8 Geography Chapter 6 Human Resources

Chapter Notes and Summary
• People are a nation’s greatest resource. It is their ability and knowledge which turns them into resource.
• Like other resources, human resources are not distributed equally all over world. Their number and characteristics keep on changing.
• way in which people are spread across earth’s surface is known as pattern of population distribution.
• Nearly 90 per cent of world’s population lives in about 10% of land surface.
• High altitude areas, tropical deserts, high mountains and areas of equatorial forests are sparsely populated.
Whereas South and Southeast Asia, Europe and north eastern North America are densely populated.
• number of people living in a unit area of earth’s surface is called Density of Population.
• Topography, climate, soil, water, minerals, social, cultural and economic conditions are important factors that affect distribution of population.
• Change in number of people during a specific time is known as Population Change. important causes of population change are Birth Rate, Death Rate and Migration.
• difference between Birth Rate and Death Rate is known as growth rate of population.
• Rate of population growth varies across world. Some countries have high population growth rate, while population growth of some other countries is slow.
• Population composition refers to structure of population. From population composition, we mean number of males and females, age group they belong to, education level, occupational distribution, income level, social status, etc.
• A Population Pyramid, also called age and sex pyramid, helps us to understand composition of population in any country.
• A Population Pyramid which is broad at base and narrow towards top shows that birth and death rates both are high.
• A Population Pyramid, which is broad in younger age group, shows that death rates are decreasing and that country has large number of young people.

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