8 English Chapter 6 Fight

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This story has been written by Ruskin Bond. It gives us a message that a solution to any difference lies not in fighting but in understanding and helping each other. One who does this is winner.
• Ranji had been in Rajpur for a few days, when he discovered pool in forest. It was cold, clean and inviting.
He jumped into water and enjoyed swimming.
• next day he came again to swim in cool water of forest pool but was prevented by a boy named Suraj who was quite strong and a bully. He asked Ranji that pool belonged to him, why was Ranji swimming there without permission. He called himself a fighter, this agitated Ranji and both started to fight but ended in draw.
When tired they both went their ways challenging each other for next day.
• Next day both of them met in market, making faces at each other and not forgetting challenge. They met across pool throwing challenges and counter challenges at each other. Suraj persuaded Ranji to come over on other side of pool and continue fight. This agitated Ranji. He dived into water and swam skillfully across pool. This amazed Suraj. He requested Ranji to teach him how to dive. Ranji helped him and taught him. They were friends now. Suraj was happy and told that pool belonged to both of them and nobody else could dare to enter without their permission. Ranji smiled with knowledge that he had won day.

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