8 Civics Chapter 1 Indian Constitution

Chapter Notes and Summary
• For proper functioning of a country, laws are necessary.
• A Constitution consists of a set of rules and principles to govern country.
• Indian Constitution was drafted by Constituent Assembly which was formed in December 1946.
• Constituent Assembly consisted of 300 members in 1946. It was headed by Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
• Constituent Assembly completed work in two years, eleven months and eighteen days.
• Constitution of India was enacted or adopted on 26th November, 1949 and came into force on 26th January 1950.
• main features of Indian Constitution are : Federalism, parliamentary form of government, separation of powers, fundamental rights, independent judiciary, and secularism.
• Six Fundamental Rights have been granted to citizens of India.
• A secular state is that which does not officially promote any particular religion as state religion.

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