8 English Chapter 7 A Visit To Cambridge

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This chapter deals with meeting of two handicapped people, one great scientist and another narrator and writer Firdaus Kanga who also happens to be a journalist.
• author could move on a wheel chair only because he was born with brittle bones. He planned to visit England and mission of tour changes completely when he gets an opportunity to meet a great scientist professor Stephen Hawkings who was completely paralysed and replied only by tapping keys of computer.
• author rang up professor’s assistant and asked for only ten minutes but he got an appointment for half an hour. professor was very frank. He said that disability was not a pleasure, he had to live like that because he had no choice. Mr. Stephens could not sit straight, head fell one side and legs were wasted and was easily exhausted.
• author asked a few more questions but professor’s answers were never vague or untrue. His advice to other handicapped people was that they should concentrate on what they are good at. Things like disabled olympics are a waste of time.
• time was over. author had to leave, he did not know what to do, he only touched his shoulders and took his leave. He considered his journey to be successful after meeting an embodiment of his bravest self.

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