8 English Chapter 1 Ant And Cricket

Chapter Notes and Summary
• This poem is a fable taken from Aesop’s Fables. This poem is about an ant and a cricket.
• There was a cricket who loved to sing and dance during warm and sunny months of spring. But when winter came he started to complain as there was no food preserved for him. He searched for food but could not find any.
• With high hopes he went to ant to borrow some food and shelter from winter and rain, but ant replied politely that he was his servant but ants did not like to borrow or lend. She asked cricket what he was doing when weather was warm. cricket replied that weather was very warm and in happiness he just sang and danced all day and night. Ant replied then ‘‘dance winter away’’. Then ant lifted wicket and threw cricket out.
• Some people believe it is true that some crickets have four legs while others have two.

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