8 Civics Chapter 7 Understanding Marginalization

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Marginalisation means when groups of people or communities are being excluded from majority because of their language, customs or religion.
• people who lived in close association with forests are known as Adivasi. Around 8% of India’s population is Adivasi.
• religious practices and languages of Adivasis is totally different from majority.
• languages of Adivasis have often deeply influenced formation of mainstream Indian languages, for example, Bengali.
• Till 19th century, states and empires were depended on Adivasis for forest resources.
• Due to deforestation activities for different purposes, Adivasis are forced to migrate to cities.
• communities which are numerically small in relation to rest of population are known as Minorities.
• Constitution of India provides safeguards to protect minority communities.
• In India, Muslims are considered as one of minority community. They are 13.4% (According to 2001) of total population. But according to 2011 census Muslims constituted 14.23% of total population.
• Marginalisation is a complex phenomenon which requires a variety of strategies, measures and safeguards to redress situation to protect diversity.

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