8 English Chapter 10 Great Stone Face Ii

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is continuation of Great Stone Face-I • Many years passed Ernest was now a man of middle age. A very simple and ordinary man but he became an old wise man. He read many books and poetry. People loved to discuss with him. He received everyone with sincerity. People liked talking to him.
• Once he was reading poetry of a poet who had come to settle in that valley. After reading poem he thought that poet was worthy of Great Stone Face’s likeness. Once poet came to meet him, he told poet of his thoughts but poet said that he was not worthy of that. He went with Ernest to talk to people. When poet heard him discussing, poet said that his words had power, because they agreed with his thoughts, so poet called him worthy of Great Stone Face. people whom Ernest was talking to, saw him and agreed that Ernest was himself Great Stone Face but he himself was still hoping that some wiser man than him would appear, bearing likeness of Great Stone Face.

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