8 English Chapter 1 Best Christmas Present In World

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This story written by Michael Morpurgo is an emotion related to history.
• narrator went to a junk shop where everything seemed quite expensive except one roll-top desk made of oak.
It was of early nineteenth century. It was in bad condition but narrator bought it and started mending it. It was Christmas Eve.
• He removed roll top and pulled out drawers. last drawer was shut tightly, he pulled it out with full force and found a secret drawer inside. It contained a black tin box in which there was a letter. He read letter and found it was Jim’s last letter, received on 25th Jan, 1915. It was addressed to Mrs. Jim Macpherson, 12 Copper Beeches, Bridport, Dorset; Dated 26th Dec., 1914.
• letter contained story of British and German soldiers during First World War, how soldiers of two enemies forgot all fighting on day of Christmas, they enjoyed drinks and sang with each other. They became friends before going to their own trenches. They even played games with each other. This showed how two armies longed for peace.
• narrator folded letter again and put it carefully into its envelope. He went to address mentioned on envelope and discovered that house was damaged but man there told him that Mrs. Macpherson was about one hundred and one years old and admitted in a hospital. He drove to hospital, he found old lady on a wheelchair, gazing at garden. He wished her a very happy Christmas. He handed her letter. When she saw letter, she was very happy. She considered narrator as Jim. Suddenly her eyes filled with tears, she kissed him and requested him to read letter as she wanted to listen to her husband.

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