8 English Chapter 2 Children At Work

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is a short realistic and sensitive story concerning those children who are deprived, underprivileged and poor.
It is an excerpt from Trash—on Ragpicker children and Recycling written by Gita Wolf, Anushka Ravishankar and Orijit Sen.
• Velu, a young boy of eleven years, ran away from his home because he was tired of his father’s beating. He boarded a train and reached Chennai without ticket. He was utterly tired and hungry and was also confused seeing crowd. A young girl of his age called out to him and asked him his where- abouts and offered to help him to search food. He blindly followed her.
• girl took him to a big building. She took him behind a big hall. There was a garbage bin overflowing with rubbish. It was surrounded with extreme dirt and filth. girl picked up a rotten banana and a left over vada and gave it to Velu but Velu was shocked to think that he had to eat leftovers. He resented but as there was no option left he gulped down vada and banana, girl ate only banana. He asked girl’s name, she replied it was Jaya. He decided to be with her. girl took him with her to empty bag she was carrying in which she collected things from garbage bins. Velu went with Jaya. They walked along roads until they came to a bridge across a dirty trickle of water. There were rows of huts near a dirty puddle. Jaya dumped her sack outside one of these huts. When Velu asked her profession, Jaya said they were ragpickers. They collected garbage and sold it to Jaggu in Jam bazar who in turn sold it to a factory. whole description made Velu sad, he had not run away to pick up things from garbage bins, but unwillingly he thought of staying back, until he could find a better job.

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