Tommy and Margie called book a waste because after reading it once, it could be thrown away. They compared book with their telebook which could have a million books on it and still had space for more. Moreover, it had not to be thrown away after reading.
Margie’s Hatred about her School
Tommy told Margie that book he found was about school, but Margie showed no interest as Margie hated her school and her mechanical teacher. Her mechanical teacher was large, black and ugly and had a big screen. Margie hated slot where she had to put her homework and test papers daily. She had to write them in a punch code which she had learned when she was 6 years old.
Margie’s Poor Performance in Tests
The mechanical teacher gave Margie test continuously in geography. She had not been doing well in tests. Margie’s mother, Mrs Jones, was worried about poor performance of Margie in tests. So, she called County Inspector to come and find out if there was something wrong with mechanical teacher.
The Arrival of County Inspector
The County Inspector was a round little man, with red face. He carried a box of tools, dials and wires. Margie hoped that County Inspector would not be able to fix mechanical teacher and would take it with him. She was hoping this as Tommy’s teacher was taken away by Inspector for one month when there was a problem with history sector.
The Geography Sector Set Right
The County Inspector took mechanical teacher out. He told Margie’s mother, that it was not fault of Margie. In fact, geography sector was little too quick for Margie to read and understand. He also told that overall performance of Margie had been quite satisfactory.
Discussion about old Schools
Tommy had a discussion with Margie after reading book which described schools of past. schools in past were located in special buildings away from students’ houses. students were taught by human teachers. All kids of same age learnt same thing. teacher taught them lessons, asked questions and gave them homework. Margie wanted to know more about those funny schools, but it was time for both Tommy and Margie to go to their school. So they decided to read book later.
Margie’s Schoolroom
Margie’s schoolroom was located next to her bedroom in her house. Her mechanical teacher was turned on when her school time started. Her school was open everyday except on Saturday and Sunday because her mother believed that little girls learned better if they learned at regular hours.
Margie Thinks of Old Schools
Margie put her home work in a slot as commanded by mechanical teacher. She was thinking about old schools where all kids came laughing and shouting in schoolyard and sat together in schoolroom. They were taught by human teachers, learnt same things and helped each other in their homework. mechanical teacher was flashing a question of fractions on screen but Margie was thinking of fun kids had at school in past.

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