8 English Chapter 3 Selfish Giant

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Selfish Giant, written by Oscar Wilde, is a story that deals with human love for animals and nature.
• Once upon a time a giant had a beautiful garden. school children loved to play in it as it had soft green grass and peach trees. trees blossomed in spring and bore fruits in autumn. Because of its beauty, children loved to be there.
• giant returned to his own castle after a gap of seven years. When he saw children playing there, he was furious. He did not allow anybody to play there and built a high wall round his lovely garden. Nobody could enter there. Poor children played on dusty and stony roads outside.
• Then spring came which brought blossoms all over country except giant’s garden. It was covered with snow, then North wind started blowing and finally hail arrived there. giant being ignorant could not understand why was spring so late in coming.
• Once children got an opportunity and they entered garden through a hole and sat on branches of trees. trees covered themselves with blossoms. There were flowers and birds all around except in one corner where a small child was standing under tree but could not climb up. giant was happy to see blossoms.
He helped child to sit and miracle happened. That tree also started bearing flowers. One day he heard music. He thought it must be king’s musicians but it was a little bird. Then hail and storm stopped and children played freely.
• child whom giant had helped, was none other than a holy child who took giant to paradise.

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