8 English Chapter 10 CometIi

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is second part of comet that deals with scientific development and ways to avoid collision.
• Duttada is invited to secret conference. By time, he was over with meeting and was dropped at his hotel by Sir John, it was 1 a.m. This conference lasted for about a week, it was under cover of secrecy. All of them came to conclusion that there was no escape from direct hit predicted by James. There was only one way to avoid this collision only if it could be deflected from its path by giving it a push. Success or failure, secrecy was to be kept. Finally a time table was drawn for its operation. Duttada returned after two weeks and he was greeted by a vast crowd of friends, social leaders, students and others.
• Arriving home he found another crowd gathered under a pandal. Indrani clarified that she had arranged a yajna and called priests to bless him. Duttada disliked it and was of view that comets did not have any ill effects.
• After his return from London, Duttada was in regular correspondence with Sir John Macpherson. They both had praises for each other’s personality and attitude and scientific outlook.
• Meanwhile, comet was following its predicted path, it developed its tail and moved around sun. In middle of October, Duttada got a letter from Sir John stating that a space craft had been launched on time to push comet. On December 15, comet came closest to earth. Many saw it without knowing how close they were to destruction but fortunately mission was successful and its way was deflected and it did not strike earth.
• Later on when comet was not visible Duttada told his wife that comet did not create any disaster to which she answered that it was all due to yajna which his grandson performed in place of him. magic worked due to cleverness of Guruji. She sounded victorious whereas Duttada was speechless.

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