8 English Chapter 7 Open Window

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is a mysterious story written by Saki.
• Framton Nuttel was sick and had bad nerves. He went to village for his treatment. As he hardly knew anyone there so, his sister gave him a reference of Mrs. Sappleton. He went to meet her.
• As Mrs. Sappleton was not there, her niece kept him busy in conversation by narrating a tragedy of her aunt which occurred three years ago. niece pointed towards open window and unfolded mystery. She told that from that window three years ago one day aunt’s husband and her two younger brothers along with a dog went off for day’s shooting but never returned. They seemed to have been entrapped in a bog. Their bodies were never recovered but aunt kept window open till dusk with belief that they might enter some evening through that window.
• She was interrupted by Mrs. Sappleton who came in apologizing for being late. Framton heaved a sigh of relief but aunt kept on looking outside window and telling about her husband and brothers as if she were expecting them to return any moment. She paid no attention to Mr. Nuttel’s description of his ailment.
• Suddenly she gave a cry as she saw them all and niece kept on looking outside in a strange and fearful way which made him turn back. Mr. Nuttel shivered slightly as he saw three figures. He leapt out of room as though he had seen some ghost and he nearly collided with a cyclist.
• Mrs. Sappleton’s husband asked who man was. She described him as a strange man who only talked about his illness and ran away without being thankful. niece added calmly that he must have been scared by spaniel, who was enough to scare anyone.

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