8 English Chapter 1 How Camel Got His Hump

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This is an interesting story about animals written by Rudyard Kipling. In this he has talked about how Camel got hump on its back.
• world was new and animals were just beginning to work for humans. There was a lazy animal, who did or say nothing except ‘‘humph’’ ! He lived in middle of a Howling desert to avoid everyone and ate thorns and prickles.
• One day a Horse came up to him and requested him to trot like him but Camel just said ‘‘Humph’’ ! Then dog came to him and asked him to fetch and carry like him but he got same reply. Finally Ox came and asked to plough but it also got same reply. three complained same to man, but man in return asked three of them to do required work doubly to compensate Camel’s work.
• This agitated three of them. They held a panchayat against Camel but to no avail. Finally three went to Djinn who looked after deserts to complain against camel.
• He assured all three of them and looked for camel who was looking at his own reflection in a pool of water.
The Djinn scolded camel, but got no answer. Djinn cursed him with a repulsive hump and ordered him to work for three days without eating. Djinn also instructed him to come out of desert and behave properly.
• Since then camel wears a ‘‘hump’’ but never caught up with three days that he missed at beginning of world, and way he misbehaved.

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