8 English Chapter 8 Jalebis

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is a value based moral story that how a child regrets of making use of money other way than it was meant for. It is written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi.
• A boy had taken money to school to pay his school fee but that day teacher Ghulam Mohammad who was supposed to collect fees was absent. He was tempted to eat crispy sweet jalebis he saw, but tried to resist it as he was a good boy. But coins in his pocket began to jingle. After a long turmoil with himself, he gave up and ran towards market to buy jalebis. He bought jalebis for rupee one. halwai gave him a large amount of jalebis, he went to one corner and started eating. Soon his stomach was full.
• boy was surrounded by other boys of his neighbourhood. He distributed to them as well and spent all his four rupees of fees on jalebis with hope of receiving four rupees of scholarship next day with which he would pay fee.
• But when he reached school next day, Master Ghulam Mohammed started collecting fees and informed that scholarship would be given next month. He ran out of school, praying to Allah to help him with money. He recited surats from Quran but no magic or miracle happened. He spent few days in this way not going to school but praying to Allah Miyan but to no avail.
• One day, report of his absence reached home. It was useless to relate what happened after that. But upto seventh or eighth standard he kept wondering if Allah Miyan had granted him four rupees it would have not harmed. It was later that he came to conclusion that if Allah Miyan were to provide everything to human, man would be living in nests like vultures and crows and would not learn art of making jalebis.

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