8 English Chapter 5 Princess September

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is an extremely interesting story written by Somerset Maugham based on idea of freedom, best and most required thing on this Earth.
• King and Queen of Siam had nine daughters named January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September. King had a unique way of celebrating his birthday. Instead of taking gifts he used to give gifts to his daughters. Once he gave them each a green parrot inside a golden cage. They all were happy and spent their time teaching their parrots to speak ‘God save king’ and ‘Pretty Polly’ in seven different languages.
• One day, youngest one found her parrot dead, she cried bitterly. maids were ordered by Queen to make her go to bed without food. She slept crying, but when she woke up, she heard a beautiful voice of bird singing about lake, willows trees and gold fish. When bird finished singing, princess praised her.
The bird offered to stay with princess although it was not very beautiful but had a better voice than parrot.
The princess was very happy to have it.
• princess decided to show her bird to her sisters and King and Queen. King was very happy to hear voice of bird. He appreciated it saying that parrots speaking ‘God save king’ and ‘Pretty Polly’ reminded him of his councillors. This made eight sisters jealous of her and they decided to rob her of her happiness. They advised their sister to keep bird in a cage otherwise she might leave her. Princess September was afraid. She put bird inside cage. bird became very sad, she did not sing, she stopped eating and lay inactive in cage. Princess September was afraid although her sisters were happy. She immediately granted her freedom. She realised that she had been selfish to bird so she put bird on window to let her fly out in open sky. bird promised to come back as she loved her. princess started crying but bird kept her promise.
• Princess kept her window open day and night. Fresh air brought glow to her face and she married Prince of Cambodia. Her other sisters kept their windows shut, so they grew ugly. So they were married to councillors.

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